Angelic Blonde, Champion Copper & 18 Summer Hair Colors That Are Hotter Than the Sun

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There are a couple months until summer, but we're getting a head start on our next hair color. If you need a sign to finally become a redhead or try some golden blonde highlights, we chatted with color specialists and stylists, who shared the top summer hair colors to rock this season. We also pulled some visuals to show at your next appointment—plus, the haircare products you need to keep your new shade vibrant all summer long.

Meet the Experts

  • Rogério Cavalcante is a hairstylist and the owner of The Second Floor Salon in Soho. He has 17 years of experience, collaborating with brands such as L’Oréal Paris and working with publications such as Vogue and Elle Magazine.
  • Ian Michael Black is a hair colorist and the global artistic director for Aveda. He has two decades of experience and is recognized for his cutting-edge color techniques. He uses his platform to educate aspiring stylists and showcase major hair transformations using Aveda’s products. 
  • Juli Akaneya is a New York-based hairstylist who specializes in editorial, advertising and high fashion looks. She has previously worked with brands like Something NavyVerb and Veronica Beard
  • Justin Toves-Vincilione is a Los Angeles-based hairstylist and a design team elite stylist at Ulta Beauty. He has a decade of experience, specializing in hair styling, coloring and cutting. He educates aspiring stylists on the latest hair trends, haircut transformations and helpful tutorials. 

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winter hair colors dua lipa rocking chocolate cherry hair color
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1. Cherry Cola Red

This shade surged in popularity around the wintertime and it hasn't lost momentum. The 'cherry cola red' features a blend of cool red with purple and blue undertones. "Red hair always shines brighter in the sun and it's a way to stand out in the crowd for people who like to express themselves," says Cavalcante. According to the stylist, it's considered a high-maintenance color, so a pre-shampoo and a color-safe shampoo are necessary to extend the vibrancy.

summer hair colors old money brunette
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2. Old Money Brunette

There was 'Old Money Blonde,' and now brunettes are joining the trend train. Cavalcante shares, "This color is a luscious, deep brown with depth. Since there are no highlights added for contrast, glossing is essential to enhance shine and create the illusion of dimension." Since this low-maintenance color won't require too much touching up, he recommends using a nourishing hair oil to maintain its shine.

summer hair colors angelic blonde
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3. Angelic Blonde

It's true: blondes do have more fun in the summer. According to Black, this shade is going to be the most-requested at the salon as the weather warms up. "Everyone wants to go lighter for summer. Think Anya Taylor Joy. Her all-over bold blonde is the perfect example of making a strong statement with a soft, romantic, and elegant feel," says Black.  "Angelic Blonde is wrapped in elegance with its high shine, and subtle golden tone that makes hair look sophisticated." To maintain this color, Black suggests a weekly hair mask and applying an overnight serum to strengthen your hair while you snooze.

summer hair colors scarlet amber
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4. Scarlet Amber

If 'Cherry Color' and 'Cowboy Copper' had a baby, it would be this red shade. As Black explains, "This hair color features a strong mix of red and copper tones that give a strong red to a vibrant copper undertone. The 'Scarlet Amber' hue can be worn as an all-over shade, mixed with your natural brunette color for a dimensional look that will accentuate the texture of your hair." With any red color, it's crucial to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner to prevent it from fading too quickly.  

summer hair colors vanilla almond butter
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5. Vanilla Almond Butter

Highlights can add a subtle brightness to your natural hair color, as seen on Ciara. "After a cold and dull winter, it’s time to bring some life back into your darker tresses. Adding some pops of blonde for a natural blend will be the perfect minimal enhancement that you won’t have to fuss with too much over the summer months. The dimension from the blonde will be the perfect glossy option to sparkle under the sun," shares Patterson. For your at-home regimen, the stylist suggests a hydrating hair mask and blue shampoo to neutralize unwanted brassy tones.

6. Chunky Highlights

Y2K trends are still going strong and chunky highlights are predicted to be very popular for this upcoming season. "We are moving out of clean-girl territory, where all the highlighting is hand-painted and looks very natural, and headed towards a bolder, in-your-face moment with highlights," says Akaneya. "Think Kelly Clarkson's hair back in her American Idol days. This is yet another resurgence of early 2000s styles, but with a slightly more blended look to bring the style into 2024." Since foil highlighting can be abrasive to the hair, Akaneya suggests using a sulfate-free shampoo that won't strip the toner out and strengthen the bleached sections, as well as a hair oil for shine and moisture.

summer hair colors creamy platinum

7. Creamy Platinum

From Camilla Cabello to Florence Pugh, creamy platinum is having its moment in the sun. "This is a milky, rich blonde with slight beige tones. This creamy double-processed blonde color makes the hair look a bit healthier and not as stripped of its color," explains Akaneya. This trendy shade requires lots of maintenance, so Akaneya recommends the following routine: using a purple shampoo and a hair mask to prevent brassiness and extend the vibrancy in-between touch-ups.  

8. Pastel Blue

Pastel tones were all the rage in 2020 and celebs like Megan Fox are bringing them back this summer. "This color is like a six week fade out of baby blue. It's a cross between platinum blonde and baby blue," says Toves-Vincilione. "This color is a fun way to go lighten without blending into the crowd of 'summer blondes.'"

9. Peachy Blonde

Speaking of pastels, Tove-Vincilione also sees this peachy shade making waves this season. He shares, "This hair color trend features multiple shades of peach that work together in a beautiful, monochromatic way. The lightest shade being a natural, soft warm blonde and the darker shades including a vibrant range of pastel peach, pastel orange or even pastel pink." While anyone can try this shade out, it's the easiest for blondes, as it seamlessly fades into a warmer blonde. Tove-Vincilione recommends maintaining the shade by gently cleansing, conditioning and masking weekly.

10. Champion Copper

This winning shade is loved by many with everyone from Brittany Mahomes and Tessa Thompson to Sydney Sweeney rocking the hue. It's also a great option for both blondes and brunettes. "Natural brunettes can easily make this transformation seamlessly. Since warm undertones are produced when you go from dark to light, the copper vibrancy is only enhanced," explains Burns. "Blondes can do a slightly lighter version of this color, but have the same head-turning results. Any time you add color back into the hair when going from light to dark, it requires warmth so the color can 'stick.' In short, this copper couldn’t be more perfect for summer."

11. Warm Vanilla Blonde

This warm shade will turn heads this summer. "This bright platinum with a sweet warm undertone is a great trend to try for those looking to connect with their blonde side," says Burns. Since it requires nine levels of lift, Burns recommends adding a purple hair mask to your routine to nourish strands, while preventing any unwanted orange undertones from creeping in.

summer hair colors summer silver
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12. Summer Silver

Want to go bold for the season? To make a big hair change like this one, Burns notes you'll have to bleach your hair first. "Once you get the color of your hair to look like the inside of a banana peel (aka striking blonde hue), you'll have to go back over it with got2B Metallics in silver," she says.

summer hair colors vanilla chai
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13. Vanilla Chai

"While the tone of this hair color is a little bit softer and warmer, we aren’t saying goodbye to brightness. This trend allows your colorist to brush away your hairline and lighten it, leaving you with the most stunning sun-kissed glow," says Marina. "Add a 'Vanilla Chai' gloss to that, and you have the perfect summer blonde. Lucky for you, because our hair naturally fades warm, this low-maintenance look can be left untouched for longer periods."

summer hair colors cowboy copper
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14. Cowboy Copper

We saw this rendition of copper show up last fall and it's coming back this summer (and we're not mad about it). "Don’t worry y’all, it’s not time to say goodbye to your beautiful copper hair, but it is time to take it up a notch and add a little spice. We're seeing more vibrant orange hues, as opposed to deeper red hues this summer," says Marina. A helpful tip to keeping your new color fresh? Minimize wash days. According to Marina, washing your hair less often, using only cool water and getting regular gloss appointments are the best ways to keep this color "hot and spicy all summer long!"

summer hair colors baby balayage
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15. Baby Balayage

If you're looking for a pop of color, but don't want the hassle of going in for multiple trips to the salon, "Baby Balayage adds very minimal pops of color to the mid-lengths and ends of hair to brighten up your overall look," shares Marina. "Brunettes who don’t like to color their hair can deepen their natural hair with a demi-permanent gloss. This treatment will fade from the hair naturally, allowing you to still dabble in warmer brunette hues this summer."

summer hair colors chantilly blonde
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16. Chantilly Blonde

Cunningham predicts this glossy shade is going to be everywhere this summer. In order to achieve a shade like Carey Mulligan's, the colorist says you need to get the tone right so it complements your complexion. She adds, "Whether it's warm, cool or neutral, a certain shade of blonde can look perfect on olive-skin and less so on a paler complexion, and vice versa." Once you go blonde, use a gloss treatment in-between visits to maintain the vibrancy.

summer hair colors latte brunette
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17. Latte Brunette

This rich caramel shade provides a touch of color without doing too much damage. As Cunningham explains, "Brunette shades are less tricky to get than blondes. It's about getting those deep, rich shades and variations for the 'latte' effect."

summer hair colors bright copper
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18. Bright Copper

"Bright copper is a very intense, warm and vibrant hair color that typically features shades of fiery red and orange with strong copper undertones, like those rich hues found in shiny copper metal," says Danielle. "This striking hair color instantly adds warmth, dimension and personality to any hairstyle, making it a popular choice for those looking to make a statement." To maintain the hue, Danielle suggests using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner that helps refresh the color and prevent it from fading.

19. Sunkissed Bronde

According to Kener, this soft brunette shade looks effortlessly sunkissed. "It has soft, almost sparkly golden highlights with a natural root and bright ends. For brunettes, you're really working with your natural roots, and not overdoing it with the highlights—adding just enough color that it looks like you've just returned from vacation instead of the salon. Meanwhile, blondes should add more dimension, but still keep things on the warmer side!"

winter hair colors jessica chastain rocking subtle strawberry hair color
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20. Strawberry Blonde

Another addition to the copper family? A classic strawberry blonde. From Sydney Sweeney to Jessica Chastain, celebs flock to the salon for this hair color. "This is a move away from 'Cowboy Copper.' It's a few shades lighter and a beautiful color for anyone wanting to stand out. It's also eye-catching and different from all the other blondes," says Kerner.

Additional Experts

  • Adina Pignatare is a hair color specialist and ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel. She specializes in balayage, foil and vivid services at the Designer's Edge Salon in Massachusetts.
  • Wendy Burns is a hairstylist and a commercial stylist for Henkel North America. She has over 25 years of experience in coloring, cutting and styling. Her specialities include keratin treatments, hair extensions and Goldwell/Majirel coloring techniques.
  • Kimberly Marina is a hairstylist and the owner of WildBloom Salons located in Sola Salons. She has ten years of experience, specializing in coloring and cutting all types of hair, especially blondes and pixie cuts.
  • Tracey Cunningham is a celebrity colorist and a brand ambassador for Redken. She has two decades of experience, working for numerous salons in Los Angeles before opening her own space in 2012. Her previous clients include Camilla Cabello, Lana Del Ray, Dakota Johnson and Emma Stone.
  • Chrissy Danielle Lotenero is hairstylist and owner of Chrissy Danielle Salon in Ohio. She is also a global educator and brand ambassador for TRUSS Professional, a salon quality haircare brand. She specializes in blonde, balayage and extensions.
  • Sierra Kener is a celebrity hairstylist, colorist ambassador for #Mydentity and owner of Nine Zero One Salon in California. Her previous clients include Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough.
  • Sharon Dorram is a celebrity colorist and owner of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon with over three decades of experience in the field. She is also a color director and brand ambassador for Virtue. Her previous clients include Barbara Streisand, Kate Hudson, Meg Ryan and Priyanka Chopra. 
  • Gregory Patterson is a celebrity hairstylist and a DIY Color & Styling expert for Sally Beauty. He’s based in New York City and has previously worked as a lead stylist for Project Runway. His past clients include Britney Spears, Anne Hathaway and Julianne Moore.

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