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Question for the curly-haired ladies: How do you dry your hair? If the answer includes toweling off in any capacity, listen up. That unassuming terry-cloth towel is actually the biggest culprit of causing frizz. Here’s an easy swap that will give you sleek curls every single time.

What you need: Your favorite can of mousse and an old, soft T-shirt.

What you do: Using your fingertips, gently rake a golf-ball-sized amount of mousse through your damp hair. Then, wrap the T-shirt around your hand and scrunch strands from the bottom up, working your way around your head.

Why it works: Wet hair is fragile and towel drying can rough up the cuticle, which leads to frizz and even breakage. By using a more supple fabric, you’ll get a smoother finish and you’re still absorbing excess water since--let’s be honest--it’ll take you like an hour to dry that mop afterward.

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