Jessica Alba Just Launched the First Clean Liquid Lipstick That Doesn’t Dry Our Lips

Liquid lipstick: You either love it or it's not for you. We've always fallen squarely into the latter camp (why is it so drying and chalky?!), but after testing Honest Beauty's new Liquid Lip over the past week, we've officially been converted. 

At a recent launch event, Alba, her in-house chemist and Creative Color Consultant Daniel Martin (aka Meghan Markle's and Alba's go-to makeup artist) gave us the story behind the formula—and why it feels so different on our lips than other liquid lipsticks that we've tried in the past. 

"When I was originally presented with this project, I wasn't the biggest fan because of my experiences with liquid lipsticks in the past. They can be messy and hard when putting them on talent. Once I spoke with the in-house chemist, she reassured me that we weren't going to be using ingredients that other brands use," said Martin.

If you look at most traditional liquid lipsticks, you'll find two main ingredients listed: isododecane and film formers. Isododecane is a petroleum-based solvent that is added so the lipstick evaporates quickly (translation: has a fast dry time), while film formers provide the stick, or adhesion to your lips, and staying power.

Honest swapped both ingredients out for natural and sustainably sourced alternatives: coconut alkanes and pine rosin. Combined with avocado oil and hyaluronic acid, it's truly the first liquid lipstick we've tried that doesn't turn our lips into desiccated prunes after a few hours. 

The Liquid Lip comes in seven shades that range from Alba's "perfect nude" ("BFF") to this editor's new go-to petal pink ("Happiness"). Grab them online at and now and thank us later.