9 Fall Beauty Trends We’re Most Excited to Try (Plus, 1 Look We're Retiring)

Bring on the shadow bangs

Fall Beauty Trends 2023 Universal Image: a collage of beauty trends

September 23 marks the official start of fall, and though we’re in no rush to say goodbye to summer, we look forward to trying some new seasonal trends. From shadow bangs to maple syrup nails, here are nine trends we’re most excited about (plus, one look we’re retiring for now).

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1. Maple Syrup Nails

The beauty of “syrup nails” is they give you a semi-sheer jelly finish that’s incredibly flattering. Get the look by adding a drop or two of any color polish you want (we recommend a warm-toned red or brown this time of year) and mixing it with topcoat before applying a thin layer over your nails. As Juli Russell, a manicurist and DIY nail expert for Sally Beauty told us recently, “Don’t forget to seal in the color with one more layer of top coat so you get the most gorgeous manicure that’s almost good enough to eat.”

2. Tuscan Leather Hair

For brunettes looking to make a change, celebrity hairstylist Jenna Perry suggests a fresh take on classic brown that she’s calling “Tuscan Leather.” Picture: a delightful brownish-red shade that provides warm, rich tones that add depth to brunette hair—or bring in an actual picture like the one of Gemma Chan above.

3. Body Spray Is Back

Paging all millennials: Body sprays are back, baby. According to Spate’s fragrance trends report, searches for body sprays saw an increase of 9.8 percent compared to last year, and the hashtag #bodymist has more than 1.1 billion views and counting on TikTok. Though we’ll always have a soft spot for our ol’ fruity favorites like Bath & Body Works’ “Cucumber Melon,” lately we’re leaning more heavily into more, shall we say, grown up scents like Henry Rose’s newly launched collection of body sprays.

4. Hot Chocolate Nails

Fact: Chocolate brown nails look especially nice against fall knits. Whether you go for a milky brown or a deeper cacao, the rich tone complements all skin tones and adds a cozy touch to any ensemble.  

5. Latte Makeup

The makeup counterpart to chocolate nails? Why, that would be latte makeup, of course. Borrowing inspiration from an actual latte, this trend is centered around wearing monochromatic nude and brown tones that give your skin a soft, bronzed glow.

6. Cherry Cola Red Hair

Cherry Cola Lips are already trending, so it’s not too surprising that lush red tones are making their way into hair salons as well. As Perry predicts, “Cherry Cola Red will be the edgy new auburn shade that will be seen all over social media this fall.” Whether you go for a brighter red (more cherry) or something slightly deeper (more Cola), prepare for a bit more upkeep, as reds tend to require more touch-ups than other shades. (Tip: To keep your color bright between salon visits, try adding a color depositing hair mask to your routine every couple of weeks.)

7. Blurred Lips

The softer and smudgier, the better. This lip look is meant to be worn matte, so put down the gloss for a minute and try a velvety lipstick or mousy stain instead. This editor’s favorite product for achieving this look? Without a doubt, rom&nd’s Zero Velvet Tint, which has an airy texture to it that makes it easier to diffuse the color to your liking.

8. Tumblr Girl Makeup

So long, “clean girl” (you were problematic anyway). We’re making way for Tumblr girl this season. Swap those crisply lined eyes and the barely-there makeup for more lived-in, or rather, slept-in looks that border on grungy. In short: Load on the smokey eyeshadows and color.

9. Shadow Bangs

Named for the way they cast a shadow over your eyes, these eye-skimming bangs are intentionally cut longer and choppier than most other types of fringe. Admittedly, they’re not the most practical choice, as they get in the way, but they could be a fun look to try for a short time—you know, when you’re due for a bang trim anyway.

One Trend We’re Retiring (for Now): Glazed Donut Skin

We love dewy skin as much as the next person, but as we head into fall, we’re looking forward to toning down the glisten a smidge. That said, matte makeup doesn’t mean flat makeup, y’all. We still want to keep a little dimension. Think velvety lip creams over vinyl glosses and satin finish foundations over light-reflective formulas. The glittery eyeshadows can stay though. After all, the goal here isn’t to eradicate shine altogether, it’s to get more strategic with it.

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