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We love nail art; we don’t always love the process. For those of us who don’t have the budget for regular salon visits or the myriad of dotting and striping tools for DIY designs, these four options are a godsend.

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Static Nails

Press On Nails

Remember when press ons were all the rage? (We used to sneak a pack of them into our mom’s shopping cart at the grocery store.) Think of these as the more modern version—both in design and in application. Paired with a special dissolvable glue, they can easily be popped off when you’re ready to replace them.

Static Nails ($16)

Olive & June

Nail Stickers

For the perfect accent, these little decals are as quick and easy as it gets. Just peel and place them directly over your nails. Then, seal with a topcoat so they last longer (and look extra shiny). This variety pack from the nail art connoisseurs at Olive & June features several of their most requested designs from lashes to hearts and stars.

Olive & June ($16)


Nail Wraps

Sort of the love child between press ons and stickers, nail wraps cover your entire bed, but don’t require any glue—or top coat, even. Simply peel an appliqué off the sheet, stretch it over your nail and file away the free edge. Tip: Clean your nails with a swipe of polish remover beforehand to ensure a smoother application. 

Incoco ($8)

special top coat

Special Effects Topcoat

And if you like the whole process of painting your nails but haven’t a clue (or the patience) for attempting a design, you can always opt for a fancy topcoat that basically does it for you. Our current fav? This one from Sally Hansen that creates a marbled effect when you apply a thin layer over any other shade. 

Sally Hansen ($10)

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