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It’s about time to give waterproof mascara the standing ovation it deserves. Supporting us through allergy season, wedding ceremonies, pool dips and humidity in general is no small feat. Scroll for a roundup of our favorite stay-put formulas—that won’t run no matter how much you sweat (yeah, we tried).



Eyeko Sport

Made to last through sweaty workouts, this guy will stay smudge-free for up to 24 hours while simultaneously nourishing your lashes thanks to 11 different fruit extracts.

Eyeko ($19)


Touch in Sol Stretchex

Although waterproof isn’t advertised on the label, hundreds of reviewers across Amazon and and eBay insist that it stays streak-free through swimming, showering and is removable only with hot water. (So, uh, steer clear of any hot tubs.)

Touch in Sol ($12)


Dior Diorshow

The original formula has been a staple on the Fashion Week runways thanks to its ability to lengthen, thicken and curl lashes. This waterproof version packs all the same benefits and is guaranteed not to run.

Dior ($29)


Covergirl Clump Crusher

This budget-friendly option features a thick plastic wand to help avoid any and all clumping while staying put all day long.

CoverGirl ($9)


Chanel Inimitable

While known for its serious staying power, this cult favorite is also a straight-lash girl’s dream. It lifts and separates lashes like no other.

Chanel ($32)


Urban Decay Cannonball

The name practically says it all, but fans agree that this mascara won’t smear or drip no matter how high the diving board. (Go ahead, we’ll wait.)

Urban Decay ($20)


Lancôme Définicils

If you like a thinner brush, with the full power of waterproof, this Lancôme mascara will give you serious precision and still withstand salt, sweat and tears.

Lancôme ($28)


DHC Perfect Pro

Natural beauty gals might not think waterproof mascara exists for them, but DHC created a strengthening and stay-put formula by incorporating beeswax. (Plus, Emma Watson’s a huge fan.)

DHC ($19)


Clinique Lash Power

One reviewer noted that after a 25-year search, this is the first mascara that she’s ever bought twice thanks to its stay-hold formula, but also for it’s non-painful removal.

Clinique ($18)


Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme

With a name like that, you would expect this formula to perform and that it does. But bonus: The wand also boasts multiplying fibers that are buildable to give the look of falsies.

Estee Lauder ($28)

Neiman Marcus

Shiseido Full-Lash Multi-Dimension

The bendy, rotating wand will leave lashes fully coated for up to 24 hours, no raccoon eye in sight.

Shiseido ($25)


it Cosmetics Tightline Full Lash

A waterproof primer, mascara and eyeliner all in one, this product is a true game-changer for summer-proof peepers.

it Cosmetics ($29)

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