12 Spring Nail Trends to Try Now

Winter? What winter?

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Winter, you may be in full swing, but we’re officially over you. So starting right now, we’re painting our nails like it’s 70 degrees and sunny. Mind over matter, people.

It’s time to channel spring with these 12 amped-up nail trends. No mittens necessary.

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Metallic Pastels

It’s spring. On steroids.

Day-glo Tips

A hint of neon will channel just the right amount of your inner '80s aerobics instructor.

Pink On Pink

Nothing is square about this two-toned design.

Pastel And Gold

Pairs just as well with a sweater as it does with a sundress…maybe even better.

A Little Sunshine

…Even if the actual sun hasn’t been out in days. (Where are you, buddy?)

Metallic Crackle

Perfect for your spring trip to the Caribbean (uh, real or imaginary).

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Why wait for spring to test your egg-dyeing skills?

Floral Accents

What is spring without some fresh blooms?

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Geometry has never been so stylish.

Gold Accents

Minimalism that screams, “I’ve never been so ready for summer in my life.”

Broken Glass

The amazing Korean trend is finally catching on in NYC. YAS.

Negative Space

A negative space mani in poppy, pink or orange can really heat things up. We feel warmer already.

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