The Best Workout for Your Enneagram Personality

Quick refresher: The Enneagram is a nine-part, interconnected model of personalities that’s been around for centuries. Like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, it’s a way to help you better understand yourself (strengths, weaknesses, etc.). If you haven’t already, find out which type you are here, then read on to see what kind of workout best suits your personality.

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woman in a pilates class
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1 - The Reformer: Pilates

Rational, purposeful and perfectionistic, the Reformer is improvement-oriented and loves a good challenge. Pilates requires just the type of discipline and control that you’ve mastered. Whether you try mat or take things literally and do a reformer (the machine with the pulleys) class, you’ll delight in the process of working your way up from newbie to expert.

women in a rowing class
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2 - The Helper: Indoor Rowing

In general, the Helper is caring, interpersonal and loves bringing out the best in others. You’re all about teamwork. Rowing on the water requires everyone in the boat to be in tune with one another’s stroke, and in an indoor rowing class, the instructor will encourage you to do the same (even though you’re firmly on dry land). By syncing up with those around you, you’ll feel the sense of community you so enjoy.

women in a crossfit class
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3 - The Achiever: Crossfit

For some people, a competitive environment can be stressful. For the Achiever, though, competition is what fuels you. You’re a success-oriented and driven high-achiever, which means a CrossFit class, where your progress is literally measured on a giant white board for all to see, is just the type of environment you thrive in.

indoor cycling bikes
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4 - The Individualist: Indoor Cycling

If having to partner up with a stranger to do sit-ups together is your idea of hell, you might be an Individualist. This sensitive, withdrawn type prefers to workout solo. In a spin class you might be surrounded by tons of people, but with the lights out and the music blasting, you’ll be able to lose yourself in the sprints and climbs without having to interact with another soul.

people running on treadmills
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5 - The Investigator: Treadmill Class

The Investigator is intense and cerebral and prefers to take on challenges solo. Of course you could run outside, but consider these trendy group fitness classes an excellent option for when pounding the pavement isn’t an option.

women in a barre class
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6 - The Loyalist: Barre

There are some workouts that require little practice to get the hang of. Barre, on the other hand, requires commitment. Security-oriented Loyalists have the focus required to master movements that might not come naturally to you. (Seriously, it’ll probably take you a bunch of classes to be able to hold a deep squat for what feels like hours.)

women in a dance cardio class
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7 - The Enthusiast: Dance Cardio

True to their name, enthusiasts are spontaneous, adventurous and fun-loving. You might get bored in more straightforward classes, so look for high-energy dance classes, which will force you to focus your energy (which can be scattered at times), without being the least bit stagnant.

people in a boxing class
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8 - The Challenger: Boxing

Never one to shy away from confrontation, you’re powerful, confident and intense. Harness your energy in a boxing class, which will have you punching, ducking, rolling and never (ever) getting bored.

women in a yoga class
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9 - The Peacemaker: Yoga

Easygoing, agreeable Peacemakers should seek out workouts that mirror their calming energy. Yoga will appeal to your sense of balance and zen, while fostering a sense of community your harmony-loving side will revel in.