Here's What You're Like As a Friend, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

There’s the sensitive one, the one with great style and the unlicensed therapist. No, we’re not talking about the men of Queer Eye; we’re talking about your friend group. Want to understand the interpersonal dynamic between you and your own fab five? Look no further than the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI for short). Here’s what kind of friend you are, based on your Myers-Briggs.

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Intj: The Consultant

As one of the most independent, private and strategic types in the MBTI, you’re more interested in making a few carefully chosen intellectual connections than running with a large circle of lesser acquaintances. When it comes to emotional support, you’re not the most comfortable with feelings or warm and fuzzy heart-to-hearts (sarcasm and dark humor are more in your wheelhouse), but your observational skills and honesty mean everyone comes to you for advice—exhausting, but worth it.

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Intp: The One-on-one

You hate making plans…but that doesn’t mean you hate your friends, who more than likely share the same analytical and academic tendencies as yourself. To your inner circle, you’re a reliable friend who makes up for a lack of emotional support with a wealth of logical guidance (not to mention thought-provoking conversation). You’re not one for small talk or gossip (and you can seem a little detached), but nothing gets you more chatty than shared interests or lofty intellectual theories.

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Entj: The Architect

You have high expectations, ENTJ, and you’re not looking for a shoulder to cry on. But you’re a passionate leader and when you find your group, you’re here to bond. As a natural planner, you’re often at the helm of whatever social gathering is next, and you’re a stickler for commitments; for an outsider, this can read as intimidating, but anyone who knows you loves you for it.

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Entp: The Sparring Partner

As the “debater” of the MBTI, you’re an expert sounding board for everyone else’s ideas. And even though this can come across as argumentative or opinionated, your friends know you just like a little lively conversation. Because you communicate so well, you’re surprisingly good at getting along with all kinds of personalities…but you have a hard time relating on an emotional level with every single person.

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Infj: The Angel

As the resident extroverted introvert, you consider being there for your friends of utmost importance. And they’re not your friends, they’re your soulmates, dammit. But as the rarest of the MBTI, you probably don’t know a lot of others who share this sentiment. If it ever feels like you’re more popular than you’d like to be, it’s because your friends see you as a sincerely encouraging life force. They love you; don’t take it too personally!

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Infp: The Peacekeeper

An altruist at heart, you’re always lifting up those around you. But because those introverted tendencies run deep, your meaningful relationships are few and far between…but you like it that way—too much social contact is draining. Despite your thorough introversion, your sensitivity and emotional perceptiveness mean you make connections easily and bring people together just the same. You’re like the comfort food of your friend group: Soothing, heartfelt and a real pleasure to be around.

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Enfj: The Cheerleader

If someone were to lead a seminar on maintaining friendships, it would be you, ENFJ. You’re just so damn good at it. It helps that you genuinely care about getting to know people and helping them succeed. There’s no doubt your friends admire the optimism and energy you bring to the table, but strangers might not be able to keep up with your enthusiasm. (They can’t believe it’s real.)

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Enfp: The Genie

Because you take such an interest in getting to know all of your acquaintances—extroverts and introverts alike—you have a very specific type of magic that lures people out of their shells. Being so open-minded doesn’t hurt, either. You’re known for getting pretty involved in your friends’ lives, but you can be a little too idealistic, and when they disappoint, you take it personally. Very personally. Remember, there’s only so much of yourself you can give, ENFP.

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Istj: The Loyalist

No one’s gonna call you spontaneous, but you’d rather be trustworthy and loyal, anyway. You’re slow to make friends, but it always pays off when the end-result is a handful of deeply personal relationships. You’re definitely more low key than most of your friends, but you’re also the one to always follow through, whether it’s for last-minute dinner plans or a trip someone mentioned months ago.

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Isfj: The Mom

Considering how warm and protective you are, it’s no wonder everyone considers you a reassuring figure. You’re closest with the people you see most often (like a coworker or a yoga classmate), and to them, you’re a first-rate counselor and fierce defender. But being so loyal has its drawbacks, and you’re prone to neglect your own needs for others—“no” is one of your least favorite words.

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Estj: The Manager

Routine is your middle name, ESTJ, and it applies to your friendships, too. Your circle is defined more by mutual activities than anything, and you probably have a lot in common with your friends. That makes planning social events easy (you’re like Kris Kardashian minus the scheming), but it can leave you wanting in the diversity department. Some friendly opposition will break you out of your bubble.

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Esfj: The Santa Claus

Give, give, give: That’s your strong suit. You’re known for being a constant source of encouragement and emotional support among your friends, and you’ll go to great lengths to ensure their happiness. You feel at home in a big group of people, and unlike introverted types, you have more than enough energy to maintain lots of relationships—in fact, they’re what give you energy in the first place.

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Istp: The Floating Rock

You’re hard to pin down, ISTP, probably because you’re so good at going with the flow. That means you have no trouble making acquaintances; it’s true-blue friendship that’s more challenging. But when you do find those people, they can rest assured that you’ll be there through thick and thin. You might not plan the social events, but you’ve never missed on either.

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Isfp: The Chill Pill

There’s no better person to just hang with than you, ISFP…and you get along with just about anyone, unless they’re judgmental or demanding. People who prefer a structured relationship might find you too laid-back or aloof, but you can’t be bogged down by rules or expectations, man. When you're doing something fun with your closest friends is when you really let loose. (There's a reason they call you the adventurer.)

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Estp: The Initiator

Your spontaneous nature and confidence make you the life of the party among friends, and none would ever call you boring. But you’re not the most reliable—plans are meant to be broken, right? When it comes to conversation, you call it like you see it (for better or for worse), but your closest kin appreciate this kind of honesty.

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Esfp: The Animator

You’re open, charming and love a good time. It’s true that you’re the party animal of the MBTI, but there’s more than meets the eye. It’s not just that you thrive on your status as social butterfly—you also care about your people a lot. Why else would you put so much effort into all the group activities? If everyone is having fun, you’re having fun.


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