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Your Weekly Horoscopes: September 8 to 14, 2019

Get ready for change. After weeks of paying careful attention to every tiny detail, we can take a step back to appreciate the big picture as the cosmic energy finally shifts this week.

The main event is a full moon in dreamy water sign Pisces on the night of Friday the 13th. Let’s not miss the opportunity to actualize our most far-out dream. The next day, both Mercury and Venus glide into balanced air sign Libra, inspiring us to get creative (and stylish!) with what we’re manifesting.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.) 

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5 Virgo  

Romance is in the air for you this week, darling Virgo. Though flirty texts seem like a distraction from your personal goals, falling in love can be its own form of self-improvement. By the end of the week, you get some excellent news about money, so celebrate by splurging on a special someone for the full moon on the 13th. Pick up the check after a night of good conversation with a friend of a friend at the bar. After all, your commitments are allowed to feel like fantasies, right?

6 Libra  

Feeling refreshed after some time spent as a stranger in a strange land, you must follow your bliss back to reality this week. Focus on the pleasures of well-planned grocery shopping, flossing twice per day and the ritual of watering your plants. Staying present and engaged through each of life’s little battles will be especially important at the full moon on the 13th when some unexpected life hiccup throws you a curveball. Text all the details to a friend while you wait for the resolution. You don’t need to struggle alone.

7 Scorpio  

Whether it’s taking your favorite intern’s suggestion for a happy hour bar, letting your kids pick the Friday night movie or inviting your niece and nephew from the suburbs to spend the weekend with you in the city, this week’s full moon on the 13th is a time to let “the youth” take the lead. It’s OK to skip a colleague’s stuffy birthday party to do something that is uncomplicated and fun—roller rink, anyone? Soon you will be focusing on rest rather than networking. Don’t be afraid to get comfortable.

8 Sagittarius  

You are getting comfortable with your blossoming career opportunities. Simultaneously though, you find yourself daydreaming about how nice it is to spend days out of the spotlight, surrounded by those who know you best. For the full moon on the 13th, plan a family staycation or a quick trip home to visit your parents. Though you must accept your public accolades with a certain grace, you can accept chocolate pancakes in bed with all the fanfare you deserve.


Whether you have been traveling the world, attending classes for your low-residency grad program or visiting your in-laws, the last few weeks have found you very far away. This week, get settled back into the neighborhood. Spend the full moon on the 13th reacquainting yourself with familiar habits. Head to your treasured Friday evening yoga class, spend your Saturday morning reading at the local coffee shop or call your sister to catch her up on your adventures. It’s amazing to remember yourself.

10 Aquarius  

Your finances could use some attention this week. So much of your energy has been spent on what’s shared that you have avoided checking your own account balance. Money management can be an adventure: daydream about your budget or spend a fantastical afternoon at the jeweler getting your grandmother’s ring appraised. A surprise gift or bonus that comes your way at the full moon on the 13th has even more value if you do the work to clear the fog.

11 Pisces  

Right now, you are very focused on commitments. Is your boyfriend the one? Will your work wife ever get a raise? How many emails is too many to negotiate a new contract? The full moon on the 13th is in your sign so take a moment to help yourself before you help everyone else. Take a spa day or return to a personal art project. Collaboration remains important for the foreseeable future but don’t let that discourage you from putting yourself first.

12 Aries  

Release your expectations this week, sweet ram. The full moon in Pisces on the 13th falls in your house of rest so block off some time in your (now masterful) calendar to get away from it all. A weekend in a cabin with no cell service would of course be nice, but don’t underestimate the power of simply spending an afternoon wandering through the farmers market or public garden without the kids! Let your boo know about your plans but make the experience just for you.

1 Taurus  

Whether you are attending a fundraiser to help those affected by the hurricanes, joining a book club at the local library, or finally available for that Little Bit of Everything meet-up, stop and appreciate the healing power of your community this week. Around the full moon on the 13th, don’t resist the impulse to put extra effort into bringing the squad together. Send out a Paperless Post with the itinerary for Ladies’ Night at the local wine bar! Your friends are an incredible resource.

2 Gemini  

Now that the throw pillows are in place and the housewarming party has come to pass, it’s time to refocus your energy on your career. If you work from home, move your laptop off the couch and set up the printer on your desk. If you are heading into the office, take some time to check in with your coworkers about their needs. Your leadership is required for a stressful situation on the full moon on the 13th. Remember: You got settled so you can inspire.

3 Cancer  

Oh moonchild, you have spent so much time lately driving all over town—dropping the kids off at soccer and getting to your favorite yoga class—that you have neglected to take care of things in your actual house. Take time this week to dream about upgrading your bedroom or improving your sleep. Make a date with your honey (or with yourself) for the full moon on the 13th to both get a new mattress and then plan your next vacation. Exploration begins at home.

4 Leo  

Yes, you have discussed ad nauseam the prospect of buying a country house with your hubby or upgrading your Ikea office furniture to West Elm with your business partner. But a shared investment that has long been written off as “maybe someday” very suddenly becomes a reality this week. Continue to reflect on your own growing set of values when you put money down around the full moon in Pisces on the 13th. With all details considered, this risk will eventually be a reward.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York and Los Angeles. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.

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