Your September 2019 Horoscopes

At the top of the month, the perfectionist vibes of Virgo are particularly relentless, with all of the personal planets in the sign whispering in our ears: “Do it well or don’t do it at all.”

The antidote to all of this Big Virgo Energy finally arrives on the night of Friday the 13th (or just after midnight on the 14th on the East Coast) with a full moon in Pisces. For better or worse, Pisces is the sign of unconditional love, and this lunation helps recalibrate our focus from the nitty-gritty to the big picture. On the 14th Mercury and Venus both move into Libra, and we abandon writing to-do lists to pen love notes.

On the 18th, Saturn—the planet of discipline—starts moving forward for the first time since April and momentum builds toward accomplishing our long-term goals.

On the 23rd, the sun enters Libra, our balanced and stylish air sign. Fall (and its accompanying wardrobe) has officially arrived! We are halfway through the astrological year. And on the 28th, with a new moon in Libra, this is the perfect occasion to start something...again. Libra is the sign that works best with a partner or in a group, so let’s not forget: We don’t have to do it alone!

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

5 virgo

The continuation of your birthday season at the top of the month finds the focus—very deservingly—on you. You’re putting your check from Grandma toward some sweet new shoes and taking advantage of the manicure subscription from your coworkers to experiment with some wild nail art. Look, your flourishing image—and fresh haircut—is certainly fly, but remember to pace yourself. It’s exhausting to be so fabulous sometimes.

Though it might seem too good to be true, a creative or romantic partnership that has been brewing (possibly since March!) finally coalesces around the full moon in Pisces on the 13th. Though it felt difficult to wade through such a long courtship or slow-to-launch collaborative plan, trust that it happened this way for a reason. This relationship has the potential for a long-term (or permanent) honeymoon phase, so enjoy the ride. 

On the 18th, as the new school year gets underway, your kids’ activities pick up and more and more of your time is spent packing lunches, reviewing math homework and ushering the little ones from one birthday party to the next. Try to enjoy this time for what it is—time with your loved ones. In fun news, your cash flow picks up as the season transitions to fall, especially around the new moon in Libra on the 28th, so take the opportunity to splurge on something that is built to last.

6 libra

At the top of the month, you find yourself on a literal or metaphorical desert island. Don’t take the opportunity for granted. Though it can be stressful to feel so remote, it’s time to tap into the power of your subconscious. Start writing in your dream journal now because you’ll be too busy later in the year to take such detailed notes.

Though Pisces is perhaps the spaciest sign in the zodiac, the full moon on the 13th in the sign of the fish actually snaps you back to reality. An unexpected but manageable health issue, for you or for your pet, leaves you spending hours on hold with your insurance company or footing a hefty vet bill. Focus on the solution to avoid getting discouraged by each confusing detail.

As you continue to return to your daily routine, on the 18th, you are inspired to continue a failed-to-launch home improvement project. You bought that amazing matcha-green paint back in April, and now it’s time to get it on the walls. As the sun shifts into Libra on the 23rd, your birthday season finally begins! Treat yourself right. Celebrate your own style at the new moon in Libra on the 28th: buy some new wardrobe pieces and don’t be shy about showing them off. It’s truly a gift to celebrate your own vibe.

7 scorpio

As September begins, you are the queen of socializing. With happy hours every night and community volunteering every weekend, you have never felt quite this involved. This networking reveals some intriguing job or creative opportunities, but be sure to consider whether these are actually a good fit. Your friends have convincing arguments for everything that comes your way, but outside of the larger group, is that fancy job or expensive apartment really what you need?

On the 13th, the full moon in Pisces marks a major culmination in your romantic life. Whether you are making your debut on the apps after a major breakup, or finally unraveling the mystery of the guy you’ve been quasi-dating since March, be open to whatever happens in this next stage of the adventure. If you’re taken, use this time to rekindle the flame with your boo: try out the hot new sex toy everyone’s raving about, or splurge on an epic sushi date night.

On the 19th, you are inspired to return to a writing project: revitalize your blog, reconnect over email with an out-of-town friend or simply commit to journaling every day. As fall begins and the new moon in Libra arrives on the 28th, schedule the time to put up an out-of-office reply and recharge your battery. Even an extra-long lunch hour with a massage or a guided meditation from an app could do the trick. Get perspective by stepping away.

8 sagittarius

As the month begins, pressure builds as you take on new responsibilities at work. You deserve this leadership position, but you are worried you won’t live up to everyone’s expectations. Move forward by getting super clear on what your personal objectives are. What is it you actually want to accomplish? Take it one careful step at a time.

With so much of your attention on your career, other areas of your life have gone to the wayside, and the full moon in Pisces on the 13th shines a spotlight on just how messy things have become at home. Take advantage of the time you must spend cleaning: spend a dreamy day (or the whole weekend) listening to your favorite podcasts, and catching up on years of pop music, as you give your home the loving attention it deserves.

On the 18th, your income finally begins to match your leadership role at work and chased freelance checks begin to arrive in the mail. Take a moment to recalibrate your budget for this financial influx and be sure to set aside some savings for a rainy day.

On the 28th, the new moon in Libra serves as a gentle reminder to get out of the house. Everyone misses you at the Friday night potluck and the Saturday afternoon feminist book club. Get back there! It’s such a reward to hold space for community.


At month’s start, you are in the thick of ironing out the details for a life-changing vacation. While constantly checking for deals on flights, you are also finagling a better deal for the perfect Airbnb and organizing all of your friends’ recommendations into one easily accessible Google Doc. It’s OK to be exhausted, the planning has become a full-time job. Though it’s a headache now, the trip will be a reward, despite the frustrations.

The full moon in Pisces on the 13th leads you down a nostalgia wormhole. Traveling to your hometown for your high school reunion reminds you of the joy of simpler times. The energy around this full moon can be intoxicating so try not to over-indulge. Hooking up with your “ex” from tenth grade might be a hilarious story, but you don’t have time for the hassle of that kind of drama.

On the 18th, Saturn stations direct in your own sign, and you feel ready to get serious about your personal style. Winter is coming (eventually) so bring your tweed coat to get tailored and schedule that long overdue haircut. As Libra season begins, your focus shifts to the next step in your career. On the 28th, use the new moon in Libra to set intentions for your professional future. Where do you want to be six months from now?

10 aquarius

September begins with you focused on collaborative projects, and with your partner in a bit of a crisis, you are giving them more attention than you give yourself. Your work wife is going through a divorce, or your hubby is debating a huge shift in his career, or your bandmate just announced she’s pregnant with her first child. Even though you may be totally fine in comparison, be sure you are only giving as much as you are receiving.

The full moon in Pisces on the 13th lands in your second house of personal income, and this lunation comes with a surprise bonus and the subsequent splurge. It’s definitely time to replace your aging MacBook, upgrade your knife set or buy that new set of Prismacolor markers—just do your research before you commit to a purchase. Pisces energy allows us to chase fantasies, so be sure you’re buying what actually works best for you, rather than what looks best in the photo.

Around the 18th, you are finally ready to loosen the grip on a grudge that’s been bothering you since April. Let it go. Some things are simply out of our hands. As fall arrives, you start feeling the itch to travel. For the new moon in Libra on the 28th, start your research to figure out where all the cool kids go to warm up during the colder months (like, is Ibiza still a thing?). You deserve a vacation too!

11 pisces

September begins with all of your energy directed toward nurturing your relationship. You are leveling up: finally meeting your boyfriend’s family, moving in with your fiancé or getting serious about your plan to have kids. Whatever phase of life you’re in, this intensity feels bittersweet. It is such a joy to love and be loved in return, but who knew forever felt so serious?

On the 13th, the full moon in your own sign allows you to focus completely on yourself. Do something bold to mark the occasion: something as simple as pioneering a makeup trend or as extra as archiving your entire Instagram grid. Nothing refreshes your spirit quite like a Sephora shopping spree or a sleek redesign. It’s OK to make a scene. (Feel cute; delete later.)

On the 18th, friends who you lost touch with back in April (as everyone planned their summer trips and getaways), slowly resurface. Pay attention to who appears and also who doesn’t at this time. You know in your heart who is really there for you. As Libra season kicks off, you start feeling the urge to invest in your creativity, and by the new moon on the 28th, you are ready to begin a collaborative project. Why not start a band? Put out some feelers, you never know who has dreams of being a drummer.

12 aries

At the top of the month, you will be hitting the gym more than ever: start weight-lifting, commit to 30 consecutive days of hot yoga or finally see what this CrossFit is all about. Once you get into the groove, and curate the perfect Lizzo-centric playlist, you won’t want to take a day off, but be careful not to exhaust yourself. The reward of your freshly toned arm muscles won’t be as sweet if you end up on the couch with a thrown-out back.

If finding a day off really feels impossible, the full moon on the 13th forces you to take a break. Accept a friend’s invitation to celebrate the last long night of summer at that fancy bar with a rooftop pool, or take the hint when your boyfriend forwards an email about a weekend meditation retreat. Appreciation for your daily routine can only come from taking a step away.

On the 18th, career opportunities that have been dragging since April finally start to pick up again, and you must make some decisions about which responsibilities are truly worth your time. As fall begins, whether it’s a surprisingly dreamy date with someone from Tinder, or an inspiring meeting with a potential business investor, the new moon in Libra on the 28th marks the beginning of an exciting commitment. Get ready to share your heart.

1 taurus

The first two weeks of this month find you especially flirtatious. As you make bold moves on the apps, you discover how much more satisfying dating is when you’re the one in control. Enjoy playing the field, but don’t worry too much about finding “the one.” If no one is meeting your standards, take yourself out to the bar for your favorite treat: a Manhattan and French fries, and bask in the company of yourself.

On the 13th, spend the full moon in Pisces supporting your squad in all of their creative and personal endeavors. Take the lead on planning your BFF’s bridal shower, invite a crowd to your coworker’s fundraiser or browse a local art show to both make new friends, and find some funky pieces to add to your collection. As you become an expert of your own personal pleasures, you want to share your findings with the whole community.

By the 18th, you are fully immersed in a back-to-school vibe: travel plans coalesce and your fall reading list solidifies. Even if you aren’t in a formal course of study, remember to take expanding your mind seriously, especially as Libra season begins and you become very focused on details. For the new moon in Libra on the 28th, find the romance in solving a problem. Even an early morning at the DMV can be salvaged if you take time to catch the sunrise.

2 gemini

Whether you are heading to a family reunion or helping your parents downsize their belongings so they can move into the condo of their dreams: the beginning of the month is an opportunity to really connect with your roots. Encounters with distant relatives or your own childhood paraphernalia cost a lot of energy, but a deep conversation with your mom is priceless.

Your attention switches gears from private life to public life at the full moon in Pisces on the 13th. Drama at the office leaves you taking over a project for a coworker or rushing to prepare a presentation for a noteworthy client. Even if the situation is beyond stressful, remember that the chaos is not a reflection of you. Trust in your ability to lead with empathy and consider your entire team’s needs.

On the 18th, the attention shifts away from you alone as you get some long awaited news regarding your partner’s income. She’s getting a substantial raise, but it means way more time spent away from home. As fall dawns and she gets used to this new schedule, it’s more important than ever to establish sweet family traditions. Let the new moon in Libra on the 28th be all about your kids. Follow their bliss and let the youthful inspiration refresh your mind-set.

3 cancer

Whether it’s constant phone calls from your sister, endless negotiations with your roommates or the kids’ new carpool route sending you in circles around the neighborhood, speak up for yourself and you will be heard.

Sweet relief comes on the 13th with the full moon in Pisces: This lunation is a chance for you to commit to a big adventure. Bookmark your favorite discount flight websites or make a list of intriguing adult education classes being offered at the local college. Maybe the escape can be found simply on a hike at the outskirts of town. Whatever it is, make sure you haven’t done it before.

Delayed plans—personal or business—start their engines up again with agreements solidifying on the 18th. It’s harder to take a big trip when major commitments are on the line. At the new moon in Libra on the 28th, you feel a refreshing fondness for your own creature comforts and are inspired to make some simple home improvements. There’s too much chaos in the rest of the world for your private space to be anything but a sanctuary.

4 leo

You are worth it. Say it with me—the top of the month has you focused not only on your finances, but also on your values. Everything may be going well at the office, but is it worth staying in your comfort zone with your beloved coworkers if you are never going to get a raise? Take time to create an extremely detailed personal budget while also considering what you need not only to survive but to thrive.

Getting all of your own cash in order comes in handy at the full moon in Pisces on the 13th, which brings some culminating news regarding shared resources. It’s time to finally open a joint bank account with your partner, submit an application for a dream apartment with your two BFFs or launch the Kickstarter for your band’s new album. When you are clear on what’s yours, you know exactly how much you can give.

If you have been having trouble meeting your health goals since April, around the 18th, you have the opportunity to get back on track. You’re not too old to reward yourself for a good habit. Though much of your life these days is tending to business, the new moon in Libra on the 28th marks a sweet reunion with a sibling or a childhood friend. Take a long walk, and make sure the only goal is to catch up.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York & Los Angeles. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



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