The Subscription Box You Need, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We’re living in the golden age of subscription boxes. With a dizzying number of boxes available for self-care, fitness, beauty and fashion, it can be hard to figure out which box is best for you.

Do you go with the super-affordable monthly beauty box? Or the pricier seasonal box full of high-end skin-care items you’ve been dying to try? The options seem endless.

One fun way to wade through the endless sea of subscription services is to narrow them down based on your zodiac sign. By choosing a box that is most likely to make your Sun sign shine, you can make sure your money is going toward something you’ll actually use.

And if you’re feeling generous, subscription boxes make perfect gifts (hello, holidays!) for anyone in your life, from competitive Aries to comfort-loving Cancers. Just use this list as your guide and you may find you’ve earned yourself a reputation for being the “best gift giver” in your friend group come the new year.

aeries fabfitfun subscription box

Aries: Fabfitfun

Aries likes to be the leader of the pack, so naturally they’d be drawn to FabFitFun, one of the top subscription boxes available. With products ranging from fitness to home goods to fashion garments, FabFitFun can give competitive Aries the edge they need to slay in spin class and in the boardroom. This seasonal box comes with eight to ten full-sized premium products, valued at $200 per box, for just $49.99 per season. You can even customize your box with add-ons and special projects to make it specifically tailored to helping you achieve.

taurus luxor subscription box
Luxor Box/Facebook

Taurus: Luxor Box

Taurus is the boujee-est of the zodiac signs, so they need the boujee-est of boxes. It’s not like these hardworking bulls haven’t earned it. Luxor Box is a high-end subscription box that will send you premium items from the world’s best brands in beauty, wellness, home goods and more. With boxes valued at a minimum of $400 (!), there’s no better way to satisfy your love of luxury and your love of getting a good bang for your buck. 

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gemini play by sephora subscription box

Gemini: Play! By Sephora

Geminis hate routine, so they’re going to need a subscription box that changes it up as much as they do. Not only is Sephora’s monthly Play! subscription box one of the most affordable options out there at $10 a month, but it also provides you with all the variety Sephora has to offer. Each month you’ll get five trial-sized beauty products, meaning you’ll be able to try and test new products each month and never have to do your least favorite thing and commit to just one. 

cancer hygge subscription box
Hygge Box

Cancer: Hygge Box

Cancer’s are known for their love of comfort and domestic bliss, meaning Hygge Box is the perfect box for you. “Hygge” is a central part of Danish culture, and it refers to a general feeling of coziness (think hot-cocoa-by-the-fire vibes). This box embraces hygge Danish culture by sending five to six hand-picked seasonal items to help you create a relaxed, comfy home environment. With things like fairy lights, hot teas, bath bombs and hygge-inspiring treats like biscuits and chocolate, you’ll be turning your living room into Little Copenhagen in no time.

leo ipsy glam subscription box

Leo: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Leo isn’t exactly known as the humblest of the zodiac signs, which is why they need a bag that’s going to help them put their best (and most glamorous) face forward, all while getting a custom Leo-centric experience. The Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is the VIP version of the popular Ipsy subscription box, that will send gorgeous full-sized products based on your own beauty profile. For $25 a month with a $120+ value, this bag will have you looking like the celebrity you always knew you’d be. 

virgo house plant subscription box
House Plant Box

Virgo: House Plant Box

Virgos are represented by the goddess of agriculture and wheat and are known for being super responsible, making them perfect candidates for the House Plant Box. For just $12 a month, House Plant Box will send you a new house plant…every month. You can get herbs, succulents, air plants and even pet-friendly options to slowly but surely turn your bedroom into a full-fledged botanical garden.

libra escape the crate subscription box
Escape the Crate

Libra: Escape The Crate

Libras love nothing more than bringing people together, so why not go for a box that will help you cultivate the ultimate group activity: an escape room. Escape the Crate will help you turn your living room into your very own escape room, with a new adventure every month! For just $26.50 per box, they’ll send you an hour-long game perfect for family game night, or your next wine and cheese party. When word gets out about how fun your new box is, everyone will be dying to get on your escape room invite list!

scorpio unbound subscription box
Unbound Box

Scorpio: Unbound Box

Scorpio has the distinct honor of being known as the most sensual of the zodiac signs, so why not go with a box that will help you further connect with your sexy side? Unbound Box is a discreet adult product box specifically designed to help spice up your sex life. For $65 per box, Unbound Box will ship premium sex toys and adult products to your home in a nondescript crate, so nobody knows about your sexy new subscription service but you and your partner. 

sagittarius book of the month subscription box
Book of the Month

Sagittarius: Book Of The Month

A Sagittarius is best known for their unending quest for truth and knowledge. Help yourself on your journey with Book of the Month. Each month you’ll be able to pick from five hand-chosen hardcover books or have Book of the Month’s team choose for you. For voracious readers, they’ll let you add two additional books for just $9.99 each, meaning you’ll never run out of amazing new books to dive into at the end of the day. 

capricorn therabox subscription box

Capricorn: Therabox

Capricorns are some of the hardest working signs in the zodiac, and all that hard work can sometimes leave them feeling exhausted, anxious or depressed. TheraBox is a happiness-focused self-care subscription box curated by therapists to help boost joy and relaxation. The products in each box are inspired by neuroscience and positive psychology research to help combat negative thinking and anxiety. Peace and happiness for $34.99 a month? What a steal!

aquarius cause box

Aquarius: Causebox

Aquarians are known for being the most humanitarian of the zodiac signs, and they’re always looking for new and interesting ways to give back. Enter Causebox, the subscription service that will send you $200 worth of products for $49.95 per month from socially conscious brands that are helping to make the world a better place. With eco-friendly beauty products, woman-owned brands and ethically made fashions, Causebox will help alert you to brands that will use your money for good, and keep you looking cute in the process. A win-win!

pisces goddess provisions subscription box
Goddess Provisions

Pisces: Goddess Provisions

Ethereal, artsy Pisces needs a box that is going to help them connect with the goddess within. Luckily for them, there’s Goddess Provisions. Goddess Provisions provides subscribers with “high vibe lifestyle goods” like crystals, tea leaves, tarot cards and essential oils to help connect you to your witchiest Pisces tendencies. Plus, the beautiful products will help satisfy your artsy side. 

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