What Meme You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes it can feel like the internet presents us with a new viral meme every half a second, making it hard for the casual meme enjoyer to keep up. What happened to the O Rly Owl? Or the I Can Haz Cheesburger cat? And who the heck is Momo? The preponderance of memes and meme culture means there’s basically a meme for everything. So which meme best represents your astrological self? We dug through all the options so you don’t have to. (And don’t try this at home—it’s literally impossible.) Here, the meme that most represents you, according to your zodiac sign.

26 Astrology Memes That Were Basically Written in the Stars


Aries: Success Kid Meme

Aries are high-achieving competitors who never accept second best. So who better to represent them than Success Kid? It’s the meme that literally embodies the Aries ethos of kicking ass and celebrating yourself. Also, he’s pretty cute, too.

Taurus: Kris Jenner Meme

Luxury-loving Taurus is known for enjoying the finer things in life, which is why they’re represented by the Matriarch of Glam herself, Kris Jenner. Here she is, sunglasses on, lips pursed, ready to make that next money move. Just like a Taurus. You know what they say: The devil works hard, but a Taurus works harder.

Gemini: Dark Kermit Meme

I mean...does anyone embody the me/also me meme more than a Gemini? Some days, you’re light Kermit, just trying to get along. Some days, you’re dark Kermit, ready to burn it all to the ground. But that’s the fun of being a Gemini! You never know which Kermit you’re gonna get.


Cancer: Crying Michael Jordan Meme

Cancers can be emotional creatures, and they’re definitely not afraid to cry, even if they’re on national television. Cue the Michael Jordan crying meme, here for all your daily crying needs. And honestly, if MJ can shed a tear every once in a while, who’s to judge you for doing it once—maybe twice—a day?

Leo: Tell Me I’m Pretty Meme

Was there ever a better show than The Fairly Odd Parents? I’m seriously asking. And is there anything a Leo wants more than to grab a bullhorn and use it to demand compliments from passersby? Probably not. And thanks to Trixie Tang, the cutest and most popular girl at Dimmsdale High School, you can express that desire in one simple, adorable meme.


Virgo: Holding In A Fart Meme

Virgos are nothing if not persistent. They’re so persistent, in fact, that they might even pop a vein in their forehead from trying to stick with the task at hand. Whether that be a particularly boring work assignment, stuffing envelopes or—yes—holding in unwelcome gas, Virgos will channel all of their energy into getting it done. Just don’t burst a capillary, OK?

Libra: Did We Just Become Best Friends Meme?

Libras are the friendliest of all the zodiac signs, meaning they’re no stranger to meeting someone and screaming, “DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!?” within 30 seconds. It’s honestly a wonderful trait. Use this meme for any time you meet someone with the same taste in food as you, someone who likes dogs as much as you, or just someone who happens to be on the same train as you and has a good vibe.


Scorpio: Momo Meme

OK, Scorpio, hear me out: You guys are known for being kind of intense. And sure, some of that intensity can be scary at times, but underneath you’re all just fun and games. And for that reason, you are Momo, the scary face meme that people thought was dangerous but turned out to just be a harmless meme. You’re both so misunderstood…

Sagittarius: Wee-bay From 'the Wire' Meme

A good Sagittarius is always on a search for the truth, meaning a good Sagittarius has about five to ten “Oh, sh**” moments  per day. That’s why this meme of Wee-Bey from The Wire in a state of stunned realization is perfect for you. Use it for the next time you read an interesting fact or unearth something about yourself you’d never noticed before.

Capricorn: To-do List Meme

A hardworking Capricorn’s to-do list would never actually say “nothing,” but the very concept of a to-do list is a very Capricorn endeavor. In fact, most Capricorns would rank crossing things off a to-do list as one of the “world’s best feelings” right up there with sinking into a comfy bed, or finally letting loose a really big sneeze. Yeah, sex is cool but...have you ever crossed something off your to-do list? Magical.


Aquarius: Is This A…? Meme

Aquarians are always looking to the future, always questioning and always pushing the limits of what things could or should be. Why can’t this butterfly be a pigeon? Who makes these rules? The “Is this a…?” meme is perfect for the Aquarius lifestyle of asking questions for the sake of asking them, whether they make “sense” to the plebes around you or not. Keeping us scratching our heads, Aquarians.


Pisces: Y Tho? Meme

The “Y Tho?” meme hits two of Pisces’ greatest traits: a love of art and asking questions. This classical-painting-turned-meme helps us ask the most important question anyone can ever ask (Why???) all while spreading classical art. What more could a Pisces ask for?

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