26 Astrology Memes That Were Basically Written in the Stars

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Whether your entire life revolves around the zodiac wheel or you’d sooner die than believe your horoscope (read: you’re a Capricorn), we can all agree: Astrology memes are bright spots in our (sometimes not so bright) social feeds. So we’re bringing you 26 lighthearted illustrations, all sourced from PureWow’s Instagram. Happy scrolling. 

How to Be More Optimistic in Life, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

astrology memes restaurant
Sofia Kraushaar

1. Zodiac Signs At A Restaurant

Find Sagittarius speaking to the waiter in perfect Italian. 

astrology memes texting
Sofia Kraushaar

2. When The Signs Can’t Hang

Cancer’s dog-mom guilt is real.

astrology memes beds
Sofia Kraushaar

3. “my Place Is A Mess!”

You’re not an earth sign if you don’t dust every six hours.  

astrology memes diaries
McKenzie Cordell

4. Diaries Of The Zodiac

The key to Scorpio’s diary lies in an ancient chest in the depths of the Black Sea. 

astrology memes cardigans
Claire Chung

5. How Each Sign Wears A Cardigan

Ask Virgo about her lint roller.

astrology memes plant parent
McKenzie Cordell

6. The Signs As Plant Parents

Taurus is the resident plant whisperer.

astrology memes meditation
McKenzie Cordell

7. The Signs’ Thoughts While Meditating

How each sign meditates/overthinks/naps.

astroloy memes email
Sofia Kraushaar

8. The Signs As E-mails

Libra’s outbox is just exclamation marks. 

astrology memes pets
Sara Berman

9. The Cat And Dog People Of The Zodiac

Aquarius: rebel, humanitarian and most likely to own (or be) an iguana.

astrology memes caffeine
McKenzie Cordell

10. How The Signs Caffeinate

Capricorn season is sponsored by espresso and Excel spreadsheets. 

astrology memes superlatives
McKenzie Cordell

11. The High School Superlatives Of The Zodiac

Libra’s locker = a shrine to her crush. 

astrology memes risks
Sofia Kraushaar

12. “i’m A Risk Taker.”

“Eh, my day was kinda boring.” —Aries

astrology memes icedcream
Sara Berman

13. How Each Sign Likes Her Ice Cream

Meet the cups, cones and can’t-decides of the zodiac.

astrology memes groceries
Claire Chung

14. A Quick Shopping Trip

“If the shoe fits, wear it.” —Leo

astrology memes plants
Sofia Kraushaar

15. The Best Houseplant For Your Zodiac Sign

Find out why the leafy green is your perfect match here.

astrology memes apps
Sofia Kraushaar

16. The Signs As Their Most-used Apps

If Gemini isn’t telling you her every passing thought, she’s tweeting it. 

astrology memes walldecor
McKenzie Cordell

17. Gallery Wall Decor

Aquarius has a trapdoor behind painting number two in preparation for an alien invasion. 

astrology memes tree
Sofia Kraushaar

18. The Signs On A Stroll Through The Woods

Is your sign tree hugging or calling the park rangers for immediate rescue? 

astrology memes textingdate
McKenzie Cordell

19. Texting *that* Date

Go to the grocery store to find a fling, go to the co-op to find a soul mate.

astrology memes nailsalon
Yuna Park

20. Zodiac Signs At The Nail Salon

“Just paint each nail a different color so I don’t have to decide.” —Gemini

astrology memes dinner
Sofia Kraushaar

21. What The Signs Whipped Up For Dinner

Please invite us over, Cancer.

astrology memes unpack
Claire Chung

22. “we Just Moved In.”

You have a home, Taurus has a sanctuary.

astrology memes acupuncture
Claire Chung

23. The Signs During Acupuncture

Pisces could sleep through a Slipknot concert. 

astrology memes shoes
Sofia Kraushaar

24. The Best Shoe For Your Zodiac Sign

What’s in your future: ankle bows or Birks? Get all the deets here.

astrology memes hairsal
Sofia Kraushaar

25. The Signs At The Hair Salon

“Can I grab the scissors? I’m kind of a pro at my bangs.” —Aries

astrology memes drunk
McKenzie Cordell

26. What Type Of Drunk You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Find out why your sign is dancing on tables or engaged in a heated political debate with the bartender here.

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