The Best Shoe for Your Zodiac Sign (Because We Had To)

We look to the stars for our best days of the month, whether we’ll be compatible with a new coworker, and what type of wedding we’re going to have (yes, really). But what about our personal style? Yep, the zodiac can give us insight into that, too. Here, the best type of shoe for every sign in the horoscope.  

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zodiac shoes metallic booties aquarius
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Aquarius (january 20 - February 18): Metallic Booties

You can’t stand to be bored, which means you need shoes bold enough to hold your interest and whimsical enough to satisfy your playful lease on life. Why not try some super-reflective pointy-toe boots that you can show off until you're ready to hop on the next shiny new trend?

Get the look: Sam Edelman ($140); Schutz ($260); Prada ($890)

zodiac shoes pisces
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Pisces (february 19 - March 20): Patterned Kitten Heels

Your unending creativity is second to none, dear Pisces, which means you need a pair of shoes that could be mistaken for a work of art. Our suggestion: An embellished pair of kitten heels that act as a fun surprise every time you glance down.

Get the look: River Island ($64); Malone Souliers ($595); Miu Miu ($850)

zodiac shoes aries
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Aries (march 21 - April 19): Normcore Tennis Shoes

As an on-the-go multitasker, you need comfy kicks that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle. But you’re also surprisingly willing to be an early adopter. Hop on the “grandpa sneaker” trend stat...and rock 'em with everything from straight-leg jeans to flowy midi skirts.

Get the look: Reebok ($65); Nike ($185); Gucci ($820)

zodiac shoes taurus
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Taurus (april 20 - May 20): Nude Pumps

You bow down to high-quality craftsmanship and no-frills style, and you're not afraid to part with your hard-earned dollars. So spend the extra bucks on some designer beige-colored heels that are professional enough for work (you're a born #girlboss) and sexy enough to appeal to your earth sign sensibilities.

Get the look: Cole Haan ($220); Gianvito Rossi ($675); Christian Louboutin ($795)

zodiac shoes booties
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Gemini (may 21 - June 20): Fur-embellished Booties

Part social butterfly, part binge-watching introvert. The perfect pair of shoes for your dual personality balances thoughtful intellectual with party-girl wild child. Enter: a black suede booty with a fluffy pom-pom zipper. Or, as we like to call it: business in front, party in back.

Get the look: Michael Kors ($135); Cecelia New York ($245); Jimmy Choo ($1,250)

zodiac shoes cancer velvet booties
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Cancer (june 21 - July 22): Velvet Booties

You value soft-spoken interactions and calm vibes, which translates to a gorgeous pair of velvet ankle boots that are as silky smooth as your disposition. Bonus points for a blue hue to go with your water sign.

Get the look: Madewell ($170); Avec Les Filles ($258); Christian Louboutin ($945)

zodiac shoes leo bow
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Leo (july 23 - August 22): Ankle-bow Heels

Your big (OK, showy) personality needs a fun pair of shoes to fill, like these in-your-face hot-pink pumps. And since you’re never one to shy away from drama, the huge silky bow is the perfect finishing touch.

Get the look: Steve Madden ($90); J.Crew ($248); IRO ($495)

zodiac shoes virgo white
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Virgo (august 23 - September 22): White Booties

Your inner neat-freak will live to keep them spotless while your hidden wild child will delight in the '60s go-go boot vibes.

Get the look: Free People ($128); Lewit ($325); Stuart Weitzman ($575)

zodiac shoes libra red
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Libra (september 23 - October 22): Heeled Mules

Balance is your middle name, lady of the scales. Opt for a chunky heeled slip-on that feels equal parts dressy and casual for your indecisive mornings. And relish in keeping your literal balance while your compatriots are teetering and tottering. 

Get the look: Raye ($55); Dolce Vita ($130); Loeffler Randall ($325)

zodiac shoes snakeskin scorpio
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Scorpio (october 23 - November 21): Anything Snakeskin

You are secretive and sexy, which means you can pull off a pair of rocker-chic snakeskin boots like it’s your freakin’ job. And even though it takes a bit of bravery to really own 'em (you have plenty of that, though), they’ll end up being your new neutral, no matter the season.

Get the look: ASOS ($42); Tory Burch ($398); Isabel Marant ($655)

zodiac shoes saggitarius
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Sagittarius (november 22 - December 21): Slip-on Sandals

You’re a free spirit and always looking for your next adventure, which means you need a low-key pair of kicks that are easy to get around in. Enter: the trusty Birkenstock. These bad boys will take you from Brussels to Bali and everywhere in between. 

Get the look: Topshop ($68); Birkenstock ($110); Valentino ($345)

zodiac shoes capricorn
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Capricorn (december 22 - January 19): Pointy-toe Flats

You’re always trekking from one meeting to another, which means you need something both polished and highly walkable. A solid pair of pointed flats will take you from the board meeting you’re leading to the preschool banquet you’re somehow co-chairing (even though you swore you wouldn’t get roped in again.)

Get the look: Joe's ($100); Mercedes Castillo ($350); Prada ($790)


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