Your Weekly Horoscopes: May 22 to 28, 2022

Mercury, Venus and Mars all change signs this week, bringing a much-needed shift in energy as we continue to recover from the shake ups of eclipse season. Mercury, which is still retrograde, re-enters steady Taurus on the 22nd encouraging a more thoughtful approach to communication. This shift could also cause the usual Mercury retrograde mishaps and tech breakdowns to be even more frustrating so remain patient and remember this too shall pass. Then on the 24th, Mars enters Aries, and on the 28th, Venus joins Mercury in sensuous Taurus. The combination of Mars in Aries with Venus in Taurus is one of power and beauty and can be found in the charts of legends like Prince, Tracy Chapman and Jessica Lange. Under this influence—with our actions bolder and our connections sweeter—we can expect lots of romantic gestures and cathartic confrontations over the next few weeks.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

People are about to be hearing a lot more from you, Aries. Your ruling planet Mars finally emerges from the shadows of your unconscious sector on the 24th, returning home to your sign. Your big dreams from the beginning of the year are finally starting to take shape. Now you just need to focus on building up your security and resources so that when things really get going, you’re ready for the leap.

This week’s mantra: “Did you miss me?”

1 taurus

Eclipse season brought many endings in your life and wrapped up a period of relentless change. You’re in a totally different place now than you were a year ago but the dust is finally settling enough for you to see what’s on the other side. Venus’ return to your sign on the 28th feels like a homecoming. Treat yourself to something simple and sweet to celebrate how far you’ve come.

This week’s mantra: “I’ve come a long way.”

2 gemini

Schedule some time out of office or off the grid as Mercury retrogrades back into your unconscious sector on the 22nd through June 3rd. In the coming months you’re going to have some big decisions to make. But for now, it’s necessary to take some time for yourself and daydream about all the things you want to accomplish in the second half of this year. Meditate! Make a vision board! You don’t have to commit to anything yet so be sure to get clear on what you really want.

This week’s mantra: “I deserve all the space that I need.”

3 cancer

If things haven’t already been heating up in your career or public life, they certainly will this week. Mars enters Aries and your public image sector on the 24th giving you an ambitious and bold edge in all your personal and professional projects. With your visibility increasing, this is also an ideal time to network and put yourself out there in the community. Social encounters of all kinds bring you lots of comfort and pleasure this weekend as Venus enters soothing, reliable Taurus on the 28th.

This week’s mantra: “I’m kind of a big deal.”

4 leo

As the sun in chatty Gemini connects with Jupiter in passionate Aries on the 23rd, you’re finally enjoying your social life again. Fancy dinner dates with friends, a getaway with a new lover and a riveting read for this month’s book club are all adding excitement to your life. As Venus enters Taurus on the 28th, you get some sweet recognition for the work you’ve done to bring everyone together. Soak up all these good feels while they last!

This week’s mantra: “Knowledge is pleasure.”

5 virgo

As your ruling planet Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus on the 22nd, you’re revisiting travel, study or spiritual plans that you put on the backburner earlier this spring. Remember that graphic design course you were looking into? Or that road trip you were planning with a friend? What once seemed impossible is somehow coming together. Though it’s wise to wait until Mercury stations direct on June 3rd to confirm your plans, enjoy the time you have now to explore all the possibilities.

This week’s mantra: “My dreams are within my reach.”

6 libra

Your love life has been a slow burn, heating up for you since the new moon in Aries back on April 1st. As Mars enters the ram’s sign on the 24th, you’re inspired to take one of these new connections to the next level. Though it’s exciting to be entering a partnership—or negotiating a contract—commitment always comes with a little bit of loss. As your ruling planet Venus moves into steadfast Taurus on the 28th, you’re reminded of what you have to gain and also what you have to sacrifice as you grow together.

This week’s mantra: “Love is worth the loss.”

7 scorpio

With constant reminders of just how out of balance things in your life have become, you’ve been inspired to focus on improving your fitness and workflow. With your ruling planet Mars joining the party in Aries on the 24th, your drive and ambition to make things work increases tenfold. That said, moderation is key because this influence can also push you to go too hard. You don’t want to burn out as soon as you get ahead.

This week’s mantra: “I do what’s best for me.”

8 sagittarius

Yet again, romance is in the air for you this week—especially on the 23rd when the sun in flirty Gemini connects with Jupiter in bold Aries. You’re attracting a lot of attention and having so much fun on dates, but this influence also means that you’re meeting people who you want to keep in your life for the long haul. Does commitment freak you out? Well, that’s even more of a reason to go for it. Taking a risk and saying how you feel brings a sweet reward.

This week’s mantra: “What do I have to lose?”


Has the tumult of eclipse season left you feeling a bit unraveled? You’re not alone. Returning to a favorite hobby helps you collect yourself after all those curve balls. Skip the happy hour drinks with coworkers and cozy up on the couch with your knitting instead. Or maybe you want to start your yearly binge of The Sopranos, or pick up your acoustic guitar? Whatever it is, do what makes you happy! This will be your foundation as you get back into a routine.

This week’s mantra: “I begin with the things that bring me joy.”

10 aquarius

Communication picks up for you as Mars enters Aries on the 24th, bringing heat to your group chats and your work inbox. Hot takes galore! You’re also suddenly the most popular person at your kids’ after-school pickup, the coffee shop and even the farmers market. Your schedule is also likely to fill up under this influence. So though everyone wants to chat, make sure you aren’t caught up in conversation with people you don’t even like. Who has the time?

This week’s mantra: “I’m in demand, baby!”

11 pisces

Gemini season continues to bring a lot of excitement to your home, especially as the sun connects with passionate Jupiter in Aries on the 23rd. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to throw a house party or splurge on that gorgeous sectional (who can resist a Memorial Day Sale?), this is your opportunity! As Venus enters Taurus on the 28th, you’re also excited to spend more time exploring your neighborhood. Taking a different path on your afternoon walk may lead to a delightful surprise.

This week’s mantra: “Everything I need is close to home.”

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...