Your Monthly Horoscopes: May 2022

We won’t quite know what hit us as May begins. The solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30th brought sweeping and sudden change to an area of life that previously felt as solid as a rock. We’re now left to pick up the pieces and clear out the party. Venus leaves lush, romantic Pisces for daring, impatient Aries on the 2nd, heralding a period of risk taking and bold moves when it comes to forging connections.

The second week of the month has very few planetary aspects, giving us space to pause and recalibrate. The only movement comes on May 10th when Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini while Jupiter moves into Aries, allowing us to both reflect on the past and set goals for the future. With sky daddy Jupiter’s entrance into bold Aries, opportunity comes through enthusiasm, courage and a willingness to initiate change. Jupiter will be in Aries until October 28th, and return to the ram’s sign again in late December. Things that are just getting started this month will come into clearer focus over the summer and again in early 2023.

After that brief respite, things get shaken up again on May 16th with a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Unlike the solar eclipse on April 30th which brought surprises or upsets, this eclipse is more about exposing vulnerabilities. There’s finality to what happens now, but with Mars conjoining hazy Neptune on the 18th, it might not be unclear why some of this is happening. The fog will eventually clear, but for now, we must sit in it.

Things lighten up as the sun enters Gemini on the 20th. Happy solar return to the hot nerds, secret geniuses and class clowns of the zodiac like Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz and Naomi Campbell. Mercury, still retrograde, re-enters Taurus on the 22nd bringing a bit more groundedness to this Gemini season, encouraging us to learn using all of our senses.

Rapid change continues as Mars moves into ambitious Aries on the 24th while Venus moves into indulgent Taurus on the 28th. To end the month, the new moon in Gemini arrives on the 30th, giving us a chance to catch our breath and let the dust settle.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign may provide further insight.)

12 aries
  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Release draining obligations and debts
  • New Moon (May 30): Refresh communications and habits
  • Other Key Dates: May 2, 10, 24, 29

Eclipse season brings shake ups to your finances. Whether you’re leaving a steady job to pursue freelancing, combining assets with your partner or settling major debts, there are many moving parts and the situation is becoming unmanageable. Though your energy is at a low, remember that this current state of overwhelm is a phase that will eventually pass. With Jupiter moving into your sign on the 10th and your ruling planet Mars following suit on the 24th, you’ll be feeling much more like yourself come the end of the month. Don’t get discouraged if it feels like nothing’s working out yet because you’re on the path to making a huge impact.

Love Horoscope: There are moments to be selfless in your relationships, but this is not one of them! Love planet Venus moves into your sign on the 2nd and despite troubles in other parts of your life, you’re getting absolutely spoiled with romantic attention. Let someone else worry about making the plans and just go along for the ride.

Money Horoscope: The lunar eclipse on May 16th finds you deep in the stressful process of either taking on an unexpected debt or re-negotiating outstanding bills. Venus’ entrance into sweet Taurus on the 28th thankfully brings some financial relief, putting you in more of a treat yourself mindset.

1 taurus
  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Let go of unrealistic relationship expectations
  • New Moon (May 30): Renew finances and values
  • Other Key Dates: May 2, 5, 6, 28

The solar eclipse on April 30th was a doozy for you. It may have aligned with health complications, wardrobe malfunctions or a pure identity crisis, so luckily May lets you slip into a cocoon to begin a literal or metaphorical rebirthing process. With your ruling planet Venus dipping into your unconscious sector on the 2nd, and Jupiter joining for an extended stay on the 10th, it’s ideal that you spend some time at a remove as you sort through issues that have been holding you back from achieving your dreams. You can’t rest for too long though because the lunar eclipse on the 16th brings relationship dramas to a quick and dirty conclusion. Even if this eclipse leaves you heartbroken, the accompanying clarity is priceless. The month thankfully ends on a very sweet note as Venus enters your sign ushering in a few weeks of lifestyle upgrades and tons of adoring compliments.

Love Horoscope: The lunar eclipse on the 16th is a last call for relationship drama that’s been on your mind since November. Whether you’re breaking up a situationship or agreeing to go back to couple’s therapy, this is a moment to let go of the belief that you have to do all the work yourself. Allow others to show up for you.

Money Horoscope: With Mercury turning retrograde on the 10th, this month is a prime opportunity for reworking your budgets and getting clear on financial goals. You may not need that side hustle to make ends meet if you’re willing to cut out some unnecessary expenses.

2 gemini
  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Confront bad habits and troublesome work dynamics
  • New Moon (May 30): New moon? New you!
  • Other Key Dates: May 6, 10, 21, 25, 30

The changes you’re moving through are subtle. This comes as a relief after the last few years of major personal and relationship upheavals which left you wondering if/when things would ever calm down. Jupiter’s shift into Aries on the 10th is particularly auspicious for you as it lights up the part of your chart that deals with friendship, community and networking of all kinds. Though your ruling planet Mercury also stations retrograde in your sign on the 10th, this speaks less of a personal delay and more of a moment to refine the way you’re communicating your desires and ambitions. This is great energy for updating your website, revising your resumé or Marie Kondo-ing your closet. By the new moon in your sign on the 30th, you’re simultaneously exhausted and refreshed—like the high you get after a grueling but exhilarating workout. Rest for a moment then get ready to take on the next challenge.

Love Horoscope: May is more about self love than it is about getting caught up in a flirtation, romance or someone else’s business. But, if you’re partnered, the lunar eclipse on May 16th brings up some heated issues around shared responsibilities. Reassessing how to divide daily tasks feels intimate and brings you closer together.

Money Horoscope: The solar eclipse of April 30th brought some unexpected expenses that forced you to cut down on this year’s birthday budget. Luckily, your friends are extremely generous and your financial burdens should ease after the lunar eclipse on the 16th.

3 cancer
  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Plot twist in romance or creativity for you or your kids
  • New Moon (May 30): Rest, relax and reflect
  • Other Key Dates: May 2, 10, 24, 29

As a child of the moon, eclipse season is especially tumultuous for you. Major changes in your dating life have come with rapidly expanding social obligations, and the overwhelm is real! Jupiter’s grand entrance into Aries is extremely auspicious news for your career and public image as you hit a high in reputation that you haven’t experienced since 2010-11 when the expansion planet last moved through this part of your chart. Not only is your luck increasing and many opportunities coming your way, you also have unlimited energy to go after your goals. You do get a break at the end of the month though as the new moon in Gemini signals a moment to pause and reflect.

Love Horoscope: The lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th brings a sharp conclusion to an ongoing romantic affair. Whether you’re breaking up or finally defining what this situationship really is, you no longer have space for something that provides more questions than answers.

Money Horoscope: An unexpected expense on or around the 5th, which is potentially related to a friend (who knew that bachelorette Airbnb would end up maxing out your credit card?), sets you back on some of your financial goals. It’s extra important to budget well and stay on top of spending this month as frittering away cash on unnecessary items is very likely.

4 leo
  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Release home or family dramas
  • New Moon (May 30): Refresh friendships and social connections
  • Other Key Dates: May 5, 13, 15, 21

The highest highs come with the lowest lows and the shake ups that came along with the solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30th may have caught you off guard. Whether you’re packing up your apartment to go live abroad, breaking up with a partner and leaving your shared home or taking on work in a new city, both your career and the very foundation of your life are in flux. With all this tumult though comes an opportunity to learn. Jupiter’s shift into Aries on the 10th ushers in a period of travel, education and mind expansion for you that lasts through October. Information is coming at you rapidly and you’re also excited to share your wisdom with others. When things seem out of control, a heart to heart with a close friend is guaranteed to bring you back down to earth.

Love Horoscope: The changes in your home and work life are putting a major strain on your most intimate relationships. At the lunar eclipse on the 16th especially, the wherewithal of certain connections is put to the test. All will bend and some will definitely break.

Money Horoscope: Money planet Mercury goes retrograde on the 10th and this transit may have you caught up in comparing your own income to that of your friends and colleagues. If you think you’re being underpaid, this reflective period is a great time to negotiate a raise with assistance from a trusted colleague.

5 virgo
  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Release scheduling and communication troubles
  • New Moon (May 30): Refresh your ambitions
  • Other Key Dates: May 6, 10, 21, 25, 30

Complicated sibling and friendship dynamics are stirred by the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th, leaving you feeling left out or lonely. Even your walks in the neighborhood don’t feel the same lately, as your BFF barista has switched his hours and your favorite restaurant is closed for renovations. Despite feeling a bit lost in your immediate environment, this month also provides plenty of opportunity for recognition and getting ahead at work. Mercury retrograde begins on the 10th and comes as a necessary moment to review your goals and ambitions as you decide on next steps in your career or public life. If you’ve been plotting a joint investment or business endeavor, the details start coming together to put that in motion as well.

Love Horoscope: Jupiter’s extended stay in Pisces since December has enriched all of your one-on-one connections, but as the expansion planet moves into Aries on the 10th, you’re set to learn more about the power dynamics within those relationships. As Mars connects with Jupiter on the 29th, get ready to take the leap into the partnership’s next phase.

Money Horoscope: As Venus enters Aries and your shared resources sector on the 2nd, where the love and money planet stays for most of the month, you might be feeling like you have to be scrappier than usual to make ends meet. Though your personal bank balance might be low, exciting collaborations and joint business ventures are coming together to increase your overall wealth.

6 libra
  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Release fear around financial troubles
  • New Moon (May 30): Renew travel and education goals
  • Other Key Dates: May 2, 10, 24, 28, 29

Relationships are the name of the game this month, which brings a deep satisfaction to your romantic and connection-hungry heart. The new moon in Aries back on April 1 planted a seed which is now blossoming into a promising partnership as both Venus and Jupiter enter Aries and your relationship sector on the 2nd and 10th respectively. After years of deep foundational work, months of getting your health on track, and continued emphasis on prioritizing your own joy, you’re finally ready to commit to a lasting kind of love. Meanwhile, the lunar eclipse on May 16th brings some shake ups to your financial sector. Bills are coming due and opportunities to earn more are coming your way at a rapid pace. Though you still have a ways to go before reaching peak abundance, the generosity of family and friends is available to keep you afloat.

Love Horoscope: As mentioned, this month is all about relationships for you, Libra. If you’re already partnered, this could be a season of proposals, shotgun weddings and building a home together. If you’re single, the people you’re meeting are definitely relationship-worthy. Momentum builds and you might get carried away when Mars meets up with Jupiter on the 29th.

Money Horoscope: Whether the solar eclipse on April 30th brought a financial boon or a difficult loss, the lunar eclipse on May 16th is an opportunity to refine your budgets, clear out unnecessary belongings and accept that sometimes having less is really having more. These shake ups are meant to help you break through a scarcity complex and accept your abundance. Don’t shy away from asking for help.

7 scorpio
  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Release limiting beliefs about your identity and capabilities
  • New Moon (May 30): Renew collaborations and shared resources
  • Other Key Dates: May 5, 18, 28, 29

We enter May in the midst of eclipse season, and for you, this is personal. These eclipses are shaking up not only your relationships but also your sense of self. As opportunities for connection and partnership expand, you’re realizing that you don’t have to be everything to everyone in order to be loved. How you define yourself may feel like it’s becoming smaller, but really it’s getting sculpted, more refined. The lunar eclipse on the 16th may bring upsets or ego bruises, but will also bring closure to a can of worms that was opened back in November. Meanwhile, relief and restoration can be found in your daily routines: going for morning runs, taking your vitamins and finding more ease in your workflow.

Love Horoscope: Relationships are in constant flux for you right now with fresh faces and exciting prospects entering your life. Previously, you might have been held back with your views on “how relationships should go” but now, you’re finding that it’s easier to embrace uncertainty. Venus enters your partnership sector on the 28th, closing out the month on a very sweet and supportive note.

Money Horoscope: May has major new job energy for you, Scorpio. Whether you’re starting at a new company or switching gears at your longtime place of employment, with Jupiter now in Aries and your day job sector, there’s a shift toward your hard work finally paying off. As Mars connects with Jupiter on the 29th, you’re inspired to work overtime, or take a risk and ask for a bonus or raise.

8 sagittarius
  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Release fear over things you can’t control
  • New Moon (May 30): Initiate relationships and connections
  • Other Key Dates: May 10, 19, 29

Compared to the chaos of 2020 and 2021, the shifts of the current eclipse season have been refreshingly subtle. Changes in your work/life balance as well as your lifestyle and responsibilities are allowing you to reflect on what’s actually worth your boundless energy. The lunar eclipse on May 16th forces you to let go and release fear about things that are out of your control. Why worry when the result is truly out of your hands? Meanwhile, your ruling planet Jupiter’s move into bold Aries on the 10th refreshes your romantic life and your creativity. Over the next few months, you have the chance to prioritize freedom, sexuality and dating in ways you haven’t since 2010-11. Time to get what you want.

Love Horoscope: As mentioned, Jupiter’s sashay into Aries on the 10th ushers in a period of romantic indulgence for you, which gains even more momentum when Mars enters Aries on the 24th. Whether you’re single or partnered, passions are high, and so is your libido. Don’t be shy about seeking satisfaction.

Money Horoscope: Though your budgets are under control and your income is steady, you still feel like there’s more you could be doing to build your abundance. Sharing your financial knowledge–especially around the 15th—should help you figure out your next steps.

  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Let go of draining friendships and social obligations
  • New Moon (May 30): Start fresh routines and commit to a workflow
  • Other Key Dates: May 2, 10, 15, 24, 29

This eclipse season is shaking up your creativity, social life and relationship with your kids. Exciting dating prospects are emerging while simultaneously, trusted old friends and community just aren’t hitting the mark in the same way they used to. The lunar eclipse on May 16th gives you a final nudge to walk away from a social obligation that is no longer satisfying. Meanwhile, things at home are growing and changing as expansion planet Jupiter moves into Aries on the 10th for an extended stay through October. With Venus, Mars and Jupiter all piling up in the ram’s sign this month, you have the chance to catch your breath and work on upgrading your foundation. Plant that garden, paint your home office and soak up every afternoon tea break. Peace is always available if you give it space.

Love Horoscope: The solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30th likely opened up a can of worms in your dating life with exes resurfacing and casual affairs getting carried away. As the sun meets Uranus on the 5th, this connection takes yet another unexpected turn. Instead of worrying about where this is going, try to enjoy the ride.

Money Horoscope: The shifting nature of your romantic and social life is also affecting your feelings of self worth, perhaps leaving you in a lack mindset. The lunar eclipse on the 16th brings purges of all kinds and should release fears around your value, both financially and interpersonally.

10 aquarius
  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Release fears about success and visibility
  • New Moon (May 30): Fresh approach to dating and creative projects
  • Other Key Dates: May 5, 15, 28

Eclipse season is in full swing as the month begins and the only constant is change. Both your home life and your career are in flux, and you’re being forced to make huge—dare I say—life-changing decisions left and right. Things ramp up even more at the lunar eclipse on the 16th when a boost to your position or reputation leaves someone else feeling disappointed. Handling the situation with grace is what proves you’re really coming into your own as a leader. At the same time, Jupiter’s shift into Aries on the 10th is keeping you very busy. Your connections and communications are expanding, and you feel like what’s available in your neighborhood is growing as well. There’s more opportunity to connect with neighbors, old friends and siblings which keeps you grounded amidst the rest of the chaos.

Love Horoscope: There’s a lot of potential for your dating life to blossom once Gemini season begins on the 20th. The new moon in Gemini on the 30th is an especially auspicious time for you to get back on the apps or reignite the spark with a long-term partner.

Money Horoscope: Jupiter’s extended stay in Pisces since late December has brought major improvements to both your cash flow and self worth. Level ups abound! As Jupiter moves into Aries on the 10th, your task is now to apply what you’ve learned as you take on exciting new ventures. Also though, with Mars in your money sector for most of the month, be careful not to burn a hole in your pocket. You’re supported but the funds are not infinite.

11 pisces
  • Lunar Eclipse (May 16): Let go of being an expert in favor of being a student
  • New Moon (May 30): Fresh start for home, family and living situation
  • Other Key Dates: May 10, 21, 29, 30

Eclipse season is shaking up your travel plans, improving relationships with your closest friends and solidifying mentorships that will help you move ahead in your education and career. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th has big graduation energy for you. It’s bittersweet, but you’re donning your cap and gown and moving on to your next exciting chapter. Meanwhile, your ruling planet Jupiter enters Aries, and your money sector on the 10th, bringing you more resources than you’ve had in a long time. Both your bank balance and your energy are at a high which is inspiring you to take on more responsibilities both at work and at home. Just remember to pace yourself because you know all too well how fast the adrenaline can turn to burnout.

Love Horoscope: Mercury retrograde kicks off on the 10th and for you this transit is for getting to heart of some core issues with your partner, staying up late and having many heart to hearts. If you’re single, you may reconnect with someone from your hometown or have your sister set you up on an amazing blind date. Home is where the heart is, right?

Money Horoscope: As mentioned, Jupiter’s entrance into Aries on the 10th is wonderful news for your bank account. Just be careful starting on the 24th when Mars joins Jupiter in your money sector and you’re tempted to buy a bunch of stuff that you really don’t need.

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