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Your Weekly Horoscopes: March 3 to 9

This week is high drama, but nothing will get resolved. On the 5th, Mercury goes retrograde, making us retrace our thoughts and our steps (so leave a trail of breadcrumbs). Then on the 6th, we have a new moon in Pisces, which is an opportunity to make some wishes from the depths of our souls. And earlier that morning, Uranus, the biggest planetary disruptor, is moving back into Taurus, the most conservative sign, for the next seven years. This transit will calcify any major changes that have unfolded over the last nine months, but we won’t feel the full material consequences just yet. Mercury will make sure everything’s up in the air until he calms down later this month. For now, we just have to find something sturdy to hold onto...

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11 Pisces  

If you’re in a long-term partnership, you may be feeling a little claustrophobic or codependent. You can’t ignore it with Mercury going retrograde, and on the 6th, you may want some time to yourself to think it through. Depending on your situation, consider a romantic or friendship “cleanse” to detox from their influence—not because that person is necessarily bad for you, but to clear out other vibes so that you can hear your own instincts. They might be humming a different tune than the one you’ve been singing.

12 Aries  

Mercury retrograde may neutralize your famous split-second decision-making this week. If you’re weighing whether or not to order granite or quartz for the new countertop or whether you should say yes to your angsty teen’s request to go on a weekend ski trip, take your time (a difficulty, I know). Try to quiet your mind with a run outside—or, hell, even a massage—for the clarity to choose the granite and forgive your kid…for now.

1 Taurus  

Your friends may look to you to be the peacekeeper if any one-upmanship threatens the delicate social balance in your group. Consider making a mental list of who is nice and who is not—but don’t cut anyone out yet. Think of it as some casual longitudinal research you can mentally reference in a few weeks, after Mercury goes direct, and when your friends chill out.

2 Gemini  

Do you love your job? Most people don’t, and this week may test your patience with snafus and missed calls and crossed wires. Such is Mercury retrograde. But take this opportunity to ask bigger questions. If Monica with the loud gum-chewing weren’t there to bother you, would you still like what you’re doing? Can you do it for the next five years? You’re not going to get an answer now (nor will Monica spit out her Juicy Fruit), but it’ll be a worthwhile start.

3 Cancer  

Are you thinking about traveling? Mercury retrograde can mess with anything from ticket prices, Airbnb availability, your boss’s seeming cool about time off and then inexplicably declining the calendar invite, etc. Invariably, you’ll have some annoying calls to make and people to hunt down. For a crab looking for a little rest and relaxation, this may seem counterproductive. Use the new moon on the 6th to stay organized and well-documented, thus insulating you from some volatility. If you’ve got receipts and approvals, eventually they all have to accept the invite.

4 Leo  

If your partner is stressed about money, that’s going to trickle down to you. Even if it’s a temporary obstacle (just waiting on one freelance check to clear), it still might be a good idea to pursue counseling or see a financial advisor together. Stigmas around asking for help can compound when there’s another person involved (not to mention that famous Leonine ego), but think of it this way: Asking for help is actually asserting control by tapping into expertise. Whether or not the check clears, you will both feel way more empowered and, better yet, on the same side.

5 Virgo  

Just going to cut to the chase, Virgo: This week is not the best to initiate a long-term commitment. Don’t sign anything; don’t say yes to a new job; don’t propose just yet (or tell your partner to wait a little longer). It doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong relationship or that you and your friend’s bespoke mason jar business won’t take off, it just means that, if possible, avoid putting your autograph on a notarized document this week. And if you absolutely, absolutely have to, do it on the 6th or the 7th.

6 Libra  

Your famous Libran balance is going to be tested—literally. Expect some hiccups in your daily routine and ability to care for yourself. Maybe deadlines will be accruing all around you, and you’ll spend your nights in a war room with your coworkers instead of in bed getting your 8.5 nightly hours of beauty rest. If you can carve out time for the basics—sleep, water and exercise—do it. If not, give yourself something even more important: the space to be a little lax and forgive yourself. (But, like, still drink water.)

7 Scorpio  

This will be a difficult week when it comes to trusting someone you’re dating—especially if they are new in your life. On one hand, you’re naturally self-protective and skeptical. On the other, you’re romantic, intense and loyal to a fault. Use the new moon on the 6th to seek some balance that allows you to enjoy the puppy love or honeymoon stage while enforcing some healthy boundaries that will keep you grounded.

8 Sagittarius  

Careful that your strong independent streak doesn’t make you a cranky centaur this week. If you’re not in the mood for responsibilities, you can take a break, but you have to touch base and be sensitive to others’ needs. In other words, you can’t just up and leave for an impromptu trip to Nairobi because the mood strikes. Use the energy of the new moon on the 6th to alert your nearest and dearest that you may or may not be leaving town and potentially unavailable for social engagements. It’s not ghosting if you tell everyone you’re going to ghost.


Your mind may change a lot this week, which is not a fun state of mind when you’re trying to get things done. If you’re having trouble communicating what you want to friends and family, it may be because you don’t know what you want to say yet. If you need to avoid some calls to preserve a calm state of mind, just tell people in advance that you’re fine, you just need a minute. In other words, you’ll want to communicate that you won’t be communicating. If that’s tough for them to digest, that’s on them.

10 Aquarius  

Tightening the old purse strings is a good idea this week. You’re probably already thinking about expenses and how to manage them, and it could be that you’ve put off really looking into it because, well, money usually terrifies us. However, Mercury retrograde could be a positive influence (!) on your ability to bite the bullet and focus. Once you’ve devoted some time to really digging in, you’ll be able to harness your intellectual powers to make wise decisions and planning for the rest of the year. You just needed to give it your attention.

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