4 *Essential* Travel Tips for When Mercury Is in Retrograde

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A little Mercury retrograde refresher: Three to four times a year, Mercury’s orbit slows down, creating the illusion to us Earthlings that it’s moving in reverse. And during this time, all things associated with Mercury go freakin’ haywire. Perhaps most prominently, it affects travel (the "messenger planet" is responsible for transportation, scheduling and communication, after all). But don't stress if you have a vacay planned during this cosmic backspin. We checked in with the Astro Twins (in collaboration with Expedia) on four ways to prep for travel even when the planets are working against you. 

Leave Twice as Early for Your Destination as You Normally Would
Since Mercury governs ground transportation (cars, cabs and trains), hitting the road early is your first line of defense. A good rule of thumb for Mercury retrograde: Multiply your usual travel time by two, even three, just to play it safe. And don't forget to check under the seats and around the trunk lest you jump out of your ride sans iPhone or wallet. Cosmic frazzledness is rampant ATM. 

Write a Physical Itinerary
With the messenger planet in reverse, misunderstandings and communication errors are highly likely with your travel companions. To sidestep travel fights and unpleasantries, you'll have to be a little less spontaneous this spring break—and put everything in a shareable document so all parties are on the same page about who’s doing what and when.

Triple-Confirm Your Reservations
If you're traveling somewhere rustic, relying on technology alone to track your reservation could be a sketchy proposition. Check and recheck your confirmation email a few days before you leave for your trip—then save it across several devices so you can access without Wi-Fi. Mercury retrogrades have been known to wipe out data (freaky)—it's the planet's special way of telling us that it’s time to upgrade our devices.

Revisit Your Favorite Places 
Now for the fun part of Mercury retrograde: embracing all "re-" activities, like revisiting, re-experiencing, reconnecting. This cycle can bring warm-fuzzy reunions with people and places from the past—so if you're still hunting for a destination, let this nostalgic cosmic cycle lead you back to places where you've dropped a pin in the past. (Surely you haven't seen everything the area has to offer.) And maybe invite your childhood BFF to jump in with your spring break squad.

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