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Counting your hubby as your lifeline isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s important to be sure your reliance on him isn’t over the top. Here, five signs you might be a little too dependent. (Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.) 

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codependent relationship beers

You Turn Down Plans Because Your Partner Can’t Go

The number-one sign of a healthy relationship is that you have interests—and friends—of your own. Sure, it’s a bummer that he can’t make it to your friend’s 40th birthday (even though it’s been on the calendar for weeks) because he has a work thing, but it’s also no big deal if you go solo. Besides, your friends want to see you the most.

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You Only Prioritize Your “Together” Interests

You both love playing golf, but for a long time, you’ve been exploring the idea of taking a photography class. It’s an interest that’s all yours—aka you’d have to go it alone—but that shouldn’t stop you from branching out and exploring a new (and separate) passion. At the end of the day, you’ll reconnect.

codependent relationship thermostat

You Refuse to Learn How to Work Your Thermostat

Ugh, somehow the number you punch into the digital display never sticks, but it works every single time for your hubby. Sure, he’s there to do it, but it will probably take two seconds to have him give you a quick tutorial. Done and done.

codependent relationship sleep

You Never Go to Bed Angry

We get it. It sucks to go to sleep in the middle of an argument when things are unresolved. We’re not encouraging holding a grudge, but if you can’t reach a solution where you’re both on the same page before bed, it’s totally fine to agree to disagree, then sleep on it and discuss in the a.m. Otherwise, you risk making concessions just to make the other person happy—a healthy relationship no-go. 

codependent relationship phone texting

You Pick Up the Phone Whenever Your Husband Calls

Emergencies happen, but that doesn’t mean your spouse can’t problem-solve most situations on his own. If you’re incapable of relinquishing control and giving your partner a beat to sort things out, you guys might be too dependent on each other. So if you’re right in the middle of something, remember he’s not totally helpless. You can call him back when you finish watching The Crown. 

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