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Your Weekly Horoscopes: July 21 to 28, 2019

The adventure is always worth the risk. With the eclipses in the past and Leo season underway, it’s time to make bold choices, and focus on what comes next. Yes, Mercury is still retrograde, but this week it meets both the sun and Venus on its journey, marking a major breakthrough. Some of those sent-too-soon emails and missed connections happen for a reason. On the 25th, Mars in Leo connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius, inspiring us not only to take action, but make grand choices. Venus glides into lionhearted Leo on the 27th, further inspiring us to be courageous with our affection. Don’t worry about being too impulsive; take a chance and embrace the glow up.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

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4 Leo  

A wise woman once told me: “You are only as young as your youngest friend.” This week be your own youngest friend and treat your inner child to whatever she wants. You are mastering adult notions of self-care: learning about the healing powers of bentonite clay and asserting yourself in conflict with panache. That’s great adult stuff, but trust that inner child (your intuition) as you order soft-serve ice cream with sprinkles, or spend an afternoon experimenting with some funky nail colors and bold lip colors. This is your Tom Hanks in Big week: discover solutions through play this week—if a gigantic keyboard is involved, all the better.

5 Virgo  

It is so tempting to spend all of your time networking. Your vision board came true and the floodgates of connection are open. But to avoid burning out socially, you must rest. Spend the weekend with your phone on airplane mode. Make a luxurious pillow fort with the kids, or finally read the Elena Ferrante Neapolitan novels. Emerge only to prepare a simple dinner, or to enjoy a glass of crisp orange wine on the porch, before jumping into your pillow castle of a bed without setting an alarm. Next week, you can head to all those obligatory happy hours refreshed with a fresh batch of dreams.

6 Libra  

Your inbox is filled to the brim with invitations from unexpected connections, and it’s time to take one of them up on their offer to host you for a weekend getaway. Whether it’s retreating to a generous acquaintance’s bungalow in the mountains or hopping on Amtrak to explore your college roommate’s new city, the oasis you need is closer than you realize. You are overwhelmed by opportunity this month and are stuck questioning whether it’s a blessing or a curse. Let the support of your network inform your perspective. Accept all the help you can get.

7 Scorpio  

Speak up this week. Whether you are wining and dining clients after a flashy presentation, making your future boss laugh so hard she cries at the final interview for your dream job, or hitting send on what will become a widely read Yelp review of your beloved neighborhood nail salon: It’s time to make an impression. You have been doing so much work behind the scenes to develop a routine and set big picture goals. Now you must take the leap and fill that space. Plans only work when we live them.

8 Sagittarius  

You might be moving overseas, heading to the first day of business school, or just finally making time for your reading list, but no matter what, setting off on this week’s adventure feels bittersweet. Even though you have invested a ton of time and even more money to get here, it is still somehow easier to obsess about whether or not you’re learning the right thing. Trust that even if you never renew your Visa, forego your MBA to become a food blogger instead or leave the large stack of books dogeared and unfinished, the journey was the lesson. Turn on your favorite song and get on your way.


Now that you have downsized your closet, discovered an ideal eight-step cruelty-free skin-care regimen, and eaten out alone more times than you can count, it’s time to return from “Me Time” Island, and join up with everyone else. Something as simple as attending a fundraiser for a community art project or tagging along to the gym as coworker’s guest is a perfect first step toward a new era of collaboration. Don’t worry about taking the lead right now. Let it be satisfying to invest outside of the spotlight.

10 Aquarius  

Planning your wedding or big life event has become both the ultimate chore, and the ultimate existential crisis. If you are caught in an endless loop of arguing with your fiancé over which groomsman will DJ the after after party, or why you absolutely cannot justify that Bright Eyes song (you know which one) for your first dance: Stop, take a deep breath, and look each other in the eye. Laugh and grab a bottle of prosecco as you remember why you’re doing this. Cheers to love, commitment, etcetera—it’s a beautiful thing! Remember that this is a dream come true.

11 Pisces  

You are an endless well of generosity, my dear Pisces, and this week, you finally get the accolades you deserve for your time in the trenches. Whether it’s a gift from your boss for that unpaid overtime, a shout-out from the local charity where you spend your weekends, or a note of gratitude from your lost puppy ex-boyfriend, there is nothing quite like that sweet feeling of recognition. Let this inspire you to take on more leadership roles, and to be of service to your (now more clearly defined) network. This tumultuous world desperately needs your kind soul.

12 Aries  

This is the week for a sweet escape. You have been in the thick of it lately: fighting to be heard at work, taking deep dives into your ancestral family dynamics and reconsidering whether you want kids. But what happens when you let go of what everyone else thinks, and just follow your heart? You are a deep well of creativity so spend this week finally baking an Ecstasy Cake, throwing some beautiful ceramic vases at the pottery studio, or returning to the dance studio. It’s time to take pleasure and art seriously.

1 Taurus  

The more you get away, the more you realize that home is your sanctuary. This week, invest in some long-pined-for upgrades that make you feel cozy. Whether it’s installing the home lighting system with color and mood options, splurging at West Elm on those dreamy Belgian linen sheets or applying a fresh coat of paint in the living room, it’s a thrill to get something you both want and need. Don’t feel guilty for pulling out the credit card for something that doesn’t pay you back in airline miles. Your home is an experience, too.

2 Gemini  

You have done so much deep internet wormhole research (or, obsessing) about finances recently, that you should consider publishing your findings. Start a blog about the pros and cons of different freelancer IRAs, host a workshop on student loan payoff strategies, or post an informative Twitter thread about tax write-offs. There are so many people in your local community with similar money worries, and sharing knowledge empowers everyone involved. Watch as creating a simple Google Sheet Budget with your husband manifests income goals for you both.

3 Cancer  

Though you are on a very clear path of self-discovery this summer, something still alluding you is a set daily routine. As much as you run on creature comforts, it is vital for you to keep a certain variety to your days, but it’s getting difficult to summon inspiration from within. Luckily, this week, your partner gives a luxurious gift that offers a new option for your morning: that Chemex you’ve had your eyes on, a fancy electric toothbrush, or a freshly installed shelf by your reading nook. Appreciate this present for its form as well as its function.

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