Meghan Markle’s Birth Chart, Decoded

meghan markles birth chart

We look to astrology for introspection about ourselves, so why not see what the stars say about the *stars* among us? Here, we take a look at Meghan Markle’s birth chart—where the planets were (from her vantage point on earth) when she was born, which tells us a person’s strengths, weaknesses and so much more…ya know, if you believe in that sort of thing. Knowing that Meghan was born on August 4, 1981, at 4:46 a.m. in Los Angeles, here’s her birth chart.

Personality Signs

Your sun, rising and moon signs are at the core of your personality. These three celestial bodies are moving through the 12 zodiac signs the swiftest—think about how the sun and moon change on an hourly basis!—so they vary person-to-person and describe us closely.

Meghan’s sun sign: Leo

The lion of the zodiac, Leos are kings of the jungle, natural leaders and basically born to be royalty. It is no surprise Meghan is a Leo. Sure, Leos tend to have big egos, but a Leo who can control their ego is a Leo who has the ability to change things—just look at the 2019’s top baby names. And by the way Meghan has skirted tradition in favor of progress (pants, for one), she’s using her powerful Leo roar for good.

Meghan’s rising sign: Cancer

Your rising sign is the sign that was in the Eastern Horizon when you were born. It’s the base of your personality and what most people see when they see you. So what does it mean to have a Cancer rising? Well, Cancer is a very nurturing and feminine sign. Cancers are very humble and gracious, and, yet, familiar. Maybe because Megz has been in our subconscious c/o Suits, we do kinda feel like we’ve known her forever.

Meghan’s moon sign: Libra

If your sun sign is who you are, and your rising sign is how people see you, then your moon sign is who you are on the inside. Your moon sign represents your emotions and what you crave the most. Libras love keeping the harmony, so they’re constantly on the lookout to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. They’re also one of the flirtiest signs, which might be why Meghan is more than comfortable breaking the royal no-PDA rule.

All together now: The interesting thing about Meghan’s three personality signs is that they balance each other nicely. She is a strong leader who is nurturing and harmonious. She wants to make everyone happy but also isn’t afraid to take charge in order to do that. (No wonder we have a feeling she’s running the @SussexRoyal Instagram account.)

Inner Planets

While we usually stick to the sun, rising and moon when it comes to horoscopes, taking a look at the where the inner planets—the ones closest to us (remember your third-grade solar system model?)—were at time of birth informs how we react and behave to the world around us.

Meghan’s Mercury: Leo
Mercury was in Leo when Meghan was born. And since Mercury influences how we communicate and where our wits come from, those with Mercury in Leo tend to speak with authority and persuasion. No wonder Meghan was such a successful actress—auditioning ain’t easy, people!

Meghan’s Venus: Virgo

Where the planet of love was stationed when you were born lets us know how you love. Meghan’s Venus is in Virgo, which is intriguingly the only earth sign in her entire chart. While she has a lot of idealistic, harmonious and nurturing signs in her chart, they’re generally more heady in nature. But Virgos get their hands dirty; they’re here to work. According to Meghan’s chart, all signs point to her steadfast dedication to what and who she loves. If anyone could handle the pressure of joining the royal family, it’s a Venus in Virgo.

Meghan’s Mars: Cancer

Mars’ position tells us how you express anger…and Meghan’s Mars is a big ball of fire. And putting that massive potential energy inside of a repressed Cancer can become a whistling teapot or, worse, a passive-aggressive princess.

Outer Planets

Farther away from us, these planets take a lot longer—up to 15 years—to move through the zodiac. Astrologists believe that these planets, therefore, influence us on a bigger, more abstract scale, shaping generations of people born in those timeframes.

Meghan’s Jupiter: Libra

Jupiter is the planet of optimism, generosity and expansion, so with her Jupiter in Libra, a sign that values balance and equality, we are definitely not surprised that both Meghan and Harry care deeply about human rightswomen’s rights and charity work.

Meghan’s Saturn: Libra

Meghan’s Saturn, which presides over, among many things, maturity, obligations and ambition, is stationed in Libra, the sign of balance and relationships. This is an amazingly good pairing—in fact, the astrology community sees this as an “exalted” position. It means Meghan’s a natural diplomat (proven) and that her relationships are likely to be stable and long-lasting. 

Meghan’s Uranus: Scorpio

Another exalted positioning for Meghan, natch. Changing signs every seven years, Uranus in Scorpio from September 1975 through November 1981 has a more global influence on those born in that time frame. According to My Astrology Book, “Scorpio is considered Uranus' strongest, most creative sign placement where it expresses its energy in its highest, most positive form.” Basically this is a generation of people who are wildly creative, but can also execute their vision.

Meghan’s Neptune: Sagittarius

Neptune changes signs every 14 years. So, this is a generation of people who are highly optimistic and idealistic, but who can become obsessed with social justice. Good thing Meghan has an entire royal staff to help rein in any runaway dreams.

Meghan’s Pluto: Libra

On your chart, Pluto is where you hold your power, and Meghan—along with her generation (Pluto was in Libra between 1971 and 1984)—keeps her power in check on the scales of Libra. She sees power as something that should be distributed, not withheld.

So, not like we 100 percent believe everything we read in a birth chart, but kinda eerie how accurate the stars can be, right?

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