Proof Meghan Markle Is the One Running the @SussexRoyal Instagram Account

Don’t get us wrong: We’re loyal fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s official Instagram account, @SussexRoyal. However, there’s one burning question that has been bugging us ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex debuted their new page two months ago: Who’s running it?

While it would be easy for the Suits alum, 37, to hire a social media manager, there seems to be ample evidence that Markle is the mastermind behind it all. Here, all of the proof that the duchess is the one running the @SussexRoyal account.

1. Money Moves

Back in April, the couple shared a photo of themselves on Commonwealth Day with a caption that many believe was written by Markle, mainly because she used the dollar sign ($) before switching to pounds (£).

“Whether a $5 donation, £1000 contribution, offering to volunteer, or spreading the word—you’ve played your part. And on behalf of The Duke and Duchess (and Baby Sussex), we thank you so much,” it read. Using a dollar sign in a post aimed at the British Commonwealth sounds like something only an American would do, amirite? 

2. Oh, Canada

On Mother’s Day, the @SussexRoyal account celebrated Markle’s first holiday as a mom and wrote a caption calling out other countries: “Today is Mother’s Day in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Japan and several countries across Europe.”

Many royal aficionados were quick to point out that United States and Canada are first on the list—two places she holds close to her heart. Not only is Markle American (duh), but she also lived in Toronto for several years.

3. It's All In The Emojis

Fact: Royal social media accounts rarely—we repeat, rarely—use informal speech, including emojis. Nevertheless, the duke and duchess recently shared a slideshow in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday and captioned the post with a balloon emoji.

As someone who regularly used the symbols on her personal Instagram account, all signs point to Markle as the person who is sprinkling the couple’s royal Instagram page with emojis.

4. America!

Sure, English is the first language of both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But, as People points out, the Instagram account often uses U.S. versions of words, rather than U.K. versions. For example, the couple’s page previously featured “organization” instead of “organisation” and “diapers” instead of “nappies”—something only an American would write. 

5. "kiss, Hug?"

On Princess Charlotte’s 4th birthday, Kensington Palace debuted three new pictures of the royal toddler, which prompted Harry and Meghan to gush over their niece in a comment, writing, “Happy Birthday Charlotte! [birthday cake emoji] [balloon emoji] Lots of love, H and M xo.”

The red flag? It’s very rare for Brits to use the “xo” (or “hug, kiss”) sign off, since they typically opt for “xx” (or “kisses”). While Markle has been living in London for quite some time, we wouldn’t be surprised if she slipped and threw a hug in there. 


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