Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle *Actually* Soul Mates? Here’s What the Zodiac Has to Say

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Ahhh yes, the union of Meghan and Harry: We’re delighted, the Queen has consented and Prince George is rumored to have feelings on the subject. But of course, none of this really matters. Ye old cosmos have the final say on matters of love. We analyzed their birth charts to see if this is truly a match for the ages. 

Leo & Virgo 
Meghan is a Los Angeles born actress: a lover of the limelight and natural-born star. In other words, a Leo if ever there were one. Harry, on the other hand, is London-born royalty—a perfectionistic and decisive Virgo. Virgos offer Leos intelligence and intrigue, and Leos offer Virgos vitality and excitement (and we know Prince Harry has a wild child streak). In other words, at this stage in both of their lives, this could be a very conducive opposites-attract situation. 

Fire & Earth 
Elementally speaking, earth will always subdue fire—here is where we run the risk of trouble. Leos need tons of adoration, and Virgos need to voice criticism. Harry’s type-A personality, especially when coupled with his royal duties, seriously runs the risk of tempering Markle’s sparkle—forcing her to tone down her fire to play princess and wife. Trying to change someone, as we all know, is bound to backfire. 

The cosmic verdict? Virgo Harry letting Leo Meghan live as her true self will be key to the longevity of this partnership. This will be no easy task with the world watching...but we believe the stars are in their favor.  


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