Love ‘The Crown'? Then the ‘Royally Obsessed' Podcast Is for You

You know all the corgi names by heart, what lipstick shade Meghan Markle prefers and who's replacing who on season three of The Crown. You say you're a British monarch aficionado, your friends say you're obsessed. Well, good news, doting fan, because your new favorite podcast is here.

Introducing Royally Obsessed, a royal-family-focused podcast that explores "the highs and lows in Buckingham palace, and everything you need to know for high tea." Hosts Kaitlin Menza (currently an editor as Cosmopolitan) and Lisa Ryan (senior writer at The Cut) will take you on a wild Pimm's-fueled ride of royal family secrets (Harry wants babies, ASAP!), scandals and goings-on through each episode.

The best news? You only have three episodes to catch up on before the next one airs tomorrow (and then each following week on Thursdays). Now can we get a "hear ye, hear ye"?!

We Finally Decoded the British Royal Line of Succession (You’re Welcome)


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