Your Weekly Horoscope: July 15 to 21

These are the last days of Cancer season, and we’re currently sandwiched between two eclipses—one that just passed and one to come. While your nerves might make you jittery during this limbo, try to find some solace in this vacation from astrological turbulence. We’ve seen the lightning, and now we’re just waiting for the boom. Enjoy the calm while you can. (That sounds way more eerie than I meant it to, but just go with it.)

3 cancer

If you’re exhausted by Wednesday, no need to be a hero, little crab. Take some time to relax. Take a personal day or work from home if you can. But make sure you recharge your batteries before the weekend. Self-care takes many forms, so indulge in a visit to the face gym (yes, it’s trending) or that extra slice of pie—whatever floats your wellness boat.

4 leo

The festivities of July may be over, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t pining for another trip to the beach. If you do convince your friends to take the drive with you, don’t give in to road rage. Sure, the traffic is legitimately horrifying—and if people would JUST pick a lane, you’d have been there 20 minutes ago—but remember: It’s not the destination; it’s the journey. So make a Spotify playlist, pack your fave snacks and enjoy the ride.

5 virgo

If you’re inspired at work, definitely lean in. But don’t just lean in—speak up! You always know how to improve a project, but your insights are especially on-point this week. So if you’re intimidated in a room full of suits or even just in a convo with someone who sees themselves as more experienced than you (they’re faking it), don’t just trust your instinct, shine a spotlight on it. You may not be one to peacock, but this is a good time to fluff your feathers and trot your stuff.

6 libra

People are on the same page you this week, Libra, and it’s easier than ever to get your group thread together to see the Mr. Rogers documentary or try that new stretchy ice cream we heard was actually pretty good. Even though it’s usually impossible to coordinate IRL meetings, you may find schedules magically aligning this week, particularly on Wednesday. Make some plans with someone you really want to be with because they aren’t going to cancel on you.

7 scorpio

The weekend might feel a little rocky, with some emotional push-and-pull between your ego and what you truly desire—a really Instagrammable night out with your beau. It’s just not in the cards this week. So let yourself feel angry, sad or tongue-tied, even if you really want to stay out for two or three more drinks. When you’re irked and antsy, you know a good night’s sleep would do you better—even if it’s Saturday night. There will be others.

8 sagittarius

You may think you want to stay up bingeing Netflix on a school night, but you will end up snoozing through your alarm and making up an excuse to your boss on Friday morning. And if you give your boss an excuse, she may call you on it. And then, you’ll suddenly remember that you hate lying—can’t do it—and so you’ll come clean immediately. But knowing you, you’ll turn it into a funny story that will get people on your side for years to come. Still, avoid starting Poldark until you can sleep in.


Whether or not you’re taking a long vacation, your mind is elsewhere. It’s not that you’re distracted, exactly, it’s more about being inspired to dream beyond your immediate routine. And that’s usually the first step toward something major since Capricorns have the ambition to see a big project through to completion. Don’t worry, then, that your head is in the clouds, because that’s where the magic will happen and give your beloved routine a kick in the pants.

10 aquarius

Your career is still sizzling, and the projects continue to pile up. But you’re chugging along well, Aquarius, and that’s why you keep getting asked to do more. It’s the reward that feels like a punishment. Take care not to get too overwhelmed. And on Tuesday, gather up some of your chutzpah to say “no” to something you seriously just don’t want to do. (Feels strange, right?) Most improtantly, don’t neglect the yoga (or just looking at dogs doing yoga). You may think you don’t need to greet the day with a sun salutation, but you very much do.

11 pisces

You have money on the mind, Pisces, either your income, your partner’s income, your savings, tax refunds, Venmo balances, etc. This week is ideal to catch up on all the financial housekeeping and goals that you usually don’t have time to manage. That means researching F.I.R.E. (the millennial-approved finance technique), smartly avoiding the “Pink Tax” and wisely keeping to a $10-weekly budget on matcha (you don’t need that much matcha, even when you think you do).

12 aries

This is the week to fly under the radar. Usually you like to have all eyes on you, but that can be an exhausting grind, even for your super-sized levels of energy. Dance like no one’s watching—because they aren’t—and gossip like it’s not about you, because, at least for now, you’re off the hook for being the center of drama (plus, we heard it might be good for you). Enjoy it while it lasts!

1 taurus

It’s going to be easy to get caught up in someone else’s agenda this week. That’s especially true of someone you’re romantically involved with, Taurus. You’re naturally very romantic, but even if your paramour means well (and we hope they do!), you’re still seeing them through rose-colored lenses. Things to ask yourself this week: Did I tell Bruce about my trust fund? Why was Bruce so keen on me getting a life insurance policy? Why is Bruce so obsessed with rock climbing? Aka, take off those lenses and do some auditing (psst: find out if you’re dating a narcissist).

2 gemini

Right now, Gemini, your heart may be aflutter for someone. Or someones... Or maybe, it’s even yourself. The point is, you’ve got that je ne sais quoi for the moment, and you may be puzzled at why that tweet you thought was just mediocre went viral (well, 14 likes is a lot for you!) or why so many people are sliding into your DMs. (Gatsybing, much? It’s a thing.) But this is just you reaping the rewards of being you, without worrying about who will like you back. You’re naturally funny and charming, Gemini. Trust me. Run with your instinct.

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