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Eating treats, playing with pals and searching for love—being an animal can be so stressful. Good thing our furry friends know the body and mind-boosting benefits of a nice stretch. You know what else is good for you? Looking at adorable pictures of animals (and that’s a fact). Here, 11 funny creatures (great and small) getting their om on.  

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Upward facing (bull)dog pose.

Come on, that’s impressive.

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An actual pigeon, doing the pigeon pose. So meta.

A post shared by Joanna Zhou (@maqaroon) on

Boat pose? Easy peasy.

Guess all that hanging out on branches makes you a tree pose expert.

Bunny yoga, it’s a thing.

We’re calling this snow-ga.

The cuddliest child’s pose we ever saw.

If there’s an otter more zen that this, we have yet to find it.

This guy knows that the bare necessities of life start with yoga.

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