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Are You Possibly Maybe Dating a Narcissist?

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You’ve only been on a few dates, but things are going great and you’re super attracted to him. But when the veil of butterflies lifts, is the guy you’re seeing really into you or just himself? Find out.


Conversations With Your Date Are Like:

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On A Scale Of 1 To 10 Roses, How Happy Would Your Guy Be To Be The Bachelor On the Bachelor?

7 to 10 roses

4 to 6 roses

1 to 3 roses


If You Were Bridget Jones, Who Would Your Guy Be?


Hugh Grant


Colin Firth


IDK, somewhere in between the two?


You Just Got A Text From Your Guy. It’s A…

Post-workout selfie

Question asking how your day was

One-word response to your question


You Complimented Your Guy On His Haircut. He Responds With:

Yeah, I know.

Oh, thanks babe. You’re hair looks great, too.

Don’t look at me! I’m a monster!


Pick A Leo:

Paramount Pictures

Wolf of Wall Street Leo

20th Century Fox

Titanic Leo

20th Century Fox

The Revenant Leo


You Had A Bad Day. Your Date…

Comes over, orders food with you and listens to you vent.

Tells you about an even more epically bad day he had at some point in his life.

Runs to your side and just kinda…sits there?

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