The Best Crystal for You, According to Your Zodiac

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When picking out crystals, they say that the “right one” will reveal itself to you. But, to us, that sounds like a lot of second guessing and doubt. Instead, we think we'll stick to what we know best: Astrology. To help figure out which sign goes with which crystal, we consulted Sandy Sitron, an astrologer who knows a thing or two about our star signs. Ready to reach peak wellness? Here is the perfect crystal for every astrological sign.


Aries: Rose Quartz

As a fiery and spontaneous go-getter, you need a stone that will help you manifest self-love and become the confident leader you were born to be.


Taurus: Tiger's Eye

You're someone who is much more likely to stay in on a Friday night than paint the town. A crystal like Tiger's Eye will help you feel safe, grounded and protected.


Gemini: Lemurian Light

You’re always buzzing about: meeting new people, brainstorming new ideas and taking in as much as possible. A crystal quartz is perfect to help you achieve clarity and positive energy.


Cancer: Larimar

Loving and warm, you need a crystal to help calm and soothe your mind. Larimar enhances communication to help you stay in tune with your emotions and speak from the heart.


Leo: Adamite

Vivacious and bold, you need a crystal that will help you sparkle. Adamite helps align the heart chakra with the solar plexus, which helps kindles the fires of optimism and determination.


Virgo: Turquoise

As someone who lives in the details—and can be a bit of a perfectionist—you need a stone that will help you find balance and a sense of serenity and peace.


Libra: Vortexite

Refined and charming, you strive to connect to the world around you. A crystal like Vortexite helps bring bodily energies into alignment to help you feel balanced as you explore.


Scorpio: Tangerine Quartz

As the most passionate of the signs, you are always searching for interactions that help you feel, think and love deeply. This stone is known for stimulating creativity and energy.


Sagittarius: Azurite

Adventurous and enthusiastic, you need a crystal that can keep up. Azurite is known for expanding awareness and opening the mind to new explorations.


Capricorn: Galena

A natural go-getter, you've never been afraid of a little hard work. You need a stone that is both grounding and powerful, to help you feel unstoppable.


Aquarius: Willemite

You’re someone who loves being one step ahead of the curve. This crystal will help you become more aware of opportunities that are coming so that you can seize the moment.


Pisces: Covellite

Magical and sweet, you’ve been known to escape into a daydream. This crystal will help enhance your sensitive, intuitive nature even more while keeping you grounded to reality.

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