The One Trend You Should Embrace This Year, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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New year, new chance to try out one of 2022’s already buzzing trends. So what should you start with? Something as simple as a bold print or an all-in environmentally conscious lifestyle pivot? Sometimes, it’s best to turn to the stars. Below, the one trend you should embrace this year, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 - April 19): Purple Blush

Ever-willing to take risks, no one is better suited to rock purple blush in 2022 than an Aries. Known for being bold and unafraid, these fire signs need a statement blush that expresses just that, and this hot trend won’t disappoint. Even more interesting is the fact that purple blush isn’t being exclusively used on cheekbones. Makeup enthusiasts on TikTok are also applying it as eyeshadow or as a highlighter, so Aries can experiment and play outside the box, which is exactly where these fire signs love to be. 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Self-Care Stations

Taureans are famous for their penchant for the finer things in life and we can totally see these fancy creatures upgrading their bathroom space with a self-care station. We’re not talking about a cabinet full of bath bombs and essential oils—though, knowing these sensory-driven signs, that’s not totally out of the question. A decadent yet tasteful bathtub tray to prop up a book to read while soaking or a shower wine glass holder so you can sip and lather will do the trick.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Shag Mullet

This may sound ludicrous, but honestly, we can entrust this look with no other zodiac sign. Known for their lightheartedness and childlike whimsy, Geminis are the quintessential experimenters, so if anyone can pull off this edgy yet playful beauty trend, it’s the twins sign. Spontaneous as you may be, we do strongly suggest you go get your shag mullet done by a professional and definitely not your bestie who “learned” to trim hair during the lockdown. 

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Newstalgia

Our Cancer friends like to keep things nice and cozy, and with their propensity to find comfort in the familiar and ruminate about the good old days, newstalgia is a trend that’s practically tailor-made for them. This type of home décor is all about “freshening up retro furnishings and décor with contemporary accents and new technologies.” In other words, that baroque mirror that once belonged to your grandmother can find new life in your bedroom after a good repolish.

Leo (July 23 – August 23): Bold Colors

Leos are all about drama and grabbing everyone’s attention, so adding some more (because we know these over-the-top lions have a ton!) bold colors to their closet is a no-brainer. Nothing screams “Leo has entered the chat” like a vibrant, in-your-face, gallant ensemble. We’re talking long, sun-yellow trench coats; hot pink power suits; kaleidoscopic dresses; and lustrous platform heels à la Beyoncé to really make a statement (and bring on the compliments) when you enter a room. 

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Blue Light Protective Skincare

Studies have shown that too much time spent in front of computer screens is not only bad for our eyes, but it’s also bad for our skin. Of course, as the ardent researchers and relentless information gatherers of the zodiac, Virgos already know this and are probably preaching to their friends about the importance of incorporating blue light protective skincare—which shields against damaging sun rays and blue light emitted by electronic devices—into their morning routines this year.

Libra (September 23 – October 23): Alcohol-Free Spirits

When it comes to getting the party going, we trust socially adept Libras, whose ability to rouse a crowd and talk to anyone can take any gathering from dull to raving in a matter of minutes. So, as the resident social butterfly, don’t be afraid to introduce your friend group to food trends, such as alcohol-free spirits. They’re just as delish as regular spirits, minus the potential blackouts and guaranteed hangovers. 

Scorpio (October 21 – November 21): Rose-Shaped Vibrator

We probably don’t need to tell these renowned sexy sirens about this, but there is a rose-shaped vibrator that’s got all of TikTok (and Amazon reviewers) shook, and we think if anyone is going to get some serious use out of it, it’s a Scorpio. This pretty little toy boasts ten sucking modes that mimic oral sex and 2.5 hours of uninterrupted—but still low-noise—fun. Plus, it’s compact, so you can take it wherever you go.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Domestic Travel

With the omicron variant raging, explorative and adventurous Sagittarians are naturally going to feel boxed as travel restrictions pop up. No need to worry however, because domestic travel, which hit its peak during the first wave of COVID remains on the up and up this year. That simply means you’re swapping your annual European adventure for a jaunt to a national park or quick weekend getaway

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Experience Gifts

Known to be hard working, tenacious and goal-oriented, Capricorns need to be reminded to take it easy and treat themselves. And instead of flashy and over-the-top gifts, these practical creatures prefer something they can actually use. Enter experience gifts. Whether it’s an Atlas Coffee Co. subscription so their cabinet is always stashed with the best brew or a trip to Disney World that allows them to take a load off, Caps are all about utility over spectacle.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Reducetarianism

As the humanitarians of the zodiac, Aquarians will, of course, be looking for new ways to better our environment, and that’s why these air signs are suited for reducetarianism. Instead of completely axing meat, dairy and eggs from your diet, reducetarianism is all about scaling back your consumption in an effort to reduce the impact we have on the planet and to be more mindful of the foods we eat. And doesn’t that just sound like something an Aquarian would talk about at a dinner party?

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Manifestation Journal

Moody, broody but also artsy and imaginative, Pisces can get so much out of a manifestation journal. Whether they’re coming up with a plan to make one of their dreams come to fruition, trying to figure out a way to express their pent-up emotions or simply trying to vent without having to address people, a manifestation journal will definitely come in handy for these loners.

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