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The stork brings the baby, right? Nah, our lack of knowledge isn’t that bad, but it certainly helps to hear about pregnancy from real life moms who have actually been through it and can spill the beans about how those nine, errr, ten months really feel. Read on for ten pregnancy truths.

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pregnant woman working out

“That you don’t get to choose how you look while pregnant. I was sure that if I ate well and worked out, I would have an adorable belly and be at spin class at nine months. Wrong. I was pregnant head to toe from conception to birth (and after) and with legs and ankles so swollen with my second kid that I could only wear Uggs for months!” — Deborah K., Massachusetts

“That complete strangers will suddenly feel comfortable giving you insanely personal advice about the inner workings of your uterus.” — Jillian Q., New York

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morning sickness pregnancy

“That morning sickness does not always apply to morning…or last for only the first trimester. I wanted to punch people that told me it would end after 13 weeks.” — Lauren E., Connecticut

“That people will comment on the size of your belly, whether they think it’s huge or tiny, which will make you feel the worst either way. Just tell pregnant women they look amazing—and then stop talking!” — Calista T., Texas

pregnancy alien

“I wish someone told me that you see the arms and legs of the baby pressing out against your skin as she rolls around inside you, Alien-style.” — Dana D., California

“I wish I had known ahead of time that the first three months when you can't tell anyone can feel isolating and lonely. I recommend confiding in a friend or two who will support you no matter what happens!” — Caroline P., New York

pregnancy symptoms

“That you could eat perfectly healthy for one pregnancy (as in kale salad all day every day) and really bad for the next (Shake Shack gone wild) and still gain the exact same amount of weight. I literally ate the polar opposite for each pregnancy and did the same amount of exercise and gained the same amount of pounds.” — Mirissa K., California

“I wish someone told me about the incontinence, especially with subsequent pregnancies. Every time I sneeze (or sometimes just cough), I pee my underwear enough to have to change it. I’m nine months over here with my second—thank God I work from home.” — Ali T., New York

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pregnancy alien1

“That the epidural doesn’t get rid of all the pain, just some of it.” — Jenna S., Minnesota

“I wish someone told me that you’re actually pregnant for ten months, not nine. WTF!” — Genevieve K., Louisiana

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