7 Things That Are Actually Better When You're Pregnant

It's not all bloating and constant urination

You’re tired. You’re nauseous. You’ve got a swath of pimples on your back and a weird purple line running down your stomach. But it’s not all bad. (You do, after all, get a squishy little baby at the end.) Here, seven things that are actually way better when you’re pregnant. Bring it on, silver lining.



Here’s the thing about pregnancy cravings and aversions: There’s a scientific reason for them. According to a study from the University of Connecticut, in the first trimester you’re more likely get turned off by bitter or acidic flavors (like coffee or liquor) that could harm the fetus. But in later trimesters, other foods--ranging from potato chips to fruit to the all-famous pickle--might actually taste better, indicating a need to bring more varied nutrients to the maturing baby.



Sure you’re the size of a whale and unable to touch your own knees. But plenty of women actually find pregnancy (specifically, the magical second trimester) to be the best time to slip between the sheets, thanks to testosterone surges that can boost your sex drive and help you feel more alluring. (It doesn’t hurt that your boobs are now at Pam Anderson levels.)


Your Hair

Oh hello, Pantene commercial. The same hormones that wreck havoc on your complexion and emotions do have one very positive upside: They cause your hair (and nails) to grow faster and stronger, leading to locks that are nothing short of flip-worthy. Just don’t get too excited. Your tresses will return to their pre-pregnancy state once you’ve had the baby…and probably fall out at a pretty alarming rate. But enjoy 'em for now!


Your Dreams

Scientists have concluded that pregnant women dream more vividly and remember their dreams more often than their non-pregnant counterparts. Here’s why: Fetal movements and/or constantly having to pee causes you to wake frequently, leading you to remember each and every dream throughout the night (rather than just the one closest to morning). In other words, there’s an upside to your 3 a.m. bathroom runs. 


Public Transportation

Nobody offers their seat to the harried woman in stilettos. Everyone offers their seat to the pregnant lady with the swollen ankles. Think about it. (Then milk it.)


Your Ability To Pull Off Skin-tight Clothing

Unless you are blessed with the body (and confidence) of a Kardashian, you’re probably not one to don a body-con bandage dress in real life. But at eight months pregnant, your rounded belly and full bust are undoubtedly adorable--and way more likely to make other “problem” areas appear smaller.


Your Ability To Also Pull Off Sacks

Haven’t you always wanted to waddle through the office in a giant denim muumuu? Now’s your chance.

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