3 Things Every Pisces *Needs* to Do This Month

With the sun in your sign, and a brazen Pisces new moon on the 17th, the tone has been set for some major boundary exploration, birthday girl. Below, your cosmic checklist—and dates to look out for—for the month.

Your March Horoscope Is Here

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Have Sex On The 6th

Venus (planet of love) touches down into your zone of earthly pleasures on this day, making it a moment to really get physical (translation: nudity and lots of touch). Feeling like crap about your “winter bod”? Let a morning in bed with your S.O. remind you that you are adored just as you are. Single? Quit playing it cool and tell the babe you’ve been seeing casually that you would, in fact, like a sleepover. Oh, and if you’re trying to get pregnant, this could be your opportunity...

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Take A Personal Day On The 8th

Jupiter is stationing retro in your zone of wild, adventurous faith—imploring you to take a step back from the daily grind and think about what you really want long term. To free up that headspace, heed the cosmic call of exploration on March 8—whether that means calling in sick, using up a personal day or even peeling out early just to get some quiet time.

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Stand Up For Yourself On The 17th

Compromise is always necessary, whether you’re a CEO or powerhouse mama. But the bold Pisces new moon is a great time for standing up for the things you believe in, and refusing to back down. When a professional conflict arises on the 17th, don’t hold your tongue, and instead push for a better bargain. The cards are in your favor.