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With the sun in peaceful Pisces and Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio, it’s a big month for upgrading self-perception. Astrologer Bess Matassa shares how to find that inner cheerleader for every sign in the zodiac. 

11 Pisces  

Happy birthday, fishies! As Venus sinks into your zone of earthly pleasures on the sixth, it’s time to celebrate that body you call home. Been skipping Pilates and filling up on Bloody Marys? (Same.) Now’s the time to get your physical well-being back on track. After all, a renewed focus on your health will very directly lead to good news in the romance department—with some carnally exciting rewards. 

12 Aries  

With Mercury in your house of self-expression, it’s time to assess and purge your emotional life. Have you been taking on too many extra projects at work? Delegate and lean into the one that excites you most. Killing yourself to maintain your nine zillion friendships? Prioritize time with one dear friend who’s fallen to the wayside. Think quality over quantity, and you’ll reap the namaste rewards by the time the new moon rolls around on the 17th.

1 Taurus  

Putting up a strong, bull-like front comes naturally to you—but apply enough pressure and even the toughest of facades will crack. With Venus entering your zone of surrender on the sixth, it’s time to ask for help with whatever’s bugging you, without the fear of judgment or penalty. Overwhelmed by mounting debt? Seek a professional opinion. Harboring doubts about your relationship? Come clean with someone you trust. The 17th marks a prime time to forge ahead, sans dirty laundry.

2 Gemini  

With Jupiter in your zone of daily labor, this is the month to think macro-to-micro: In other words, are your everyday activities supporting your bigger dreams? Is spending your Saturday doing laundry helping you work toward your goal of starting your own business? Is snoozing your alarm clock 17 times helping you get a jump on the day? Look at small areas of your life where you can easily make swaps, in the name of what’s really important.

3 Cancer  

Hermit crabs aren’t exactly known for their brazenness, but when it’s summoned, you better look the hell out. With Venus moving into fiery Aries at the top of your chart, it’s time to make like a warrior: Feeling like you’re being totally underpaid at work? Do your research and demand your worth. Want to jump your hottie neighbor's bones? Invite him over for a drink and see where the night goes. Take a bold gamble on yourself around the sixth of the month, and you’ll be proud of the results, whatever they are.

4 Leo  

If your S.O. doesn’t call you back right away, you’re prone to dramatics. If two of your girlfriends get together and don’t invite you, you go down a dark spiral of self-loathing. Face it: You crave attention—but a little catch-and-release is needed by someone close to you. Your monthly challenge? Give others space without descending into panic. With Jupiter stationing retro in your house of emotional roots and stability, it’s high time to prioritize solo pursuits, anyway.

5 Virgo  

You’re practical and ambitious by nature—but recently, you feel like you’re on autopilot, with no room for trying anything new. When Venus enters your zone of soul-shaking intimacy on the sixth, figure out ways to be more spontaneous and present in your life. Think: Leaving the car at home and walking to do your errands, or surprising your spouse (and yourself!) with sex at a super-random time. The eighth is the best day this month to switch things up…so don’t miss your opportunity.

6 Libra  

Maybe you’ve been not so subtly dropping hints about wanting that ring. Maybe you’ve been over-schmoozing your boss in the hopes of a big promotion. Maybe you’ve been wearing your suede spring booties even though there’s still slush on the ground. And maybe it’s time to notice the way life actually is, and not what you want it to be. When the full moon hits on the first, it’s high time to take stock of your reality, and stop forcing the stuff that isn’t coming naturally. Pull back for the moment, and trust the old adage that good things come to those who wait.

7 Scorpio  

As a deep, caring lover, “no” isn’t really in your vocabulary. But with Venus entering your zone of integrity this month, it's time to forgo a commitment that doesn’t sit well with you. Sick of being the de facto chef in your family? Tell your husband you want help making dinner. Miss spending Easter with your own parents? Voice your concern and find a compromise. When powerhouse Jupiter stations retro in your sign on the eighth, that's your cue, kid. 

8 Sagittarius  

Yes, you’re an adventurous nomad by nature. But recently, you’ve been measuring your life in long weekends and mini-vacays. Which can make the other 350 days of the year feel...well, depressing. When Venus lights up your zone of play on the sixth, it’s the perfect opportunity to inject a sense of celebration into the everyday. (Think a Margarita Tuesday ritual with your partner, or a transportive new theater subscription.) After all, you don’t need to go to Fiji to feel like you’ve left the world behind you.


When Venus enters your zone of emotional security on the sixth, it’s time to explore which relationships in your life are truly built to last…and which are no longer going the distance—specifically that one that always leaves you feeling icky. With Jupiter stationing retro in your zone of future planning, take this cosmic cue to let toxic friendships fizzle out, and resolve to travel forward with the folks who can actually make you happy.

10 Aquarius  

Whether it’s a shrinking work/life balance or a feeling of being underappreciated, something about your career is currently giving you pause. Experiment: When the full moon hits on the first, write a list of five things you would do tomorrow if money/work weren't an issue. (Yoga retreat in Tuscany! Staying home with the kids! Reorganizing your closet!) Then pick the most actionable to-do and get moving on it. Baby steps, water-bearer.