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Whether your sexual fantasies swing more 50 Shades or The Notebook, you can bet your, erm, lucky stars that the cosmos are the cause. For a zodiac approach to getting frisky, we turned to The Astrology of You and Me author Gary Goldschneider. Here’s what your sign means for you as a lover, guys.   

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12 Aquarius

“In matters of sex, Aquarius lovers bore easily," says Goldschneider, so your boo had better (ahem) bone up on what you do and don't like if he wants to keep you interested. That said, while you gravitate toward experimental partners, a slight prude might be good for you: "In certain cases, they may stimulate the outrageous Aquarian lover to new heights of shocking behavior, which can be quite enjoyable.”

1 Pisces

For Pisces gals, sex can be, well…complicated. With your sensitive, emotional personality, you’re prone to (subconsciously) using it as a way to physically work through your issues—from bad days and loneliness to insecurity and anger. But this Debbie-Downer-Does-Dallas mentality isn’t always a bad thing: “These negative feelings somehow mesh and produce ecstatic sexual highs,” explains Goldschneider. In other words, the next time you accidentally shrink a sweater and get yelled at by your boss, get thineself to the bedroom, STAT.

2 Aries

In your daily hustle, you put up a warrior-like facade. But in the bedroom, you're a softy who wants lovemaking of the sweet and tender Nicholas Sparks variety. Still, make no mistake: This post-coital calm does not carry over to your pursuit of sex. "Aries are not much for delayed gratification," says Goldschneider. “[They] want what they want when they want it, and they usually get it."

3 Taurus

One-night stands? Not your thing. As a grounded earth sign, you’re all about keeping things in the boudoir slow, sensory and intentional. “Taurus lovers delight in all the carnal sensations that sex has to offer,” says Goldschneider, “preferably in an unhurried and uninhibited fashion.” In other words, stay verbal with your partner about the pace you’re comfortable with, and put on some down-tempo R&B or jazz to set the mood.

4 Gemini

Fun-loving Gems are known for mixing things up in their social and professional lives. And the same approach goes for their take on the tantric. “Geminis are generally easily turned on and easily satisfied,” says Goldschneider. “They may have all kinds of kinky interests, love to experiment and have a fascination for a kaleidoscope of sexual activities, from the Kama Sutra to S&M.” Hey girl, no judgment.

5 Cancer

Emotional and reserved by nature, you’re a super-passionate lover, but only when you’re positive you’re in a safe space. “Cancers specialize in long, drawn-out kisses and embraces,” says Goldschneider. “For [them], the act of touching another’s body is the ultimate in sensual pleasure, and allowing another to touch them is an expression of trust and deep intimacy.” So go ahead and get your spooning on.

6 Leo

Widely known as the attention-grabbers of the zodiac, Leos have a surprisingly generous—and pragmatic—stance when it comes to sex itself. “[A] Leo’s attitude is that sex is a very natural thing, and will be indulged when both partners are in the mood,” explains Goldschneider. Related: You’re often happy to satiate your partner without receiving maximum, umm, benefits yourself.

7 Virgo

If there’s one word for the Virgin’s sex style, it’s definitely “discretion.” Practical and ambitious, you don’t like to talk about sex (even if your encounters are, in fact, highly graphic). And another thing: “Secret love affairs are often highly attractive to Virgos, who are turned on sexually by these clandestine adventures,” says Goldschneider. Watch out for temptation, lady.

8 Libra

Is it any great surprise that the zodiac’s token party girl is an uninhibited sex-fiend? “Although Libra lovers are quite capable of waiting, their naturally ardent inclination is to get right down to it,” says Goldschneider. And locale can be equally unconventional. According to Goldschneider, “Libra lovers do not necessarily require the use of a bed.” Whatever balances your scales, girl.

9 Scorpio

“Although Scorpios can give the initial impression of being repressed, shy, or withdrawn, once they are involved in sexual contact, their truly passionate nature will emerge,” says GoldschneiderGoldschneider. And when it does, that energy—in true Scorpio form—is intense. When the great poet Usher penned the lyrics "lady in the streets but a freak in the bed," he was probably talking about a Scorpio. 

10 Sagittarius

Foreplay, shmoreplay: Your hungry, wanderin' body wants serious action and impulse in the sack. "Direct, ardent and sometimes overwhelming [Sagittariuses] can be counted on to provide a high level of excitement," says Goldschneider. "Spontaneous expression is a Sagittarius specialty." So go ahead and surprise your honey with a quickie on the dining room table. After all, you're only being yourself.

11 Capricorn

You're as practical in your approach to sex as you are in your approach to life: You're always thinking about the long-term. "Capricorns like frequent sex, so long as it is with someone they care for and see future possibilities with," explains Goldschneider. "Sex and love are the same thing for many Capricorns, and only a few of them will treat a superficial fashion." Kinky behavior + long-term commitment? Sounds good to us.

The Astrology of You and Me: How to Understand and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life (Quirk Books; April 3, 2018)

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