You've spent the past three (OK, nine) weeks holed up in your sweatpants and arguing about whose turn it is to take out the recycling. Yeah, maybe it’s time to inject a little more oomph into your relationship.

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Institute “Netflix and Talk”

We would never (ever) tell you to watch less television. But we do think you and your boo should talk about said television. That mind-twisting episode of Black Mirror? Get into a heated convo about the implications of our “likes” obsessed culture. Season 2 of Westworld? Watch it together and regroup the next day with conspiracy theories. In short, use the golden age of peak TV as a launchpad for the smarty-pants banter that first made you fall in love.

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Take advantage of daylight savings

Guys, the clocks are going forward on March 11. This means you’ll get an extra hour of daylight, all the better for enjoying together. So go ahead and plan an after-work joint run or an al fresco happy hour—just the two of you—and revel in the fact that longer spring days really are around the corner.

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Propose a sitter swap

Your New Year’s resolution was to plan more date nights, but dear God babysitting is expensive. Here’s a clever work-around: Find a neighborhood couple with children who reliably go to bed on time (that part is key). Then offer an arrangement where one Saturday night, either you or your husband comes over, after they put their kid(s) to bed, and sits on their couch while they go grab dinner. Then the next week you switch. Boom: Free babysitting!

plan a trip

Book a summer trip

Still feeling like you’re stuck in a late-winter rut? Start dreaming—and planning—for sunnier times. Sit down as a team and talk about your summer vacation goals, then book your airfare and accommodations, and keep a shared Google doc for activities, restaurants and other things you want to do while there. See? You’re feeling more schmoopy already.

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