The 55 Best TV Couples of All Time, Including ‘Stranger Things’, ‘The Office’ & More

Who doesn’t love a TV show that will have you glued to the screen every week (…or an entire weekend)? We obviously have to give kudos to addictive plotlines, eye-catching costumes and gorgeous settings, but we’d be lying if it wasn’t the relationships that really pulled us in and captivated our attention. Whether you’re still debating Ross and Rachel’s “on a break” fiasco or can’t stop talking about Patrick serenading David with his rendition of “Simply the Best,” here are 55 of the best TV couples that stand the test of time.

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best tv couples david and patric

1. David & Patrick, Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek has some of the funniest characters of all time, but it’s David and Patrick’s relationship that really ropes viewers in. “It made me the happiest to watch such a healthy relationship play out over the course of the show. No major plot twist that broke them up! Also, such chemistry and hilarity! Dream couple,” says Rachel Bowie, PureWow special projects director.

best tv couples lucy and ricky

2. Lucy & Ricky, I Love Lucy

For as much as their push-and-pull relationship still makes us laugh every time Ricky comes home from work early to catch Lucy and Ethel mid-scheme, the comedic pair were also one of the first multi-ethnic couples on television—no small feat, considering this was the ’50s.

best tv couples edith and archie

3. Edith & Archie, All In The Family

The ’70s can be defined by Edith and Archie’s relationship on All in the Family. It’s true opposites attract with pessimist Archie and kind-hearted Edith keeping him grounded…sometimes. Let the comedy ensue.

best tv couples cory and topanga

4. Cory & Topanga, Boy Meets World

We really watched Cory and Topanga grow up and share so many firsts together. The smart girl and the class clown managed to be the childhood TV couple we strived to be like. We even got to continue to see their love grow in the spin-off Girls Meets World.

best tv couples marshall and lil

5. Marshall & Lily, How I Met Your Mother

Forget Ted and focus on his best friends instead. Lilypad and Marshmallow (possibly the cutest nicknames) were the HIMYM couple that made us laugh, smile and cry (sometimes at the exact same time). “They're just...cute and funny and sweet, a feel-good couple. Sometimes that's just what you want to see,” says Cristina Gutierrez, PureWow senior editor.

best tv couples cat1

6. Randall & Beth, This Is Us

Randall and Beth just might be the best couple on This Is Us (sorry, Jack and Rebecca). As the show jumps around timelines, we see so many moments in the couple’s life—the highs and the lows. From their high-stake life talks to the way they interact with their daughters (seriously, the parent jokes are priceless), the NBC drama kindly let us put down the tissues when they were on screen.

best tv couples jim and pam

7. Jim & Pam, The Office

The will-they-won’t-they of the 21st century. Jim and Pam are the definition of tension. There’s not really a word in the English dictionary for how awkward it is every time Roy shows up as the scruffy paper salesman is mid- adorable inside joke with his secretary crush.

best tv couples luke and lorelai

8. Luke & Lorelai, Gilmore Girls

Team Dean, Team Logan or Team Jess? (If you watch, you get it.) But it's Luke and Lorelai’s romance that we held onto the whole time. When you put upbeat Lorelai and cynical Luke together, the polar opposite personalities just spark.

best tv couples seth and summer

9. Seth & Summer, The O.C.

“The geek and popular girl pairing and the witty banter…teen television at its prime,” says Katherine Gillen, PureWow food editor. Nerdy, awkward guy crushing on the popular girl. Popular girl doesn’t give him the time of day until she sees him with someone else. It’s the on-and-off relationship we kept returning to because let’s face it, they were meant to be together from the start.

best tv couples phil and vivian

10. Phil & Vivian, The Fresh Prince of Bel-air

This ’90s show might be about Will Smith’s character, but Phil and Vivian are at the core of the story. The TV parents teach viewers about everything from class, race and other real world problems while showcasing their love in every episode.

best tv couples kurt and blaine

11. Kurt & Blaine, Glee

We’ll never hear “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry the same again. The two characters made history with their first kiss, showing the world young love isn’t always straight. And c’mon, we’re still listening to their duets today.

best tv couples dre and rainbow

12. Dre & Rainbow, Black-ish

Black-ish isn’t possible without the chemistry of Dre and Rainbow. The way they challenge each other and tackle issues (gender, race, politics, etc) together (while showing their children what a healthy Black relationship should be) makes this duo worth admiring.

best tv couples jess and nick

13. Jess & Nick, New Girl

Let’s be honest, the sexual tension between these two goes unmatched. The on-and-off relationship left us on an emotional rollercoaster that Kara Cuzzone, assistant commerce editor couldn’t get off. “I found myself rooting for them to be together throughout the series and (spoiler alert) seeing them end up together was so satisfying.”

best tv couples derek and meredi

14. Meredith & Derek, Grey’s Anatomy

No one expects a one-night stand to turn into the love of your life, but here we are. We can spend hours highlighting our favorite Meredith and Derek moments (remember when he proposed with a Post-It note?!). And yes, we’re still crying over that episode.

best tv couples ben and leslie

15. Ben & Leslie, Parks & Rec

Ben was always a keeper. He never once dulled Leslie’s spotlight. They challenged and supported each other (especially Ben understanding Leslie’s endless binder collection). It’s safe to say that this TV couple is peak goals.

best tv couples jesse and becky

16. Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky, Full House

If anyone can turn playboy heartthrob Uncle Jesse into a family man, it’s Becky. And the moment he won her heart by serenading her, we were sold on the whole relationship.

best tv couples blair and chuck

17. Blair & Chuck, Gossip Girl

OK, some people will say Serena and Dan, but it’s really Blair and Chuck that had us tuning in. “Sure, their relationship was rocky but they always loved each other through all the insane and ridiculous drama,” says Rachel Gulmi, operations director.

best tv couples claire and jamie

18. Claire & Jamie, Outlander

A World War II nurse falling in love with a 18th-century Scottish highlander? Why not. We only wish our history books had stories as passionate and dramatic as this TV duo. The steamy chemistry helps us understand why viewers are so invested in the show.

best tv couples stef and lena

19. Stef & Lena, The Fosters

A ten-year relationship is bound to have a complex story behind it. Thankfully, The Fosters led viewers through Stef and Lena’s happiness (like raising five adoptive children and finally getting married) and toughest moments (like job losses, a cancer diagnosis and almost losing their home) to see how the pair has truly grown throughout the seasons.

best tv couples coach taylor tami

20. Coach Taylor & Tami, Friday Night Lights

Sure, we’re in the middle of a major game that will determine the futures of everyone involved, but we’re more invested in those looks Coach and Tami steal during game. Marriage. Goals.

best tv couples frank and estell

21. Frank & Estelle, Seinfeld

When Frank and Estelle are in the shot, there’s never a dull moment. “I mean, it was literally impossible not to laugh at them screaming at each other (and at George) every time they popped up on screen,” says Phil Mutz, VP of news and entertainment.

best tv couples mitch and cam

22. Mitch & Cam, Modern Family

Polar opposites really do work together. Take Cam, an extrovert who turns every situation into a dramatic moment and Mitch, an introvert who prefers to play by the rules. But one thing they have in common (other than loving each other immensely) is putting their family first.

best tv couples eleanor and chid

23. Chidi & Eleanor, The Good Place

Look up soulmates in the dictionary and you’ll see these two (even if there’s no such thing in the world of The Good Place). Still, Chidi and Eleanor are somehow consistently drawn to each other regardless of how many times they get their memories rebooted.

best tv couples mindy and danny

24. Mindy & Danny, The Mindy Project

From frenemies to budding love interests, Mindy and Danny are really different. Their personalities were constantly butting heads (hence being the on-and-off couple you always want to get back together). Thankfully, their bickering only fuels the fire.

best tv couples dwayne and whitley

25. Dwayne & Whitley, A Different World

When you start watching A Different Worldyou don’t think Whitley would go for Dwayne. But throughout the series, their chemistry is undeniable and Whitley eventually sheds her impossible standards. “They challenged each other to confront and deal with their weaknesses which made them so much stronger and more mature (both individually and as a couple),” says Nakeisha Campbell, assistant news and entertainment editor.

best tv couples fran and mr shef

26. Fran & Mr. Sheffield, The Nanny

It was possibly the longest will-they-won’t-they in TV history. (Seriously, we had to wait until the final season for them to get together.) Who said love wasn’t worth waiting for?

best tv couples carol and mike

27. Carol & Mike Brady, The Brady Bunch

We can’t talk about The Brady Bunch without mentioning the pair who kept this big, blended family together. Yep, it’s our favorite TV parents who have the best advice for everything from dealing with puberty, bullying and Marsha, Marsha Marsha. It can’t be easy to manage a busy household, but Carol and Mike always find time for each other (with sweet gestures, surprise gifts and a whole lot of singing).

best tv couples willow and tara

28. Willow & Tara, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Yes, Angel and Buffy are a great couple, but Willow and Tara were the duo of the series. Viewers watched their friendship blossom into a romantic relationship. At the time, it was one of the first complex lesbian couple depictions on television.

best tv couples monica and chandler

29. Monica & Chandler, Friends

While other people were all over Ross and Rachel, some viewers were stanning this iconic ’90s couple. “They fully embrace one another’s oddities and weirdness, even when Monica thought Chandler got off on watching shark attack shows,” says Abby Hepworth, fashion editor.

best tv couples jake and amy

30. Jake & Amy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Jake and Amy’s quick-witted banter is really just code for how super into each other they are. Carefree, goofball Jake and punctual, know-it-all Amy are a match made in TV heaven.

best tv couples veronica and log

31. Veronica & Logan, Veronica Mars

Their ship name is “LoVe” for crying out loud. A detective and a bad boy don’t seem like a fit, but somehow Veronica and Logan manage to make it work. They are both stubborn yet vulnerable enough to trust each other throughout the series.

best tv couples nathan and haley

32. Nathan & Haley, One Tree Hill

Known as “Naley” to fans, these high school sweethearts’ rain kisses and “always and forever” catchphrase was surprisingly drama-free…especially for a teen drama.

best tv couples harriette and carl

33. Harriette & Carl, Family Matters

"No matter how many times Carl got into (comedic) trouble, Harriette was there to be the voice of reason—they were the perfect balance. And they still managed to keep the romance alive with Steve Urkel constantly popping over,” says Phil Mutz.

best tv couples louis and jessica

34. Louis & Jessica, Fresh Off the Boat

Jessica opposes assimilating into American culture while Louis is all for it. Despite their conflicting ideals, the pair is always in sync. They bring out the best in each other and add that supportive nature into their children.

best tv couples paul and jamie

35. Paul & Jamie, Mad About You

In Mad About You, we got a glimpse at life after saying “I do.” The newlyweds—Paul and Jamie—show us what it’s like starting a new chapter and figuring out married life (including overbearing mothers-in-law and New York City in the ’90s). And we can't forget about the real star of the show, their little dog Murray that made their lives a little more interesting.

best tv couples mickey and ian1 1

36. Ian & Mickey, Shameless

OK, it might not be perfect, but what relationship is? Mickey might be the bad boy, but Ian had his fair share of breaking the rules (have you seen the Gallagher family?). Gallavich is definitely not your Disney love story, so expect twists and turns with this love affair.

best tv couples jane and rafael

37. Jane & Rafael, Jane the Virgin

From the beginning, we were invested in Jane and Rafael’s…uh…connection (aka Jane’s accidental artificially insemination of Rafael’s baby). “They were so supportive of each other's dreams...always. No matter the obstacle (damn you, Sin Rostro!), they always came back to: write the book! Follow your passion! You can have love and career aspirations at the same time. Love that,” says Rachel Bowie.

best tv couples elena damon

38. Elena & Damon (or Stefan), Vampire Diaries

Whether you’re Team Delena or Team Stelena, the characters are one of TV’s most dramatic love triangles. Ask any fan and they’ll go on a tangent about who Elena should’ve ended up with well after the series finale aired.

best tv couples pacey and joey

39. Pacey & Joey, Dawson’s Creek

It’s even more fulfilling when you find the one and they happen to be your best friend. Sure, Pacey and Joey’s relationship starts out strictly platonic, but the on-and-off pair always find their way back to each other. (Dawson who?)

best tv couples glenn and maggie

40. Glenn & Maggie, The Walking Dead

Imagine surviving a zombie apocalypse and finding love. Glenn and Maggie fell for each other while killing walkers and dealing with a manipulative guy who calls himself the Governor. The pair’s story is one for the books. (We’re still reaching for the tissue box.)

best tv couples philip and elizabeth

41. Philip & Elizabeth, The Americans

Katherine Gillen explains Philip and Elizabeth’s relationship perfectly, “I feel like the true test of a strong marriage might be whether or not it can survive the trials of being a Cold-War era spy for the KGB.” Enough said.

best tv couples connor and oliver

42. Oliver & Connor, How to Get Away With Murder

Oliver and Connor have seen a lot and yet manage to never steer away from their strong connection. They keep each other grounded and find normalcy through the crimes, murders and secrets surrounding Annalise Keating and the other law students.

best tv couples george and louise

43. George & Louise, The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons were such a hit on All in the Family that they got their very own spin-off series, and we’re not surprised. When you put hot-headed George and good-natured Louise together, you’re bound to see them level each other out. Their relationship (and the show overall) broke barriers on showcasing positive Black love on television.

best tv couples zack and kelly

44. Zack & Kelly, Saved By the Bell

Saved by the Bell was Zack and Kelly. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. He had his eyes on her the minute he saw her and vowed to win her affection, A.C. Slater be damned!

best tv couples clark and lois

45. Clark & Lois, Smallville

We could watch Superman and his leading lady flirt all day, every day. “Clark and Lois have the ideal mix of chemistry, playful teasing and snarky remarks,” says Nakeisha Campbell.

best tv couples yorkie and kelly

46. Yorkie & Kelly, Black Mirror

The Netflix hit anthology show manages to make us fall in love with Yorkie and Kelly in under an hour. The “San Junipero” episode brings these two characters together in a simulated reality with a creative plotline that will make their story all the more compelling. And, in Black Mirror fashion, it bridges the pros and cons of technology with a love story we can’t get out of our heads.

best tv couples soso and poussey

47. Poussey & Soso, The Orange Is the New Black

There were plenty of relationships on the Netflix series, but the Poussey and Soso relationship will always be on the top. Fans didn’t expect them to be an item, but their common struggles (with depression and addiction) brings the pair even closer together. We would definitely watch season three and four just to see the chemistry grow all over again.

best tv couples lil papi and angel

48. Angel & Lil Papi, Pose

What started out as strictly platonic turns into the best relationship on the FX drama. Lil Papi uplifts Angel and is the person she can rely on when things get rough.

best tv couples sun and jin

49. Sun & Jin, Lost

This couple right here manages to stay connected through the surreal twists and turns that, among many (many) other things, involve plane crashes, time travel, smoke monsters and more. Now that’s a rock-solid relationship.

best tv couples ross and rachel

50. Ross & Rachel, Friends

It would be a disservice if we didn’t also include Ross and Rachel. Yeah, we’re head over heels for Chandler and Monica, but how can we forget, “We were on a break!”? Was their relationship perfect? By no means. But it was certainly made for TV.

pam and tommy

51. Pam & Tommy, Martin

Sure, Martin and Gina's relationship may get the spotlight on this sitcom,  but let's take a moment to appreciate the gem that is Pam and Tommy. From their scene-stealing romantic moments to Tommy's swoon-worthy flirtations, these two were true relationship goals.

emma captain hook
Jack Rowand/ABC

52. Emma Swan & Killian Jones, Once Upon a Time

It's not every day that you see an unlikely couple risk their lives for each other. They're by far the strongest (and most intriguing) couple on the series, considering how much their bond has developed throughout the seasons.

joyce hopper
Courtesy of Netflix

53. Hopper & Joyce, Stranger Things

They had a rocky start, but boy, was it fascinating to see their relationship shift. Their friendship is the definition of complicated, thanks to their stubbornness and the evil threats lurking in Hawkins. Even so, they continue to prove that they'd do anything to protect one another.

iris and barry
The CW

54. Barry & Iris, The Flash

We can never resist a childhood-friends-turned-lovers story, but Iris and Barry's relationship is one for the history books. If they can survive dozens of villainous metahumans and the destruction of the multiverse, then it's fair to say that they can survive anything.

rege 769 jean page phoebe dynevor dating bridgerton

55. Daphne & Simon, Bridgerton

What starts off as a seemingly harmless pact to fake a relationship turns into quite the steamy romance. Over time, both prove that they're willing to give up a lot to be with one another.

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