Your Monthly Horoscopes: August 2021

Good news! August is going to be way more chill than July. The month begins with a stroke of brilliance as Mercury enters the heart of the sun on the 1st. Mercury rules all things communication-related, from our work emails to our group chats to our cathartic heart-to-hearts. This is an “a-ha!” moment, a chance to listen carefully, refresh our mission statement and cut out any excess noise. Then, at the new moon in Leo on the 8th, we can set our bold intentions for the future with integrity.

The following week is when things get super dignified as Mercury moves into Virgo on the 11th and Venus moves into Libra on the 16th. This is a return home for both planets, who have been dealing with harsh aspects and difficult placement for months. With the sun still at home in statement-maker Leo and Mars in project manager Virgo, this middle section of the month is the time to strategize, train and start executing a plan.

The second full moon in Aquarius of the summer arrives on the 22nd. While the first Aquarius full moon on July 23rd offered an invitation for experimentation (and perhaps a reality check on how much work we still need to do), this lunation is cause for celebration. Virgo season begins the same day—happy birthday to our practical yet kinky babes like Cameron Diaz and Keanu Reeves—ushering in the end of summer and increasing the pressure to get it all together. Luckily, with Mercury entering Libra on the 30th, we have social graces to support us as we head into the Fall.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign may provide further insight.)

12 aries

August gets you back into the grind. With your ruling planet Mars in detail-oriented Virgo, this is a prime opportunity to launch your official job search. Use the first half of the month for researching companies and updating your resumé. After the 18th (when chatty Mercury clashes with aggressive Mars), the skies are clearer for reaching out to contacts. All things health and wellness are also of great importance this month, so tackle that frightening to-do list of dentist, gyno and dermatologist appointments while you have the momentum. The full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd falls in your friendship sector and brings some much-needed fun amidst all the hustle.

Love Horoscope: Though most of this month is focused on work, health and annoying errands, the new moon in Leo on the 8th falls in your romance sector, bringing an unexpected suitor into your life. The issue is, you might not have time to go on a real date until Libra season. Indulge the flirtation if you see a future.

Money Horoscope: Frugality has been your lifestyle this summer and you’re growing tired of the constant schemes to save a few bucks. Thankfully, money planet Venus returns home to savvy Libra on the 16th, bringing an easier cash flow to you and your partner. Look for opportunities (especially around the 23rd) to negotiate contracts that keep the money flowing long term.

1 taurus

Some major setbacks in July left you feeling deflated. Like the persistent bull you are, you want to keep pushing through the challenge. But what you need to do is rest. The new moon on the 8th is an especially potent time to indulge in something that’s just for you. If you’re able to slow down in the first half of the month, Venus’s entrance into Libra on the 16th empowers you to get moving and establish healthy daily routines. Giving your laser focus to your wellness also pays off at the full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd when you’re given a job opportunity that checks all of your boxes.

Love Horoscope: With both Venus and Mars in your romance sector this month, you’re extremely tuned in to your desires. It’s time to let your freak flag fly in the bedroom. A new partner (or a new sex toy) blows your mind when Mars connects with experimental Uranus on the 22nd.

Money Horoscope: Treating yourself is essential this month, but you might want to watch your spending, especially before the 18th. Success in your career and increased responsibility arrives with the full moon the 22nd but that doesn’t necessarily come with a huge salary increase. Mercury’s entrance into Libra on the 30th begins the conversation of what working hard vs. working smart looks like.

2 gemini

August is for boundaries. The month begins with a bang on the 1st as your ruling planet Mercury faces off with rule-obsessed Saturn while entering the heart of the sun. This is a moment of clarity. It’s time to walk away from the relationships that don’t support your personal values. As Mercury moves into Virgo on the 11th, you gain confidence in your ability to say “No”—especially to roommates who keep encroaching on your space. Mercury opposes hazy Neptune on the 24th, allowing you to be easier on yourself and others but still: You don’t need to fall down every rabbit hole, ok? Then, as Mercury enters Libra (from the 30th), you’re inspired to experiment with self-expression and creativity as a project for the fall. Who says art class or music time is just for kids?

Love Horoscope: Love planet Venus returns home to Libra on the 16th, bringing a lovely boost to your romantic life. Venus connects with steady Saturn on the 23rd, upping the potential for meeting an actual partner rather than just a fling.

Money Horoscope: During July 23rd’s full moon in Aquarius, you got a major reality check about the cost of an educational program or travel opportunity. The new moon in Leo on the 8th reminds you that you can benefit from something a bit closer to home. You could go to Italy for a pasta intensive, or you could just join the cookbook club at the local bookstore.

3 cancer

The moon is losing light at the top of the month, and similarly, you’re losing energy. You’re denied a loan and anyone who’s usually able to spot you is completely tapped out. Though this is more about your ego than any kind of financial ruin, the new moon in Leo on the 8th is a vulnerable one. Set intentions for making smarter financial decisions in the future. After this new moon, your energy picks up and then Venus’s shift into Libra on the 16th helps you repair family relationships, improving the vibes at your house. The summer’s second full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd is a promising one for commencing a business partnership. Collaborative work from the first half of the year is starting to pay off.

Love Horoscope: If you’ve been seeing someone, the auspicious connection of Venus and steady Saturn on the 23rd is a lovely moment to introduce your new partner to your family. This configuration is all about commitment and ensures that if it’s meant to be, you won’t hear any snide remarks about your lover from Mom.

Money Horoscope: As mentioned, money is a major frustration this month. Relief is found in conversation with your siblings or close friends—especially after August 18th when they have less aggressive and more generous advice. Hearing others’ struggles puts yours into perspective.

4 leo

Let’s be real: You don’t enjoy criticism. But August begins with you getting some tough feedback as the sun opposes Saturn on the 2nd. This isn’t coming from an anonymous source, but from your partner, BFF or someone you really trust. You’ve been taking a lot of risks this year and sacrificing your vision for the good of the team. But somehow, you’re still met with disapproval. Who said commitment was easy? The new moon on the 8th falls in your sign and is a moment to bandage your wounds, forget the haters and shine. Virgo season begins on the 22nd and allows you to step out of the spotlight and put your focus on making more money. Nothing builds confidence like a paycheck.

Love Horoscope: The month begins with relationship conflict as you and your partner realize that you don’t have the same visions for the future. All is not lost though. The full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd is here to remind you of what makes you feel abundant in your relationship and heal what’s been hurting.

Money Horoscope: With Mercury, Venus, Mars and the sun all spending time in your money sector, everything comes back to your values this month. On both the 11th and 22nd (when Venus and Mars connect with shocking Uranus), career risks can pay off in a big way—literally.

5 virgo

As August begins, you’re tucked away on a retreat, giving yourself space to relax and recuperate. As your ruling planet Mercury meets the sun on the 1st, you get clear on how much your daily grind has negatively affected your mental health. The new moon on the 8th is an opportunity to integrate more rest and meditation into your everyday life. Then on the 11th, Mercury enters your sign, allowing for more self-expression and self-care, which only increases once your season begins on the 22nd. Happy birthday! It’s time to be unapologetic about your needs. Then on the 30th, Mercury enters fashionable Libra, encouraging you to flex your style and socialize—a theme that continues throughout the Fall.

Love Horoscope: Just how much you and your partner aren’t seeing eye to eye comes to a head as Mercury opposes Jupiter on the 10th. You’ve both been in your own world and this configuration helps you realize that relationships require routine maintenance. Don’t let them do all the work.

Money Horoscope: Money planet Venus enters Libra and your finance sector on the 16th, bringing a huge boost to both your bank account and your self-confidence. As Venus forms a supportive trine to responsible Saturn (which peaks on the 23rd), you’re able to call in more aligned work that requires less hustle. August is for cultivating sustainability.

6 libra

As August begins, you’re feeling like everyone’s hanging out without you. With your ruling planet Venus in Virgo, life is all work and no play. This won’t last forever though because on the 16th, Venus enters your sign and everything’s coming up you! This is the first time since 2017 that Venus’s transit through Libra hasn’t been impeded by harsh aspects from tough Saturn and aggressive Mars. It’s been a long time since you’ve felt this good. With Venus forming a supportive trine to Saturn (which peaks on the 23rd), this newfound self-confidence also sends a boost to your romantic life. This isn’t a fling. By the end of the month, you could be in a serious relationship.

Love Horoscope: The full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd is a moment for manifesting your next romantic era. With Saturn sitting in your romance sector through 2023, you can no longer pretend that you don’t want something serious but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any fun.

Money Horoscope: Mars—the ruler of your money sector—spends the entire month in your unconscious sector, so watch your spending. Under this influence, it’s easy to fritter away your hard-earned cash. On the 22nd, as Mars connects with Uranus, you’re pleasantly surprised by a tax refund or an unexpected monetary gift from a partner or friend.

7 scorpio

The movement you’ve been craving is finally here. The new moon on the 8th is an exciting, fresh start for your career. But if you don’t have a good support system, this is a “be careful what you wish for” moment. What’s the point of success if you have no one to share it with? This is also a prime time for networking and community building, so if you’re in need of friends, make them! The full moon on the 22nd brings a culmination to a home renovation project that’s been eating up your time. Whether you’re settling into a new apartment or putting your parents’ house on the market, this is the end of what felt like a never-ending chapter. Enjoy the release.

Love Horoscope: It’s hard to escape your vices this month when it comes to love. Hookups that don’t satisfy appear and then disappear. As Venus connects with steadfast Saturn on the 23rd, you’re reminded that before you love anyone else, you must love yourself.

Money Horoscope: Career success arrives with the new moon on the 8th, and this comes with a much-deserved bonus or salary increase. The joy of cash hitting your bank account depletes quickly though, and by the 10th you’re already worried about whether you’re making the right choice with your investments. “More money, more problems,” they say.

8 sagittarius

There’s a lot happening in your career, Sagittarius. With Mercury, Venus, Mars and the sun all in your public image sector, you’re gaining positive recognition while also finding yourself at odds with authority figures. Put another way: Folks might find you loud and annoying at work, but they have to admit that you have a point. As the sun faces off with Jupiter on the 19th, you’re able to resolve a long-held grudge with your boss through mutual respect. The full moon on the 22nd then brings a satisfying end to a project that was sucking all of the joy out of your daily life. Virgo season begins on the same day and everyone starts asking, “So when are you gonna be in charge?”

Love Horoscope: Your partner has been in a funk lately and you’ve been worried that this is the end. As communication planet Mercury meets the sun on the 1st though, a heart-to-heart clears the air, allowing you to fall back into a rhythm and prioritize quality time—even as both of your work schedules pick up later in the month.

Money Horoscope: The new moon in Leo on the 8th tempts your wanderlust, but your responsible side (Saturn) won’t allow you to splurge on another trip. Then money planet Venus moves home to Libra on the 16th, pushing you to advocate for a raise for your entire team.


Though it’s Leo season and you feel like you should be living it up, this is always a difficult time of year. Leo is your eighth house: the part of your chart that deals with death, taxes and uncomfortable power dynamics. Fun, right? On the 2nd—as the sun opposes Saturn—you’re forced to ask your parents or your ex to bail you out of a bad financial situation. There’s nothing more humiliating than feeling like you can’t support yourself. Luckily, the new moon on the 8th offers a chance to call in better collaborators and investments. Your morale gets a boost on the 22nd when the beginning of Virgo season coincides with a glorious full moon in your money sector. You came up short last month, but now the funds are flowing.

Love Horoscope: If you’re single, the long string of flings you’ve been going through all year ends abruptly as shocking Uranus goes retrograde on the 19th. Take a break from the apps so you can get clear about what you really want.

Money Horoscope: As mentioned already, this month brings up a lot of your financial skeletons in the closet. What we haven’t discussed is sweet Venus moving into your public image sector on the 16th, increasing your visibility or, at the very least, making things more enjoyable at work.

10 aquarius

The sun (your zest for life) faces off with Saturn (your sense of responsibility) on the 2nd and you’re put in the position of being someone else’s reality check. Whether your husband is fantasizing about moving abroad or your BFF is obsessing over an unattainable crush, only you can snap them out of this haze. The new moon on the 8th also finds you overextending yourself for the good of a relationship. Your selfless streak comes to an end at the full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd—this summer’s second full moon in your sign. This lunation is a cause for major celebration. Whether you’re getting some kind of accolade or are just making it through the day, block off your calendar for some R&R and put your phone on “Do Not Disturb.” Do you!

Love Horoscope: Love planet Venus glides into Libra and your romance sector on the 16th, which gets you more excited about dating, and in turn gets your prospects more excited about you. Venus forms a supportive trine to Saturn on the 23rd, revealing someone who is worth your unparalleled devotion.

Money Horoscope: The planets pile up in Virgo throughout the month, putting a lot of your attention on your shared resources. Your business partner might be making some irresponsible financial decisions (especially on the 18th as Mercury clashes with Mars) but that doesn’t mean you have to join them. Spend wisely.

11 pisces

Though your ruling planet Jupiter’s sojourn back into Aquarius has left you feeling adrift, August should be about healing. The new moon on the 8th falls in your wellness sector, forcing you to break unhealthy habits and find sustainable structure for your days. (Yes, this might be when you come to terms with your gluten allergy or face the consequences of a failed at-home chemical peel.) It’s scary to change your routines, but luckily Virgo season (from the 22nd) is here to remind you that no matter how much space you need, you always have loving support to bring you back home.

Love Horoscope: With Mercury, Venus, Mars and the sun all piling up in your partnership sector this month, there’s a lot of pressure for you to get into a serious relationship. Even if you’re not sure you’re with “the one.” As Mercury clashes with Mars on the 18th, a blowout fight either ends things or makes your connection stronger.

Money Horoscope: After many months of financial woes, August provides an opportunity for you to meet with a financial counselor and get your budget back on track as Mars spends the entire month in practical Virgo. With money planet Venus transiting Libra (from the 16th), you’re also able to sweet talk your way into some extra favors or loans from friends.

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