How Likely You Are to Ask ‘What’s Your Sign?’ According to Your, Uh, Sign

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Crystals, astrology, aromatherapy, tarot cards and all things “woo” are having a bit of a moment right now. As the self-care craze continues to take over our lives (and deplete our bank accounts), some people are a little more susceptible to the magic and mysticism than others. While some friends might swear by their horoscope, others couldn’t even be bothered to ask their Mom for their birth time. Funnily enough, how into astrology a person is can be determined by, well, their astrology. Some signs are just more into the unknown than others. Here’s our ranking of signs from least to most likely to strike up a conversation at a party by asking, “Hey, what’s your sign?”

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12. Capricorn (dec 22 - Jan 19)

Oh Capricorn, you’re just not suited to astrological thinking. As Professor Trelawney once told Hermione, “your minds are stuck in the mundane.” You prefer to set your hardworking mind to more tangible tasks. Horoscopes? Astrology? Who has time for that nonsense when there’s work to be done?

11. Scorpio (oct 22 - Nov 21)

Scorpios are the emo kids of the zodiac. They don’t care what others think, and they certainly don’t need advice on how they live their life. Not from you, not from the stars, not from anybody—in a word: You’re not my dad!!! Scorpios are likely to be that friend who rolled their eyes at sleepovers when a friend busted out the Ouija board. Today, they probably can’t help but poke holes in your horoscope the moment you read it out loud.

10. Aries (mar 21 - Apr 19)

Is astrology a competition? No? Then Aries don’t care. That’s not to say a little horoscope reading (particularly a career horoscope) won’t pique their interest, but Aries see their time as valuable and wasting it on astrology just isn’t in the cards. (Pun intended.) That said, an Aries has never met a seance they didn’t want to be the leader of. Light as a feather, stiff as board.

9. Libra (sept 23 - Oct 21)

When it comes to self-care and wellness, Libras prefer physical exercises over mental ones. Basically, yoga class: yes; meditation circle: no. Like Leo, their friendly tendencies mean that they’ll go along with astrological discussions if that’s what the group is doing, but they’re way more likely to go for a run if they’re worried about something than to check their horoscope.

8. Leo (jul 23 - Aug 22)

It’s not that Leos don’t like astrology, it’s just that they don’t care. Listening to some random tell them about themselves? No, thanks. As far as Leo is concerned, they are the experts in themselves, and they don’t need any help in the personality arena. That said, Leos also never want to feel left out, so if tarot readings are happening, they’ll happily join in (and somehow become a tarot expert before the party is over).

7. Virgo (aug 23 - Sept 22)

Practical, responsible Virgo may not seem like the ideal candidate for a budding astrologer but frame it in the right way and they might be tempted to give in to the cosmic vibes. For instance, astrology can be very rigid, with lots of rules and, in some cases, lots of math, to determine astrological outcomes. Rules? Rigidity? Math? Now you’re speaking Virgo’s language.

6. Sagittarius (nov 22 - Dec 21)

Sagittarians are the truth seekers of the zodiac, meaning they’re always looking for new and different ways to solve the world’s problems. And while astrology isn’t new, it certainly is different. That said, Sagittarians have a hard time going “all in” on astrology, or any belief system that isn’t backed up by 10 to 20 peer-reviewed papers for them to peruse on their time off. Sure, if everyone’s against astrology Sagittarius will immediately defend it to the death, but that has more to do with their love of playing devil’s advocate than any deeply held belief.

5. Taurus (apr 20 - May 20)

While Tauruses generally eschew the strange or unusual, there’s nothing they love more than luxury or self-care. They’re more than happy to drop some serious cash on crystals, or an in-depth birth chart reading. It’s not uncommon to find a Taurus staying in on a Friday night, completely devoid of FOMO, surrounded by a sea of witchy candles and rocking an aromatherapy face mask. And they also have no problem using their horoscope as an excuse for why they missed Saturday night bar hopping (again).

4. Cancer (jun 21 - Jul 22)

Cancer is the most empathic of the zodiac signs, so if you believe something, they believe it too. At least for that moment. Cancers can easily get swept up in the collective woo-woo energy of a new moon party or a reiki circle. They have a very strong intuition, so if they get a good feeling about someone, they’ll follow them down their rabbit hole of beliefs to its logical conclusion, even if they do end up (briefly) joining a cult.

3. Pisces (feb 19 - Mar 20)

Pisces are very heady people with big imaginations, and what’s headier or more imaginative than astrology? Pisces love to think out of the box, so anything that claims to help them connect with the vibrations of the universe is OK by them. Pisces use their fishy, ethereal energy to swim deep into the unknown and love nothing more than a question that has no answer. Just don’t ask them to do a quick math problem any time soon.

2. Gemini (may 21 - Jun 20)

Geminis will entertain any idea for at least a little bit, meaning they’re always game for some astrological readings, crystal healing and energy circles. Anything to keep the party going and to keep boredom at bay is fine by them—bonus if it sparks an interesting conversation. And what’s more fun than pulling up someone’s birth chart and breaking down whether or not it matches their personality? And if it leads to a heated discussion? Even better...

1. Aquarius (jan 20 - Feb 18)

Is there anything more Aquarius than astrology? Aquarians love anything odd or out of the ordinary, and they have no problem believing their personality is set by the position of the stars on the day they were born. In fact, an Aquarius is most likely to be that friend who knows their entire friend group’s sun, moon and rising signs by heart and texts you your horoscope every morning, whether you asked for it or not. What? They just want you to know that you might find true love today!

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