Libra and Aquarius Compatibility: Star-Crossed or Ready to Crash?

Hello, Jeremy Allen White (Aquarius) and Rosalia (Libra).

libra-and-aquarius-compatibility: Jeremy Allen White and Rosalia
John Getty Images—White: Salangsang/Golden Globes 2024; Rosalia: Patricia J. Garcinuno. Art by Paula Boudes

After seeing Jeremy Allen White and Rosalia together, we wondered if they were more than just two hot people making out. Were they also astrologically compatible? Turns out Rosalia is a Libra while Jeremy Allen White is an Aquarius, making them both air signs (aka the sexy philosophers of the zodiac). These two definitely vibe intellectually and aesthetically, but is there more to the connection? Let’s dig into Libra and Aquarius compatibility.

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Libra and Aquarius Compatibility Scorecard

To understand Libra and Aquarius as a match, we first need to evaluate how each sign looks at love individually.

Libra—the sign of the literal scales—has a reputation for being a bit relationship obsessed. And though that might be true—of course Libras love love and also love to flirt—what most don’t know about Libras is that they value their freedom when it comes to relationships. As tastemakers and intellectuals, Libras want someone a little spicy to add complexity to their sweetness; someone who isn’t afraid to disagree. Despite their reputation, Libras aren’t afraid of conflict. To be a sign of balance means that things are never stagnant: Libra needs passion and excitement.

Aquarius on the other hand is known for being a bit aloof when it comes to love and relationships. But know that the only people who think Aquarians are cold are those who aren’t a part of their inner circle. To be loved by an Aquarius is to have one of the most loyal and passionate partners in the zodiac by your side. Aquarians seem cool until they’re hot, and then they never want to be anywhere but with you. Aquarius looks for a partner that they can be proud of and once they find one, they become their biggest cheerleader.

Now that we’ve broken down what Libra and Aquarius each bring to the table, let’s talk about their compatibility.


  • Rating: 10/10

As two air signs, Libra and Aquarius are both great communicators, and this might be the part of their relationship that flows the best. Both signs seem cool on the outside but are secret nerds who love to geek out about their latest obsessions, and they each need a partner who is willing to get in on the bit. (Inside jokes are a top currency with these two.) When conflict arises, both Libra and Aquarius are direct communicators who have no problem saying exactly how they feel.


  • Rating: 7/10

Libra and Aquarius both have very quirky bedroom personas. Aquarians drop their stoic act and tap into their playful side whereas Libras drop their girl-next-door performance and let their freak flag fly. Libras love a friends-to-lovers narrative and are generally more picky about who they get intimate with while Aquarius is more comfortable with chance encounters and one night stands. Both signs need an intellectual connection as well as a physical one. If sparks are flying between these two, they won’t be able to stay away from each other.

As far as romance, both Libra and Aquarius like to show their love through sharing ideas. Aquarius is looking for an adventure partner and Libra is looking for someone who shares their same idiosyncrasies. Together, these two are the ultimate tastemakers: trying out every new restaurant, heading out to all the latest exhibits and reading love poems.


  • Rating: 7/10

Libras have their tenth house—the part of the chart that describes one’s public image—in water sign Cancer. So to Libras, career and status are actually a very sensitive topic. Libras are natural leaders and caregivers. This is a great skill to have if Libra chooses a career as a service provider, but more complicated when they become everyone’s de facto work bestie and office therapist. Libras are very artistic and often work in creative fields, and more than anything need a partner who can lift them up and cheer them on. As we already know, this is a role that Aquarius is happy to take on. As long as Aquarius thinks their Libra partner is a star (which, duh), they can always provide the support they need.

Compared to Libra, Aquarians can be much more intense and secretive about their career. Aquarius has their career sector in Scorpio, the fierce, protective fixed water sign ruled by action planet Mars. Though they also often find themselves in compassionate and creative jobs, Aquarians are much more aggressive in their pursuit of success. Libras are also hard workers but tend to take things way less seriously than Aquarius does. Aquarius doesn’t like when Libra tells them to calm down about career goals. If Libra can’t get on the same page, this is one of the spots where these two might butt heads.


  • Rating: 5/10

Because Libra and Aquarius have buzzy minds and are constantly on the go, they both need a home that is a true resting place. Libras like a lot of clean, open space in their house and usually (though not always) prefer a more minimalist lifestyle. Part of that minimalism is due to Libra’s commitment to quality when it comes to home decor. If the couch they want won’t ship for three months, they’ll happily wait it out and use a bean bag until it arrives. Aquarians on the other hand put comfort before everything else at home. They want soft blankets and throw pillows everywhere, and all the cutest bowls available at West Elm to hold their snacks. Aquarians are also collectors and maximalists so this pair might clash over Aquarius making too much clutter and Libra always picking up the mess.

When it comes to familial relationships, Libra has a much more difficult time with their family than Aquarius does. Because Libra’s fourth house of home is in pragmatic Capricorn, they feel a strong sense of duty and family history, but also need strong boundaries when it comes to their family. Aquarians on the other hand are much more comfortable around their siblings and parents and are chill with letting everything out in the open. Libras will have to get used to the more relaxed familial style as the relationship progresses.


  • Rating: 8/10

Money is an area where Libra and Aquarius see eye to eye. Both signs don’t mind spending on art, fashion, beauty and fine foods, so catch both of these two at the designer boutiques and in the bougie snack aisle on the weekends. When first getting to know each other, Libra might be secretive about their financial situation while Aquarius will accidentally let their exact salary slip on the first date. Both are surprisingly good with numbers and accounting and are happy to take on their share of the relationship accounting. Libra and Aquarius both grow their financial stability through partnership and share values which helps them always be on the same page about money.


Overall Libra and Aquarius are a super fun and flirty match. Their communication is one of the best between any signs of the zodiac and things are always interesting in the bedroom. Though circumstances have to be just right when it comes to supporting each other’s careers, and they might clash when it comes to setting up their home, they have similar values and that goes a long way.

Two of the all-time Libra and Aquarius power couples are John Lennon (Libra) and Yoko Ono (Aquarius), as well as FDR (Aquarius) and Eleanor Roosevelt (Libra). Talk about a true meeting of the minds in both relationships! Plus these are both partnerships where career matters were make or break. Another great example is Succession’s Matthew Macfadyen (Libra) and his wife Keeley Hawes (Aquarius) who are both actors and have been each other’s cheerleaders through their career ups and downs. Will Jeremy Allen White and Rosalia join this list of greats? More to be revealed…

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