The 3 Flirtiest Zodiac Signs

And they have something else in common too…

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Welcome to cuffing season! As the weather gets cooler and the thought of going out to meet someone doesn’t sound quite as appealing as it did during summer’s romantic haze, many are at the bar, on the apps and sliding into DMs with reckless abandon. For some of us, trying our hand at woo-ing is a lost cause, awkward and humiliating. But for others, cute banter comes easily. Here are the zodiac signs that make flirting into an art!

1. Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 21)

Libras are all about relationships, so of course the friendly, balanced air sign is the zodiac’s number-one flirt. As the sign of the fall equinox, representing the time when the sun begins to slip under the horizon, Libras need others to see themselves more clearly. Not to get meta: but when Libras are flirting with you, they’re in some ways flirting with themselves. That’s why though Libras love love, always have a crush, and give compliments like they’re going out of style, the attention isn’t necessarily personal. Why wouldn’t Libras engage in playful banter? It’s fun and they’re very good at it.

2. Scorpio (Oct. 22 - Nov. 21)

An emotional water sign ruled by fierce action planet Mars, Scorpios (when they’re in the mood for it, and Scorpios also have a major abstinence side) tend to ooze sexuality. If Libras are playful flirts then Scorpios are the physical flirts. It’s impossible not to swoon when you’re having a conversation with a Scorpio. When they lean in close with their piercing attention, it makes you feel like the only person on planet Earth. More than just flirts though, Scorpios go deep and hard when they’re into you—think Pete Davidson getting a tattoo dedicated to every person he’s ever dated.

3. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec 21)

Many associate the meme “I am cringe, but I am free” with Sagittarius, and that translates to their flirting style as well. As the mutable fire sign, always on the move and onto the next adventure, Sags can’t help but be sincere and tell you how they feel. Sags are natural comedians so sometimes their direct-ness might feel like a joke, but they’re being dead serious. You’ll know when a Sagittarius likes you because they’ll just say it: blunt and clear.

Interestingly, the top three signs in this category are the three signs of cuffing season (born mid-September through mid-December). Coincidence? Honorable mention goes to: Aries—who has the same fire sign direct-ness as Sagittarius—and Gemini, who like Libra, never turns down a chance for playful banter.

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