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There’s an Actual Best Side to Sleep on When Youre Pregnant
dolgachov/Getty Images

A good night's sleep while pregnant: If you're looking at us between trips to the bathroom and intermittent heartburn and rolling your eyes, well yeah...sorry, there's nothing we can do.

But turns out there is a way to make your sleep better for your baby. How? By sleeping on your left side.

After all, you've probably already discovered that side sleeping with a pillow between your legs is the most comfortable position for you and your baby bump. But if you focus on getting cozy on your left side, the American Pregnancy Association maintains that you're better able to get vital nutrients to the fetus and placenta and less likely to put unnecessary pressure on your liver.

Consider yourself a die-hard right-sider? Fear not: As long as you’re not sleeping on your stomach or back, you probably won't do any irreparable damage. This humble writer right-side-slept for both her pregnancies, and her children turned out (relatively) normal. 

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