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Between the heartburn, trips to the bathroom and constant worrying (over the car seat, daycare costs, SIDS, not sleeping—take your pick), getting a decent night’s shut-eye is the ultimate in pregnancy unicorns. But one thing that might help? A pillow designed to support your growing body. Here, six of the best pillows to help you sleep like a baby (while making a baby). 

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Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Designed by a registered nurse (and mother), this C-shaped pillow has a curved top for resting your head, long middle to support your back or belly and a slightly less curved end for tucking between your legs (thereby supporting your hips). “I’m currently using the Snoogle and I don’t know what I would do without it—I’m obsessed!” says former back sleeper and 20-weeks pregnant Vanessa. And reviewers are just as infatuated with the pillow post-pregnancy, using the “doughnut position” (see the manual) for tummy support.

Leachco ($60)

Pregnancy Support Pillow

“I was worried that the body-size pillows would be too large for my five foot two frame so I went with something smaller and loved it,” says mom Juliana. (Her husband and dog were big fans, too.) This medium-sized pregnancy pillow offers support for hips, legs and bumps—without taking over the entire bed. Bonus points for the 100 percent cotton slipcover that’s removable and machine-washable.

Boppy ($40)

U-Shape Full Body Pillow

The U-shaped pillow contours to wrap all around you, making sure that your neck, shoulders, back and hips stay aligned. A detachable extension can be used as its own body pillow or attach to the main body for additional support. Here’s what mom-of-one Rachel has to say: “Finally, I could effing sleep. It just hugs you up and wraps around that big ol’ belly, supporting all the places that ache with pregnancy.” And the zipper-removable cotton pillow cover is machine-washable and hypoallergenic.

PharMeDoc ($90)

Tempur-Pedic Body Pillow

For a cushion that molds to you, turn to the ergonomic OGs of the pillow world. Designed to respond to the shape and pressure of your growing body, memory foam is surrounded by a washable and removable quilted cotton cover. “I loved the Tempur-Pedic pillow that I had before getting pregnant so wanted something similar for my second and third trimester—this was perfect,” says mom Sarah. 

Tempur-Pedic ($199)

Pregnancy Wedge

This compact pillow is great for targeting a specific area (usually your belly or your back). It can also be used to prop up knees while relaxing on the couch or for extra comfort behind your back while sitting at work. Shaped like a half moon and sloped, its size and weight make it perfectly portable. “When I was pregnant, I had a full body pillow and this wedge—I’d alternate between the two and make sure to pack this one in my suitcase when traveling,” says mom of two Jennie. 

Boppy ($16)

A regular pillow

For some women, a strategically-placed worn pillow is better than a fancy new one. “I actually hated every pregnancy pillow that I tried,” says mom Dabee. “I ended up using a regular pillow that wasn’t too fluffy and put it between my knees.” Hey, whatever works.  

AmazonBasics ($23)

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