This Body Pillow Is Taller Than Me, But It's One of the Coolest Things I Own

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Everyone has a weakness. Mine is fancy bedding. Needless to say, I didn't need much convincing to buy Bearby's newest Cuddler—a $200 pillow ($328 with the cotton cover). Weighing in at 8.8 pounds and 82-inches, it's taller than me (I'm 4-foot 11-inches) and takes up half my bed. However, the ergonomic support it gives me is unparalleled. Like I can finally watch TV in my bed without feeling like I just broke my back.

In the weeks that I've been testing out the Cuddler, it's quickly become one of my most prized possessions.

What Is a Body Pillow?

A body pillow is a long, narrow pillow meant to be wrapped around your body or cradled as you sleep. According to Casper, it has many benefits like keeping your spine and neck aligned and stabilizing your head for a better night's sleep.

However, when we talk about body pillows, we have to bring up the rep they get for being, well, a little creepy. Typically, they're the height of a person (aka you can totally spoon with one), which some shoppers poke fun at. But several brands, including CasperYana and Buffy, have released chic versions that have changed the script. And I must admit Bearaby's is the most stylish of them all.

What Is the Cuddler?

The Cuddler is Bearaby's first-ever body pillow. True to the bedding brand's timeless aesthetic and high-quality standards, it's made from GOLS-certified Melofoam (an all-natural rubber foam derived from organic hevea trees in Sri Lanka). It molds to your body shape to help melt away tension and is especially great for side-sleepers and pregnant folks. But its therapeutic benefits are for anyone and include providing calmness and improving sleep.

Like several reviewers, I agree with this.

Our Review

Sure, spending $200+ on a pillow may give you some pause, but as I quickly learned, this body pillow is worth every penny—especially if you often get back pains from simply sitting on the bed or couch.

I practically melted into it the first time I cradled it around my back and sides while sitting in bed. My neck felt more supported than ever, and I had a cozy spot to rest my arms while watching TV. Usually when I sit in my bed, I end up with a stiff back, but not with the Cuddler. I just felt supported and more centered.

For bedtime, I found that it worked best when it was placed behind me like a big spoon. And although the long pillow itself is incredibly soothing and squishy, and the organic cotton cover it comes with is super soft and breathable, I couldn't sleep with it the entire night. I've always been a hot and restless sleeper, so this didn't surprise me at all, but it was great to know that I could roll onto it in the morning while I scroll through Instagram and emails before starting my day.

Since it takes up half my bed, I also tie it into a cute knot, which transforms it into a really cool (and much more compact) pillow. All this to say, I'm amazed at everything the Cuddler can do and I plan on gifting one to my mom this holiday season.

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