The 12 Best Editor-Tested Cooling Pillows, Whether You’re into Memory Foam, Gel or Down-Alternative

Not tonight, night sweats

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We’re all too familiar with the desperate middle-of-the-night pillow flip to avoid waking up in a sweat puddle (or, if it’s too late, find relief from it). It’s no wonder that nearly every pillow on the market these days touts its “breathability” and makes some reference to keeping you cool. And when the prices for a cooling pillow vary wildly from $6 to $240, you start to wonder: What’s the best cooling pillow out there? Which one really works—and would work for my side-to-stomach-sleeping habit? That’s where our editors come in. We had the team thoroughly test, rate and review the most popular cooling pillows on the market, but we’ve also included three picks from top-rated brands, including Tempur-Pedic, Sleep Number and Coop Home Goods. Ahead, find 12 of the most effective cooling pillows money can buy, plus expert advice at the end on what to look for when you’re shopping. 

The Best Cooling Pillows at a Glance


Best Cooling Pillow Overall

Casper Hybrid Pillow with Snow Technology

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Best Cooling Pillow Under $35

Weekender Gel Memory Foam Pillow

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Best Gel Cooling Pillow

Allswell Gel Cooling Pillow

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Best Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

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Best Cooling Down-Alternative Pillow

Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows

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How We Selected The Best Cooling Pillows

Our editors tested several pillows, from well-known bedding brands to the newer, buzzy brands you keep getting Instagram ads about, to uncover which ones really kept us cool throughout the night. We focused on a range of sleep styles and preferences (stomach, back and side sleepers; materials, pillow height and density), and kept price top of mind. Because that $220 pillow may be L-U-X-E, but if outfitting your house costs more than your mortgage, that’s a problem.

The 20 Best Cooling Comforters of 2023

Best Cooling Pillow Overall

1. Casper Hybrid Pillow with Snow Technology


  • What We Like: offers up to 12 hours of continuous cooling, draws away heat from the body, has ventilation for breathability, 3-layered hybrid design is good for combination sleepers, feels thick, plush and supportive 
  • What We Don't Like: expensive, blue color might show through white pillowcases 
  • Fill material: memory foam and fiber
  • Care: remove cover from the pillow and machine wash cold on a delicate cycle. Dry flat, and do not bleach or iron.

This editor’s first thought upon waking up after her first night with this pillow? Game changer. As a hot sleeper, I’d grown accustomed to blasting the AC and paying ungodly amounts in utility bills. Each cooling pillow I tried—I’m talking upwards of 15 models—would leave me feeling overheated, restless and damp whenever I dozed off. And then, Casper sent me its new Snow-technology infused pillow that uses HeatDelete Bands that are engineered to continuously pull heat from your head and neck, offering up to 12+ hours of cool sleep (per the brand). It also has something called “AirScape Technology” that helps circulate air and a “CoolTouch Cover” that provides an refreshingly crisp sensation the moment your head hits the pillow. And, yes, it really works—you can literally feel cool spots activating in the pillow, and when you turn it over, the other side feels like it’s been sitting in the fridge. My AC bill has gone way down since this Casper came into my life and my boyfriend has mentioned “a noticeable difference” in how much I toss and turn; I sleep as still as an ice cube and feel as cool as one, too. 

Still, what I loved even more than the cooling capabilities was the unique, three-layer construction of this guy. It’s a Hybrid pillow, so it combines the flexible feel of fiber with the joint support of ultra-soft foam. And as a side-, back- and stomach-sleeper, I was blown away by its versatility; my head and neck were contoured and cradled in every position, while the plush foam allowed my face to sink in like a marshmallow when I was on my stomach. Bonus: the knit cover has a cool-to-touch surface that would also double nicely as a cooling pad on my cheeks when I’m flipped over. 

  • Value: 19/20
  • Pillow Quality: 18/20
  • Plushness: 18/20
  • Cooling Ability: 20/20
  • Sleep Quality: 20/20

TOTAL: 95/100

Best Cooling Pillow Under $35

2. Weekender Gel Memory Foam Pillow


  • What We Like: ventilated gel memory foam, ice fabric technology on one side other side is made of polyester, adjustable plush feel, good for side-, back- and stomach-sleepers
  • What We Don't Like: has a slight odor after unboxing (most reviewers reported it dissipating after two days)
  • Fill material: ventilated gel memory foam 
  • Care: remove and wash the cover and place the pillow in a dry, sunny location

Made from ventilated gel memory foam and “ice fabric technology,” this pillow is designed to wick away moisture, while providing maximum breathability. Its foam is constructed with studded holes that keep air flowing—and it has an adjustable plush feel, making it a great choice for anyone who prefers a softer cushion (heads up, stomach sleepers). Per Candace Davison, VP of Editorial, “Our reviewers raved about how well this pillow worked. It didn’t just wick away moisture, it was genuinely cool to the touch. The ventilated memory foam certainly helps on that front—it’s ultra-breathable—but the neatest feature is its duality. One side of the cover features ‘ice fabric technology,’ which keeps the pillow feeling chilly on humid nights, and the other side is made of polyester, so you’re not freezing in bed when you sleep on it mid-winter.”

What’s more, the pillow has racked up more than 36,000 reviews with a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon for a reason: “I’ve had sleep issues for months, waking multiple times a night, hot flashes, headaches, you name it. My pillow arrived yesterday, and I slept like a baby last night. It’s very full, but with the memory foam, your head sinks in perfectly and feels completely cocooned. My neck felt incredibly supported,” one happy customer adds.

  • Value: 19/20
  • Pillow Quality: 18/20
  • Plushness: 15/20
  • Cooling Ability: 20/20
  • Sleep Quality: 20/20

TOTAL: 92/100

Best Gel Cooling Pillow

3. Allswell Gel Cooling Pillow


  • What We Like: top layer of cooling gel prevents from overheating, sinkable support, great for back and side sleepers, machine-washable cover 
  • What We Don’t Like: not recommended for stomach sleepers, might be too firm for some
  • Fill material: cooling gel cover, memory foam, knit cotton cover
  • Care: remove cover and machine-wash on cold. Let air-dry

If you want your head to feel perfectly cradled—as in, feels-custom-fitted-to-your-skull—this is the pillow for you. It has a layer of cooling gel that covers the surface of the pillow, so it effectively transfers heat away from your body while keeping you cooler, longer. The memory foam center also provides optimal support, while the removable, OEKO-TEX-certified knit cover is machine washable (aka easy to clean, if you do end up sweating). 

Per Davison, “It took a few minutes to slowly sink into the gel memory foam (it’s that dense), but once I did, my head and neck felt comfortably aligned. It seemed to encourage me to sleep on my back, so I tossed and turned less during the night, and even on May summer nights in Florida’s balmy summer heat, the cooling gel layer kept me from sweating or overheating.” That said, she also adds, “Due to its thickness and density, we wouldn’t recommend it for stomach sleepers.”

  • Value: 17/20
  • Pillow Quality: 19/20
  • Plushness: 18/20
  • Cooling Ability: 20/20
  • Sleep Quality: 17/20

TOTAL: 91/100

Best Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

4. Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

Brooklyn Bedding

  • What We Like: cooling gel pulls excess body heat away from the surface, pinholes offer ventilation, low loft and high loft options work for all sleeping styles
  • What We Don't Like: might feel too thin on its own (especially for non-stomach sleepers)
  • Fill material: gel memory foam
  • Care: remove the cover, machine wash on a gentle setting. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry

Many of the most effective cooling pillows Davison tried featured holes within the memory foam to keep air circulating, so heat doesn’t get trapped within it. “Brooklyn Bedding combines teeny tiny pinholes with a cooling gel surface, so even the hottest sleepers maintain their chill,” she says. On top of the cutting-edge technology in its memory foam, the pillow offers ideal weight distribution. The low loft design (4 inches) is great for back or stomach sleepers, while the high loft option (5 inches) is best for side sleepers “I loved that it was made with antimicrobial materials and available in low and high profiles, so you could choose how much support you’d like, based on how you sleep,” Davison adds. Her only note of precaution? “If you like extra height, you may want to sleep with an extra pillow underneath it.” (Or it might be worth opting for the high-loft option.)

It’s also worth noting another rave review from the site: “I sleep hot and have fibromyalgia, so a cool, soft but supportive pillow is a necessity! I have had this one for about a month, and still love it. It is comfortable whether I’m on my back, side or tummy, as the loft is fairly low. Stays cool, even when the rest of me is buried underneath two dogs and blankets.”

  • Value: 16/20
  • Pillow Quality: 18/20
  • Plushness: 15/20
  • Cooling Ability: 20/20
  • Sleep Quality: 17/20

TOTAL: 86/100

Best Cooling Down-Alternative Pillow

5. Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows

Beckham Hotel Collection

  • What We Like: cooling synthetic fill with a breathable cotton cover, hotel-quality feel, affordable, comes in a pack of two, durable and stain-resistant 
  • What We Don't Like: needs frequent fluffing 
  • Fill material: down alternative polyester 
  • Care: wash on delicate. Lay flat to air-dry

If you’re not into memory foam but still want a plush pillow, look no further than this viral hotel pillow. First and foremost, it has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating with more than 229,300 reviews because it's made of cool cotton fabric with a lightweight down alternative fill and has a plush-yet-firm density to help keep your neck and spine aligned. “Whether you're a side-, stomach- or back-sleeper, the brand claims the pillow's no-shift design is great for everyone (though it's a particularly big hit for the over-heaters),” says Commerce Editor Olivia Dubyak. “I love the support of these pillows because they're plush without feeling too hard like memory foam ones (which I'm not particularly a fan of). The filling keeps my head and neck super cooled off throughout the night—a major bonus because I'm a terrible night sweater, especially now that I'm pregnant. Plus, they come in a pair which is a great deal.” 

They’re also ultra-durable: “These 5-star headrests are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they've been tested for harmful substances and passed with flying colors. One more thing: These machine-washable pillows are fade- and stain-resistant, so even the most frustrating drool stains or toddler spills won't ruin them,” Dubyak adds. 

  • Value: 20/20
  • Pillow Quality: 18/20
  • Plushness: 18/20
  • Cooling Ability: 18/20
  • Sleep Quality: 19/20

TOTAL: 93/100

Best Cooling Pillow for Combination Sleepers

6. The Purple Harmony Pillow


  • What We Like: flexgrid construction is ultra-breathable, latex core is naturally cooling, available in three lofts for every type of sleeper, plush yet supportive feel, won’t sink or clump over time
  • What We Don't Like: expensive, better for cooler months/climates 
  • Fill material: gel fiber, Talalay latex 
  • Care: machine wash the cover on cold. Air dry.

While I love my cooling Casper (number one on this list), I have to say: The Purple Harmony comes in a close second. That’s because it uses a honeycombed GelFlex layer with a Talalay latex core that’s unlike anything else on the market. The lightweight grid remains temperature-neutral, while the latex offers ample ventilation beneath a moisture-wicking mesh cover. Not only does this clever construction allow for natural breathability, but the open-cell design of its latex core (a naturally cooling material) also prevents heat from being trapped within. And I’m not the only editor who loved this guy. Commerce Director Nicole Briese says, “This baby feels cool from the very first touch, giving your hand a nice little chill before you even place it on the bed. While it doesn’t freeze my cheeks at night or anything, I also don’t wake up hot or sweaty while using it—which is saying a lot considering I live in Florida, where it’s been 95 degrees for three months straight, and my bedroom AC doesn’t circulate well.” 

She also adds: “Unlike my regular Purple pillow, which has a “gelflex grid,” this one has a ventilated latex construction that’s noticeably airier and more breathable, allowing air to pass through while I snooze. It’s also far more lightweight—the OG Purple pillow is like lugging a brick off the bed when I change the sheets, while this one is easy to toss around. The cover is moisture-wicking (likely why I don’t wake up dripping in sweat), and you can get it in one of three heights—low (5.5 inches), medium (6.5 inches) and tall (7.5 inches). I have the 6.5-inch, and I think it’s slightly too high for me, as my neck can feel a little stiff after a deep slumber, so I’ll likely spring for the lower version soon.” 

  • Value: 18/20
  • Pillow Quality: 19/20
  • Plushness: 19/20
  • Cooling Ability: 17/20
  • Sleep Quality: 17/20

TOTAL: 89/100

Best Cooling Pillow For Side Sleepers

7. FluffCo. Down Alternative Soft Pillow

Fluff Co.

  • What We Like: hotel-quality pillow at half the price, multiple size and fill options, cooling cover with maximum breathability, doesn’t lose its shape over time, ultra-fluffy
  • What We Don't Like: firm pillow is recommended by the brand for side sleepers, but our tester found the soft to be more comfortable
  • Fill material: all-vegan microfiber
  • Care: machine wash pillow on cold with a gentle detergent. Tumble dry thoroughly on low with a few tennis or dryer balls

Here, another cooling pillow with a hotel-quality feel—at a fraction of the price. The main thing that separates FluffCo from other deluxe pillow brands is that it has an innovative chambered design that’ll maintain its shape over time, while offering maximum airflow. Take it from Editor Abby Hepworth, who raved over the down alternative soft option in a stand-alone review: “The [vegan down-alternative styles] are just $69, compared to the usual triple-digit price tag for hotel pillows. And while their prices are equal to or cost more than other direct-to-consumer brands (i.e., Buffy or Brooklinen), FluffCo’s are much less likely to lose their shape or fluffiness over time.” This is because there are two chambers inside, each one filled with 100 percent all-vegan microfiber, which is a more breathable alternative to the down-filled option. “They're engineered to better maintain their shape, even after years of tossing and turning,” Hepworth adds.

Add to that, the fact that it includes a cotton and Tencel cover (a fabric derived from breathable Eucalyptus), so it has a fresh, crisp feel: “I’d often felt the need to flip my old pillows in the middle of the night in an effort to find a cool spot or one that hadn’t been squished flat by my head, but the FluffCo pillow remained cool and supportive from the moment I got into bed until the second my alarm went off. And now, my new favorite pillow is still going strong and is every bit as comfortable (and fluffy!) as the day it arrived.” That said, while the brand recommends the firm pillow for side sleepers, Hepworth warns: “I’m a side sleeper and promptly determined the firm pillow was far too puffy to comfortably fit under my head. The soft one, however, was just right.”

  • Value: 17/20
  • Pillow Quality: 20/20
  • Plushness: 19/20
  • Cooling Ability: 17/20
  • Sleep Quality: 18/20

TOTAL: 91/100

Best Cooling Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

8. Buffy Cloud Pillow


  • What We Like: thin and adaptable, eco-friendly fill uses naturally cooling materials, three firmness options, helps prevent night sweats
  • What We Don't Like: might feel too plush for anyone who needs support
  • Fill material: GRS-certified recycled fiber
  • Care: spot-clean only 

If you’re a stomach sleeper, we have two words for you about this pillow: thin and squishy. Buffy’s cloud pillow is both, thanks to its marshmallowy soft fill that’s made from renewed GRS-certified recycled fibers, might we add. You can choose between three firmness options (soft, medium and firm), and enjoy the brand’s signature eucalyptus fabric that's inherently soft and naturally breathable regardless of which one you go with. According to Davison, “Finding a decent pillow when you sleep on your stomach can be challenging—especially when you’re shopping for a cooling pillow, which tends to be made of dense memory foam (aka a surefire way to feel neck pains in the morning). Buffy’s recycled fiber-filled pillow fills that void, providing a cushy place to rest your head that won’t leave you aching—or surrounded by a pool of sweat—in the morning.”

One Buffy reviewer writes, “I bought the cloud pillow (the softest one) and it is super-duper soft. It's cooling and lovely for a stomach sleeper like to me to squeeze without sweating,” and another adds: “I have been searching for something soft that has some give but is also supportive without feeling like I'm lying on a brick. I loved my Cloud Pillow instantly! It's so well made—I'm a side sleeper that sometimes ends up on my stomach during the night, and this pillow keeps my neck at a comfortable level without being one of those awful ‘side sleeper’ foam bricks.”

  • Value: 17/20
  • Pillow Quality: 18/20
  • Plushness: 17/20
  • Cooling Ability: 18/20
  • Sleep Quality: 19/20

TOTAL: 89/100

Best Medium-Firm Cooling Pillow

9. Wayfair Sleep Cooling Memory Foam Pillow


  • What We Like: ventilated and infused with cooling gel, firm yet supportive, good for combination sleepers, lightweight, helps to prevent night sweats 
  • What We Don't Like: is better at releasing heat than actively cooling 
  • Fill material: shredded memory foam 
  • Care: remove and wash cover in warm water using a non-chlorine bleach detergent on a gentle cycler. Rinse with cold water and tumble dry on low heat.

Not only does this pillow offer targeted pressure relief that allows you to wake up knot-free, but it’s also encased with *shredded* gel memory foam, so it’s built with ventilation and cooling properties in mind. The AlwaysCool gel-infused memory foam encasement also provides a chilly surface, while the medium support—which is recommended by experts for back-sleepers—means your head and neck will get all the bolstering it needs for a good night's sleep. “While Buffy was super soft and Allswell felt very firm, Wayfair’s Memory Foam Cooling Pillow felt like the ideal middle ground between the two, making it a great fit for someone who’s on the fence about firmness. The gel-infused foam is a little squishier than others, but it makes for a lightweight, breathable pillow. It wasn’t exceptionally cool, but it got the job done, keeping our tester’s head sweat-free through the night,” Davison says. 

To that end, more than 3,200 reviewers agree that this is like the Goldilocks of pillows: “I am a hot sleeper and this has been fantastic and keeping my head cool. Also, I tend to sleep on my stomach, so overly fluffy pillows don't work for me. This one is the perfect size; forms to my position without me sinking in too deep," writes one person.

  • Value: 19/20
  • Pillow Quality: 16/20
  • Plushness: 17/20
  • Cooling Ability: 18/20
  • Sleep Quality: 18/20

TOTAL: 88/100

Other Top-Rated Cooling Pillows to Consider

Best Cooling Pillow For Night Sweats

10. TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow


  • What We Like: material is cool (and stays cool), medium feel offers adaptable support, 
  • What We Don't Like: expensive 
  • Fill material: TEMPUR memory foam and TEMPUR-Breeze gel 
  • Care: machine wash cover on a cool setting and let air-dry

If you’re never satisfied with the pillows you buy—and continue to wake up drenched in sweat—you’ll want to give this one a shot. The brand’s signature TEMPUR material comes in a medium feel for a highly adaptive and personalized support in all positions. And, while we didn’t get to test this one, Executive Editor Dara Katz can’t get enough of the TEMPUR-Breeze mattress (which uses the same cooling technology as the Cloud Breeze pillow): “The cooling element works. The LuxeBreeze is marketed with a 10-degree cooler promise. And by George, does she live up to the promise. The [material] is miraculously cold to the touch, and it actually stays cool for as long as you’re in it. Apparently, we can thank the brand’s ‘enhanced version of our exclusive and innovative Pure Cool® material, our Pure Cool® Plus material,’ which is designed to pull heat away from the body.” 

The pillow also has more than 2,200 five-star reviews, which speak for themselves: “Its comfort, cooling technology and durability make it an essential addition to your bedroom. The memory foam provides personalized support, eliminating pressure points, and [the] infused cooling gel keeps you pleasantly cool throughout the night, preventing excessive sweating. This pillow maintains its shape and support—even with extended use—showcasing its outstanding durability. The hypoallergenic cover adds softness and prevents allergen buildup, while its machine washability makes maintenance a breeze” one happy shopper reports. 

Best Cooling Body Pillow

11. Sleep Number Cool Comfortfit Body Pillow

Sleep Number

  • What We Like: unique fill blend that cools and contours, hugs your entire body, not too heavy to move around, plush yet supportive, good for side sleepers
  • What We Don't Like: expensive, back sleepers might not get much use out of it
  • Fill material:
  • Care: machine wash cover in cold water with mild detergent. Tumble dry low

Pillows aren’t just for your head. This body pillow is unique in every way—from the fill’s blend of memory foam pieces and down alternative fibers to the cool-to-touch polyester cover—and it’s specifically designed to offer soft, contoured support. Despite the fact that the pillow is 54 inches long (so it can curve to your entire body), it only weighs eight pounds, so it won’t be too difficult to move around when you change positions throughout the night. And if its 4.8 out of 5-star rating with over 3,000 reviews tells us anything, it’s definitely worth the hype. 

“I was amazed at how it helped keep me cooler while sleeping and how it supported my hips, so my lower back did not experience pain. And although I thought it might be heavy, it turns out it is just the right weight and structure to help form to my body. This is by far the best body pillow I have ever owned! I recommend this to any side sleeper to try,” writes one person. And another reviewer adds: “This thing checks off all the boxes: it is body length, so it can be ‘hugged’ from head to toe, its fill, which has excellent, resilient materials and it is COOL to the touch. The removable, washable cover is an added bonus.”

Best Cooling Pregnancy Pillow

12. Coop Home Goods Maternity Pillow

Coop Sleep

  • What We Like: 100 percent adjustable, customizable loft and position, breathable fill, supportive and adaptable, cool-to-touch cover 
  • What We Don't Like: not as cool as the brand’s Eden pillow
  • Fill material: memory foam and microfiber 
  • Care: wash in cold water, delicate cycle. Tumble dry low. To ensure that the memory foam fill dries completely, separate the fill into a laundry bag before drying to increase the airflow and quicken the drying process. It may take multiple dryer cycles to completely dry the contents of the pillow

When it comes to maternity pillows, you want to look for something that’ll support your belly—without feeling like you’re sleeping on a straight-up slab of foam—and provide some much-needed relief from the never-ending night sweats. And this 100 percent adjustable pillow might just be your answer. First and foremost, it’s designed to be infinitely adaptable: the dual-case system allows you to add/remove the fill to your liking and the pillow can be folded, sculpted, tied and tucked, while offering five-point body support for your head/shoulder, belly, knees, hips and spine. Beyond that, it’s filled with a blend of cross-cut memory foam and microfiber, so breathability and airflow is built into its construction. Plus, the Lulltra fabric cover is cool-to-the touch with a blend of polyester and naturally cooling bamboo-derived viscose rayon. (It’s also worth mentioning the brand’s extra cooling Eden pillow, which is a great non-body pillow alternative). 

“This pillow is exactly what I needed. I'm pregnant with twins. I generate a lot of heat at night. When I tried other body pillows, I would wake up drenched in sweat. I also needed something on the firmer side. This pillow totally works for me—I barely sweat my night and provides plenty of support. The only downside is the weight - it's a little arduous to flip this over every time I change sides but it's definitely worth it for a comfy night's sleep. My spouse is also happier because I don't have to sleep with the fan on full blast anymore,” one reviewer raves. Another person also says, “Got it for my girlfriend, she's pregnant, and loves it. It really does stay cool, and you can manipulate and move the foam pieces around to your comfort level. By far the most comfortable pillow we have.” 

What to Consider When Buying a Cooling Pillow

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to choose a pillow that’ll actually cool you down, you’ll want to make sure you’re selecting one that aligns with your sleep style (read more about that here). According to Dr. Jason B. Kaster D.C., a Fort Myers-based chiropractor with 20+ years of experience, “Your pillow’s number one job is to support you all night long in your most slept-in position. This means that your head, neck, back, and spine are all in neutral alignment. Here’s the test: Your ears should be in line with your shoulders and your chin should be in line with your sternum. This neutral position can help alleviate morning stiffness and neck pain.” He also adds: “Many pillows are now designed so that you can customize it to your needs. There are removable inserts that allow you to experiment with the height and softness.” 

Once you have the right feel for your sleeping style, you’ll want to focus on materials that are designed to cool you down.

What Is The Best Material For a Cooling Pillow?

“There are many pillows for hot sleepers on the market these days, including those with a cooling gel pad insert,” says the doc. “Cool yarn or phase change materials [like gel] are wonderful for super-hot sleepers, including women in menopause and bodybuilders who have off-the-charts metabolism,” he explains. Look for keywords in the description, like gel-infused foam, breathable cotton or down-blend with temperature-regulating fibers. “They are designed to make your pillow feel like it has been refrigerated and they stay that way all night long. Aim for a fabric [cover] that naturally wicks moisture away—bamboo and polyester are good examples.” He also adds: “A note on memory foam: It sleeps hot. If you like the feel but not the temperature, try shredded memory foam instead.”

The 15 Best Cooling Mattresses of 2023

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