FluffCo’s Pillows Make My Bed Feel Like a Luxe Hotel Stay…And I’ve Been Testing Them For 3 Months
  • Value: 19/20
  • Functionality: 19/20
  • Quality: 20/20
  • Aesthetics: 18/20
  • Fluffiness Over Time: 19/20
  • TOTAL: 95/100


There’s something about hotel pillows that just feels different than the average pillow—in the most glorious way. Maybe it’s the knowledge that someone else will make the bed after you wake up or it’s just an extension of good vacation vibes. But for anyone who wishes they could have that hotel feeling at home, we have good news: FluffCo is a new pillow company that’s delivering luxurious, hotel-style pillows to the masses and trust us, it’s worth all the hype. 

I’d been looking to replace my truly gross, ancient old pillows for some time, but after being disappointed by an expensive down pillow from a trendy brand a friend recommended, I was wary about spending more money on a bed accessory I didn’t like. So, I was excited when I got an email from FluffCo, asking if I’d like to test drive some new pillows. I don’t know if I’ve ever replied to an email as quickly as I did that one. 

A few short days later and my new down-alternative duo, one firm and one soft (both $45), arrived in a vacuum-sealed package. I was a little discouraged when I couldn’t immediately tell which was which (there wasn’t any obvious labeling on either one), but it didn’t take long for them to fluff right up and reveal themselves to be rather obviously distinguishable. And when I say they fluffed up, oh wow did they expand when let out of their flat-as-a-pancake packaging. To be honest, I was worried the firm pillow might not actually fit in my regular pillowcases. It took some stuffing, but yes, both fit pretty nicely into in my standard-size linens, leaving little to no excess fabric to flop about. To the bedroom they went, and I was surprised how much they seemed to instantly freshen up the look of my bed.

Aesthetics aside, the most important thing, of course, was how they felt when it came time to hit the hay. I’m a side sleeper and promptly determined the firm pillow was far too puffy to comfortably fit under my head, but the soft seemed to be just right. I’d often felt the need to flip my old pillows in the middle of the night in an effort to find a cool spot or one that hadn’t been squished flat by my head, but the FluffCo pillow remained cool and supportive from the moment I got into bed until the second my alarm went off. And now, nine weeks later, my new favorite pillow is still going strong and is every bit as comfortable (and fluffy!) as the day it arrived.

Because I’d been sleeping on lumpy, squashed pillows for so long, I wasn’t even sure whether I’d prefer a firm or soft style (hence why I tested both). And while you could always buy one of each for your own test (by taking advantage of the brand’s 30-day trial period), FluffCo also has a quiz on its site that uses just a handful of questions—like “are you a back, stomach or side sleeper?” and “do you like to sleep with a pillow between your legs?”—to determine which option is best for you. According to the quiz, I was always going to be best off with the softer style, although I’m still glad I tried both. (I tend to use the firm model for extra back support whenever I read in bed.)

After doing some research there are two main things that separate FluffCo from other deluxe pillows: the price and the innovative chambered design which helps them maintain the optimal level of support over time. The ethically-sourced down pillows are just $65 a piece, while the vegan down-alternative styles are just $45. This compared to the usual triple-digit price tag for hotel pillows from places like the Ritz Carlton ($119 each) and Marriott ($115 each). And while their prices are equal to or more than other direct-to-consumer brands, we’re talking Buffy or Brooklinen, FluffCo’s are much less likely to lose their shape or fluffiness over time. Inside each FluffCo pillow are two chambers filled with different combinations of materials—sturdier white duck feathers for the inner chamber and softer white duck down for the surrounding outer chamber—that are engineered to better maintain their shape, even after years of tossing and turning. It helps that FluffCo also offers discounts on sets of two, four or six, for those who want to save even more.

While testing FluffCo, I’d held onto a few of my old pillows, but now I am more than ready to swap them all out for a new set…and I might even finally start sharing with my partner. 

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