The 15 Best Pillows on Amazon for a Glorious Night’s Sleep

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Cooling sheets, a luxe mattress, a silk sleep mask ($50)—all are fabulous ways to improve your nightly rest, but few items make a bigger difference than a good pillow. And while Amazon has more options than you can shake a stick at (many of which will arrive in record time, thanks to Prime shipping), side-, back- and stomach- sleepers often have different needs when it comes to their headrests, which can often make shopping for them a frustrating and confusing process. That's why we spoke to a sleep expert to help us track down the best pillows on Amazon of its thousands and thousands of options, from the super affordable, like these Beckham Hotel Collection pillows ($59), to the super-soft, like these pillows from Weekender ($32). Here, 15 of the best pillows on Amazon.

The 15 Best Pillows on Amazon at a Glance


Best Down Alternative Pillow

Beckham Hotel Collection Down Alternative Pillows

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Best Memory Foam Pillows on Amazon

Sleepavo Memory Foam Pillows

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Best Pillow for Back-Sleepers

Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow

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Best Pillow for Side-Sleepers

WonderSleep Dream Rite Pillow

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Best Pillow for Stomach-Sleepers

Weekender Gel Pillow

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Meet The Expert

Mollie Eastman, creator of the Sleep Is A Skill website, newsletter and podcast, aims to optimize people's sleep by encouraging accountability and behavioral change. Eastman went to Syracuse University, where she studied psychology before training at The Nonverbal Group, where she later taught behavioral change. She has dedicated herself to sharing what she calls the "forgotten skill of sleep."

How to Pick a Pillow

Eastman notes that choosing a pillow isn't just about seeking out the fluffiest find. The position you sleep in has a significant impact on what kind of pillow will be most comfortable and supportive for you. Here are a few things to consider before you start your search:

• If you’re a side-sleeper, Eastman suggests a firm pillow with high loft (meaning a pillow with a thickness of 5 inches or more) to maintain alignment in your body and fill the gap between the mattress and your neck. She notes that an ergonomic design can be particularly helpful, especially when it's targeting shoulder placement.

If you’re a stomach-sleeper, Eastman says thin pillows, or even no pillow at all, will be best to keep your neck from being strained at a higher height. However, she also notes this sleeping position isn't ideal for sustaining spinal alignment.

If you sleep on your back, comfort isn't the only thing to keep in mind, according to Eastman. Back sleepers should also consider the potential for sleep-disordered breathing, as the tongue may be prone to falling back due to gravity and block your airway. She suggests an option like the Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow ($96), which she says can be adjusted to provide medium-firm support for the spine's natural curve while allowing for an open airway.

What Is The Best Pillow For Neck Pain?

For sleepers dealing with neck pain, Eastman suggests choosing pillows that are specifically designed to offer a level of firmness that will support the neck, and that means finding the best pillow for your personal sleep position. As a general recommendation, she suggests choosing a pillow that feels soft-yet-supportive and is made of a material known for its cooling properties, like latex.

How We Chose the Best Pillows on Amazon

When searching for the best pillows on Amazon, we considered a multitude of factors, including Eastman's expert advice for each sleeping position, ratings (you'll find a few our readers love), options with copious 4- and 5-star reviews from Amazon shoppers and functional features, like machine washability and cooling or hypoallergenic fabrics. Here, 15 of the best pillows on Amazon.

The Best Cooling Pillow, Whether You’re into Memory Foam, Gel or Down-Alternative

Best Down Alternative Pillow

1. Beckham Hotel Collection Down Alternative Pillows

Beckham Hotel Collection

  • Why We Love It: no-shift construction, 250 thread-count cotton cover
  • What We Don’t Love: not best for those who prefer super-soft pillows
  • Type: down alternative
  • Best For: back-sleepers

These PureWow reader favorites are made using a super-plush gel fiber rather than memory foam, down feathers or other down alternatives, and have a 100 percent cotton exterior, giving them an incredibly comfy feel, according to reviewers. One happy purchaser shared, "These pillows are just what others have said about, fluffy, and comfortable as can be. I wish I had purchased these a long time ago." They also feature a “no-shift construction” that's designed to prevent the filling from aggregating on one side or getting pushed out from under your head while you sleep. That said, anyone who prefers a very firm or super-soft pillow might be better off with a different pick, as this one tends to fall in the middle of the road.

Best Memory Foam Pillows on Amazon

2. Sleepavo Memory Foam Pillows


  • Why We Love It: cooling, machine washable, ten-year warranty
  • What We Don’t Love: may take a few days to fully puff up
  • Type: memory foam
  • Best For: any sleeper

Thanks to the shredded memory foam that's reported to conform to your head, helping to maintain alignment through the neck and back throughout the night no matter your position, these pillows are brilliant for sleepers of all types. They're just the right amount of soft, according to reviews like this one: "I sleep on my side and needed pillows that provide both comfort and support. Was able to customize the pillows to my specific needs."

They're also excellent for helping you keep cool, thanks to the bamboo fabric, which is naturally breathable and absorbent to wick moisture from your skin. Unlike latex pillows, they're machine washable, so you can just toss ‘em in with your regular linen load. The brand suggests running them through the dryer for ten to 15 minutes (or leaving them in a sunny window to air-dry), enabling them to fluff up before use, but if you prefer a denser feel, you can skip that step. They even come with a ten-year warranty.

Best Pillow for Back-Sleepers

3. Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow

Coop Home Goods

  • Why We Love It: cooling memory foam, adjustable fill
  • What We Don’t Love: pricey
  • Type: memory foam
  • Best For: back-sleepers

Recommended by Eastman as the best pillow for back-sleepers (though reviewers say side- and stomach-sleepers may find it just as comfy), this memory foam find from Coop Home Goods can be adjusted to create just the right amount of support by adding or removing foam from the filling. The foam is also infused with a cooling gel that reviewers say wicks away heat. And if that's not enough, the brand also points out that the pillow is fully vegan.

Best Pillow for Side-Sleepers

4. WonderSleep Dream Rite Pillow


  • Why We Love It: adjustable stuffing, machine washable
  • What We Don’t Love: may have a slight odor for first few days of use due to foam material, may be too warm for some sleepers
  • Type: memory foam
  • Best For: side-sleepers

Like the Coop Home Goods pillow above, this WonderSleep model comes with additional stuffing, which makes it easy to adjust to your exact needs. The difference? This guy rings in at a third of the price. It’s also machine washable. What it offers in value it may lack in cooling material, however, and for some, the polyester and rayon blend layer may feel too warm for a comfy night’s sleep. If you tend to run super hot, we recommend slipping the inner layer, which contains the filling, out to use on its own. Because you can add or remove bits of foam, it will be a great option for side sleepers who need that extra height and support for the neck.

Best Pillow for Stomach-Sleepers

5. Weekender Gel Pillow


  • Why We Love It: removable cover, lightweight, three-year warranty
  • What We Don’t Love: ineffective cooling
  • Type: gel memory foam
  • Best For: stomach-sleepers

This gel foam design isn’t nearly as firm as most foam pillows, but the plush feel makes it an ideal choice for anyone who prefers a softer cushion—especially stomach sleepers, as some reviewers find it on the thin side, too. "These are pretty comfortable. They're a little thin but not bad. I was also expecting them to be a little more cooling. I do like the shape a lot and they form to you without falling too flat." The removable cover can be machine washed or replaced, and it's super lightweight. P.S. It also comes with a three-year warranty, so if you find you just don’t love it, even after a few months' use, you can return it for a full refund.

Best Cheap Pillow

6. Utopia Bedding Cooling Pillows

Utopia Bedding

  • Why We Love It: hypoallergenic, no-shift construction, affordable
  • What We Don’t Love: spot- or hand-wash recommended
  • Type: down alternative
  • Best For: side- and back-sleepers

For sleepers who don’t want to be bothered having to sort through tons of choices (Firm or plush? Microfiber or polyester?), this Utopia Bedding pillow may be a match—especially at its less than $20 price point. It's filled with plush, hypoallergenic down-alternative fibers that offer plenty of support for side- and back sleepers, but not so much that stomach sleepers won’t also get a good night’s sleep. Reviewers also share that these headrests are super comfortable, as long as you allow them to fluff up before sleeping on them. "I was skeptical because the cost was rather low but…these are super comfortable pillows. When they arrive, follow the instructions, unpack and fluff. It will be tempting to sleep on them that night but allow the 24 hours recommended."

Best Wedge Pillow

7. AllSett Health Wedge Pillow

AllSett Health

  • Why We Love It: adjustable design, soft fabric, removable cover
  • What We Don’t Love: may have a slight odor for first few days of use due to foam material
  • Type: memory foam
  • Best For: back sleepers

Whether you’re hoping to prop up your legs while you sleep or your back while you read, this wedge pillow from AllSett Health is a great option for two main reasons. 1) It has an adjustable design and breathable memory-foam filling. 2) There are seven ways to reconfigure this pillow, which comes in two parts, so you’re all but guaranteed to find at least one that works for you. With nearly 13,000 reviews raving about how comfortable it is, the AllSett sits right in that sweet spot between soft and supportive. “I was recently discharged after a week in the hospital for bone fusion procedures through the front and back of my neck,” wrote one reviewer. ”[This] wedge changed everything. The material is soft and fuzzy, and the pillow has the perfect amount of give: not too stiff, not too soft.”

Best Cooling Pillow on Amazon

8. Fern and Willow Cooling Pillows

Fern and Willow

  • Why We Love It: cooling, adjustable fill, machine washable
  • What We Don’t Love: may take a long time to air dry after washing
  • Type: gel down alternative
  • Best For: any sleeper

Fern and Willow’s pillows are made from an innovative gel down alternative that the brand says is phenomenal at keeping cool, even for the hottest sleepers, thanks to its 100 percent cotton construction. You can also adjust the amount of filling if you want more or less, so it can be made to work for any type of sleeper. The brand suggests massaging the filling to help it fluff up after unboxing or washing. “The pillows fluffed out perfectly and sleeping on them was a true joy,” wrote one happy shopper. “They are definitely hotel quality. The pillows are soft and fluffy and return to their shape quite easily."

Best Hypoallergenic Pillow

9. BioPedic Ultra-Fresh Bed Pillows


  • Why We Love It: antibacterial, hypoallergenic, anti-odor technology
  • What We Don’t Love: may not hold up over time
  • Type: down alternative
  • Best For: stomach sleepers

For those who have super sensitive skin or are allergic to seemingly everything, just any old pillow won't do. This BioPedic design is antibacterial, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and incredibly soft and fluffy to help you get a good night’s sleep without stressing about any irritations. The outer layer is made from 200-thread-count 100 percent cotton. Some reviewers found these to be too thin, which, while great for a stomach sleeper, you'll want to take into account if you're a side-sleeper who needs something more firm. "If you want a soft, smaller pillow this will work. Not super thick but definitely worth the price."

Best Cotton Pillow

10. Casper Sleep Pillow


  • Why We Love It: pillow-in-pillow design, resistant to clumping
  • What We Don’t Love: pricey
  • Type: down alternative
  • Best For: stomach- or back-sleepers

Casper's original pillow is made with a cotton percale weave that increases airflow to keep you cool through the night, according to the brand. Better yet, this down alternative option is made using an innovative pillow-in-pillow design, which helps to prevent the fill from clumping or shifting too much under your head and helps keep the material from overheating. It is on the softer side, so those who prefer a firm feel might be better off with Casper’s foam pillow ($89).

Best Pregnancy Pillow on Amazon

11. Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow


  • Why We Love It: good for all three trimesters and postpartum, detachable extension, lifetime warranty
  • What We Don’t Love: cover may be difficult to remove and put back on
  • Type: down alternative
  • Best For: side-sleepers

As your belly continues to grow, it’s important you get ample support in your hips and back, even when lying down on your side—the position recommended during pregnancy. This pregnancy pillow boasts more than 84,000 reviews, most from women who rave about how comfortable it is for all three trimesters and even postpartum, but also from sleepers who just prefer the comfort of a full body pillow. The back extension is detachable, so you can adjust exactly how it fits around your body, and the pillow is also covered by a lifetime warranty, making it a total no-brainer.

Best Adjustable Pillow

12. Coop Home Goods Original Pillows

Coop Home Goods

  • Why We Love It: adjustable foam fill, hypoallergenic
  • What We Don’t Love: may have a slight odor for first few days of use due to foam material
  • Type: memory foam
  • Best For: side-sleepers

This memory foam pillow makes it incredibly easy to either add or remove squish to find your Goldilocks-level of support. It also comes with an extra supply of memory foam, so you can really stuff it to the max, if you’re the type who prefers a very firm headrest. This makes it a a particularly great option for side-sleepers, since its blend of cross-cut memory foam and microfiber allows the pillow to move with your body when you press down on it, but has a high-density fill to offer solid head and neck support. The memory foam interior is hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant, too.

Best Feather Pillow

13. Homelike Moment Feather Pillows

Homelike Moment

  • Why We Love It: machine washable, holds filling well, supportive
  • What We Don’t Love: may have an odor during the first few days of use
  • Type: down feather
  • Best For: side- and back-sleepers

If you're looking for an affordable option for feather pillows, this set is loved by Amazon reviewers, with more than 2,000 5-star ratings. The pillows have a double-layered shell to help prevent feathers from poking through and can be machine-washed and dried for super easy cleaning. One reviewer calls out their comfort and shares how well they've held up well over time: "These pillows are super thick and comfortable. They are the best ones I’ve found online and they have held their filling really well over the year."

Best Down Pillow

14. Puredown Hotel Collection Pillows


  • Why We Love It: machine washable, breathable cotton exterior
  • What We Don’t Love: needs fluffed daily, exterior may feel stiff
  • Type: goose down
  • Best For: back-sleepers

Made of real goose down, a type of feather that is sourced from the chest and underbelly of geese and reportedly holds its shape better than standard feather pillows, these pillows are fitted with a breathable outer cotton fabric. Reviewers say these medium-firm pillows offer great support but note that the outer fabric can feel stiff, and, as noted by the brand, the pillow should be fluffed daily.

Best Amazon Body Pillow

15. DreamField Linen Body Pillow

DreamField Linen

  • Why We Love It: cooling, hypoallergenic, removable and washable cover
  • What We Don’t Love: can't adjust the fill amount
  • Type: memory foam
  • Best For: side- and back-sleepers

For sleepers looking for full-body support, especially side-sleepers or back-sleepers that want to maintain alignment and alleviate shoulder and hip pressure, we love this body pillow. It's filled with a shredded memory foam and a cooling bamboo cover that will not only keep you from getting overly hot as you sleep, but is hypoallergenic and can be easily removed for washing. The pillow can also be used for pregnancy support, according to the brand, and reviewers say it's also good for neck pain. "It’s only been a few nights but I’m already sleeping better, with no neck pain," wrote one happy buyer. "I just may buy another one!"

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