The Kegelbell Vagina Gym Helps You Feel Strong from the Inside Out (*and* It Improves Your Orgasms)

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Every fall, I find myself longing for a bit of routine. No matter my age, that fresh, back-to-school feeling washes over me as cooler weather rolls in to sharpen my hazy summer-soaked attention. I’ve been curious about trying The Kegelbell Vagina Gym for a while now. To be honest, I ordered it a few months back, but have been too busy laying out and sipping cocktails to give it a second thought. That was until about two weeks ago when I finally felt inspired to begin a special workout routine. It was time to take my vagina to the next level.

The Kegelbell is amazing for pelvic health. A few friends of mine swear by it, especially those who have had kids. After continuous use, it’s meant to help with urinary incontinence, pelvic prolapse and generally just makes the vagina healthier and stronger. There are also sexual benefits, like increased natural lubrication, sex drive and orgasm intensity. My interest was piqued.

The Kegelbell comes with three stackable weights (30g,60g and 120g) and two egg shaped inserts that create customizable levels for optimal toning. One is smaller (30mm) and one larger (35mm). The weights connect super easily to the inserts by a long string. When you put the insert inside your vagina, you can rhythmically contract and release your pelvic floor muscles while taking deep breaths, or just hold it inside. The instructions say to use it in the shower, which I found very easy since they provided lubrication and I generally feel relaxed in the shower. I followed the instructions and tried it for five minutes, three times a week. This is what they call ‘Muscle Building Mode.’ If you’re looking for maintenance, you can simply do the routine once a week.

Overall, I’ve noticed my vagina is able to hold the weight for longer durations over the two-week period. It’s been fascinating to track the difference. My orgasms are more intense, too, as I’ve been able to relax my vagina with deep breaths during and after the workouts. It’s kind of like spending more time with your vagina just makes it feel and work better. A little mind-body connection goes a long way.

It’s super important to note that Kegelbell’s site it can take up to 12 weeks to build new muscle fibers and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Depending on the strength of your muscles, it may take up to five months to see significant improvements. Although my routine is still pretty new, I have really enjoyed the last two weeks of my vagina-focused workout. With a new season comes a new reason to celebrate. I’m feeling strong from the inside out.

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