Here’s What Olympic Swimmer Katie Ledecky Eats in a Day to Look (and Feel) Amazing

Swimmer Katie Ledecky is a five-time U.S. Olympic gold medalist and 15-time World Champion. (We know…no big deal.) With the Tokyo Olympics less than a year out, she’s training harder than ever, so when we got the opportunity to take a peek at her routine, we jumped at the chance. From peanut butter toast to chocolate milk, here’s everything she eats in a day to fuel her body.

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peanut butter toast
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5:45 A.m.

“My first swim practice is at 6:15, so I’ll usually wake up 30 minutes prior. Before diving into the pool, I’ll typically have a granola bar or peanut butter toast and a banana. These are great options pre-practice because they give me enough energy to power through an early morning workout, without making me feel too heavy or full.”

8:00 A.m.

“Around this time, I’m just finishing up practice and need to recover, so I’ll drink a bottle of low-fat chocolate milk within 30 minutes of my workout. This has been my go-to post-workout recovery beverage since I was 13 years old. I remember being a young swimmer when someone explained that drinking chocolate milk for recovery gives my body nutrients it needs to refuel. Since then, I make sure to keep one in my lunchbox daily and drink it after a tough workout. Of course, it tastes great too—which is why it made so much sense for me to team up with the Built with Chocolate milk campaign.”

skillet with scrambled eggs
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9:30 A.m.

“On the days I’m doing dry-land workouts, I’ll usually have a larger breakfast. Some of my favorites are scrambled eggs with veggies and toast, or oatmeal with lots of fruit. In high school, I ordered a bacon, tomato and cheese omelet so much from my local deli that they actually re-named it Katie’s Gold Medal Omelet.”

wrap with avocado
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12:30 P.m.

“Many people don’t realize this about me because I’m a professional athlete, but I love naps. I’d say that athletes are probably the biggest nappers of all time. If I have the time during the day, I’ll definitely squeeze in a nap to re-charge for the next workout. When I wake up, it’s usually lunchtime, and I’ll opt for something light and simple: a salad, sandwich or wrap with chicken and avocado. I definitely need protein throughout my day.”

bowl of yogurt with granola
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2:30 P.m.

“Before heading to my second swim practice of the day, I’ll have another small snack. My goal is to make sure that I have enough food to fuel my swim, without feeling weighed down. I really enjoy fresh fruit, especially berries. A yogurt with granola is also a go-to.”

5:00 P.m.

“After my second swim, I’ll have another low-fat chocolate milk; it has the right mix of protein and carbs to help me refuel exhausted muscles after a tough workout.”

bowl with rice grille chicken and veggies
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6:30 P.m.

“For dinner, I like to pair chicken or steak with pasta or rice, along with some veggies. I avoid soda and desserts, but if I’m really craving something sweet after dinner, I’ll eat some fruit with honey before going to bed early, usually around 9:30.”

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