Here's What Badass Pro Surfer Malia Manuel Eats in a Day to Look (and Feel) Incredible

You know when you meet a person who just embodies cool, and you’re like, How can I be more like you? That’s the feeling we had when we came across Malia Manuel, a Hawaii-based professional surfer. Then we had the chance to chat with Manuel, who recently partnered with California surf lifestyle brand Sanuk, about what this self-described health nut eats in a day to stay at the top of her game.

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8:00 A.m.

“A typical morning for me consists of coffee and surfing. And when I’m home on Kaua’i, I always try to stop by my favorite spot, Kalalea Juice Hale, for a local cold-pressed juice or smoothie (whatever I’m feeling that day!) on the way to the beach with friends.”

11:00 A.m.

“I can’t live without my almond butter, GoMacro peanut butter chocolate chip bars, organic tea for energy, protein powder and ginger chews for snacks while I’m hanging out at the beach with friends and surfing.”

1:30 P.m.

“Lunch time. I’m really a health-nut through and through. Whether it’s fresh caught fish, veggies from the garden or a nutritious Tambor Acai bowl with local granola and fresh fruit, I love making foods that make me feel good (and taste great, too).”

4:00 P.m.

“For a late afternoon pick-me-up, I love NingXia Red Antioxidant shots by Young Living. I like to eat really clean, and that means snacking clean, too. I love including these snacks in between meals throughout my day and before and after workouts to keep me energized. I also drink lots of water and add peppermint essential oils to mix it up.”

7:00 P.m.

“I love to have my friends over for dinner whenever I can. Whenever we get together, we love to get creative and make all sorts of colorful goodies. I especially love using foods from the garden to make a fresh salad or Buddha bowls.”

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